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All relevant discussions go here. 

Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner of 420chan
2-112 Buckingham ave 
Oshawa, ON, CA

Honk honk!

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Meanwhile on twitter

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Post videos, articles, social media posts, and infographics about the vax and the people who are pushing it.
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i'm going to leave this here - Mein Kampf Dalton translation vol 1 & 2 in one pdf cheers

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drove past the gas station today, it said $1.92/L. thats almost $8/gal.

this is the cheapest place for gas in the country.

north America is a powder keg.
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you wouldn't pay american prices anyway moose nigger
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Fuck you for being rich.
No, but he would pay more if he drove.
By the way we have sidewalks everywhere in Canada and hitch hiking is legal.
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fair, i keep forgetting that our prices are only really bad to us, arent you guys up to like 9bux a unit?

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ultimatly, is it a bad idea to get all my news from internet frogs?
>ultimatly, is it a bad idea to get all my news from internet frogs?
yes, it is a bad idea
what, like the french?

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Important and uncensored information on the black problem.

How do we end their reign of terror?

Comprehensive PDF available here containing all the information in this thread and much more:
https://files.catbox.moe/52salp.pdf (67 pages, 50 MB)
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Russian spies have essentially successfully infiltrated the CIA.Russian cold war used a tactic called subversion. 

Essentially, you keep pushing an ideology hard enough, for long enough, people begin to parrot the same thing. Group consensus leads the the herd in the direction the leaders direct it,

We have chosen teams instead of choosing ideas, and it has turned people against each other.

Russia won the cold war. We need our country back

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A “transgirl from Brazil” is selling hormone drugs online occasionally delivered in packaging that says “keep out of reach of parents.”
“I had lots of problems with my therapy and saw that lots of other transgirls had the same problems with accessing high quality HRT [hormone replacement therapy], specifically because of the high price in most countries,” Oktokonoko Pharmaceuticals CEO Lilian wrote. “So, I decided to make accessible hormones to help those that fight against dysphoria in their everyday lives.”
Photos posted on Twitter reportedly show the hormone drug packaged in a box that says in bold lettering: “keep out of reach of parents” and “don’t look at my giant girld**k.”
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i am 100% in favour of sterilizing the mentally ill. let the trans shit continue unabated.
Combine both, no not actually lacing them with fent, but spreading realistic information that says it is to scare people so it loses business
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>>554 (OP) 
Friendly reminder you can get banned off 4chan for hecking racism.
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that's some nigger shit

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> Idolizes Stalin
>Watches Euphoria
>Uses a back-door variable multiplier to fake view counts
>Lied about the $500k seizure to continue grifting and bought a $70k car
>Threatened to report members to the feds
>Barely prays or attends church and refused to join prayer group
>Made jokes about Simon's family member suicides
>Has interns specifically tasked with doxing and gangstalking
>Never had sex
>His 'Groyper Intelligence Agency' tracks future employment of ex-groypers
>Used a blacklight to examine Jaden's couch and bed for cum stains
>Attempted to expose Jaden for kissing a girl
>Threatened to financially ruin Simon with legal fees
>Lies to donors and potential AFPAC speakers

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- Homo lusts after Stalin's cummies, fashioned his 70s cum collecting gay porn mustache after him
- Masturbates to Hunter Schafer the Euphoria male to female trans actress for 2 hours in the shower every day
- Uses a trojan virus to collect IPs from all viewers of his stream and turns them into zombie botnet to at the very least triple his viewcount possibly quadruple
- Lied about the $500k seizure that feds gave him back to buy the murder car used in the Charlotesville murders before it got cubed
- Threatened to have his FBI handlers ship followers directly to Guantanamo in a body bag for disobedience over breakfast
- Regularly mocks Christianity, on the verge of joining Davis Aurini's pagan witch coven and becoming the third husband of Heiðrūn
- Made jokes about killing Simon's suicided family members over and over again until they kill themselves
- Has a gay circlejerk of interns who make fake Kiwifarms accounts and then get everyone's IPs through grabbling software to gangstalk them in IRL, Kraut possibly involved
- His 'Groyper Intelligence Agency' tracks everyone from birth to death, arranges homosexual relationships to blackmail future senators
- Used a blacklight to scour the America First compound for any semen residue on carpets and couch fabric, then made swatches out of it to collect like a stamp collection to lick at a later date
- Attempted to expose Jaden to the gay illuminati for spilling his semen to an Onlyfans model instead of depositing it into t
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White people are the biggest liberals.

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do the monsters think when people cant afford to drive, buy food, housing, and cant pay for utilities, that the populace isnt going to loose their marbles and minecraft everyone? 

french revolution 2.0?

conversely, do the elites hope this happen so that they can shoot protesters, enact martial law, and roll out UBI and Social Credit systems?
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>>1592 (OP) 
what? im really high rn
Why give UBI to people after you shoot them?
Replies: >>1660

>Give UBI to people
>They collect money
>Kill them
>Collect their money
>>1592 (OP) 
No because rich people wont be effected.
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Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine because I can't read site rules:

Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, I got banned for it. Write down the website address if you want to find it again.

The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents because why wouldn't you feed the jews shekels?
There is additional features planned for this search engine, though I don't intend on telling you because I want your money AND time to be wasted.

You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet. By weird internet, I mean dicks in my ass. A copious amount.
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