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What, behind the windmill?

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All relevant discussions go here.

Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner of 420chan
2-112 Buckingham ave Oshawa, ON, CA
A winnebago in the woods, lol

Honk honk!

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You're in the right thread!

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Jvtl huk mpuk tl dolyl dvykz hyl dopal huk aol zrplz hyl nylf.
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do you even read threads before replying
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>im more autistic than you

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So what happened I'm starting to feel like we got used for some purpose I'm not sure of?

A lot of us are from Dread and there was a person that wanted us to use this website even paid people some money? Now everyone died and no one has any clue what happened?
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Didn't they guy that runs the website say its currently going to be primarily on i2p?

>>5153 (OP) 
I wasn't really asked to post here it just felt convenient, to be real this site is pretty dead
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No idea.
>>5153 (OP) 
>Political Ramifications
yeah, Erdogain is gonna get murdered because of what happened here
bruh lol

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I thought about posting this in /b/ but figured I'd get more real responses here.

This idea is kind of inspired by the "need to get a Bible" thread. There's quite a bit of biblical discussion on pol as of late, so why not pick some passages and discuss them?

Considering the time of year, with Easter coming up, I thought, why not talk about Isaiah 53 and its fulfillment later on in the gospels. I'll add my comments later once I have time, but if this gets enough traction, make it a weekly thing
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Lamo (op)
Replies: >>5152
So I will reveal myself so that you know from whom you are hearing.

Here is my response to Isaiah 53

Jesus fulfills the Messianic prophecy in Isaiah 53 by being beaten and crucified for no crime. He also as he's being beaten and carrying his cross keeps his mouth shut when insulted. He fulfills literally every tenement of the prophecy of the messiah's death to a t. If you don't believe Jesus is the Messiah after the events surrounding his death, then you need to find a new religion. It's why Jews have various Messiah watches throughout passover every year. It's because they missed the mark. Oddly enough , the word sin comes from archery, missing the mark. Has to do with self improvement more than evil nature

stop being an ass.

cry harder, if you have nothing constructive to add, just idk, don't engage. We're trying to be civil here

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>As part of our efforts to counter this threat, the Department of State is designating Anton Thulin as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) pursuant to Executive order (E.O.) 13224, as amended, for posing a significant risk of committing acts of terrorism.
> In 2017, a Swedish court convicted Thulin and sentenced him to 22 months in prison in connection with the detection of a powerful homemade bomb near a refugee residential center in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Why aren't you getting paramilitary training to ethnically cleanse your country of foreigners?
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Flabbergasted negro, lol.
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Stunned by amazement.
Those guys are hilarious.
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Agreed, lol. The nigger's reaction is priceless.

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Which one is it white men? Either Israel is disgusting and white me are the master race. Or Jews control everything making them the ones in charge.
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Yes.Good goy.
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It's so cute when amerimutts, literal jew cannon fodder, think they understand what's going on. You'll be the first to go and then the rest of us will have to pick up the slack in the world's duty to eradicate all semites.
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Am a Mexikike who is gonna apply for israeli citizenship, ask me anything gringoys.
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>>4893 (OP) 

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Sieg Heil, fellow Aryans

We've all heard the names: Jews, Hebrews, Semites.

Well, I believe that the Semites (from the Biblical lineage of Shem) were White - Caucasian, along with the Adamites that came from Adam and his wife, Eve.

The name "Jew" wasn't even mentioned in the Holy Bible until like 2 Kings, but there needs to be made a distinction in context.

The word "Jew" highly likely (in the New Testament) is used as a litmus test for understanding and knowledge. The changing of language, identity, has been happening on a frequent basis throughout history. Most of the changes are around absolution of bloodlines, DNA, etc, and more around the merging of peoples into a singular nationality. For the most part, "SEMANTICS" is BS when it comes to DNA. Immutable fact.

There should be a clear distinction between the "Jew" of today's term vs a person who is from the tribe of Judah. And, the nation of Judea... Even though the Romans ruled over the land of Judea, Edomites - a people from Edom, or Idumea - slowly progressed north of Edom into the newly exiled lands of Judah by the Babylonians. A certain number of people from the nation of Judah returned, under an edict from Nebuchadnezzar, returned back to the land of Judah to build the Second Temple. A certain group of Edomites decided to levy their way into "helping" the people of Judah build the second temple. The same individuals were rejected. In jealousy, they decided to write to the officials in the land and abroad of what was "happening", obviously, obfuscating the facts from the officials.

There is no mistake... The Edomites were still in the land when the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees took over the Second temple. With the advent of Jesus' birth coming around, the Edomites, now known to be "Idumean" in Roman tongue, had held power in the land now known as "Judea". Likely could call a citizen a "Jew" - after JU-dea (maybe a different form of "Idumea" - Iudea. The king of Judea (EDOMITE / IDUMEAN) had likely heard prophesied mysteries of a chosen Messiah / Anointed one - known now as Jesus Christ - unto which he would have likely killed, if not for a temporal fleeing down to Egypt. Mary and Joseph returned after some time, but it didn't save the rest of those around Christ's age of being slaughtered after the census.

Remember: A census can be good, in a particular way, but can be harmful when the local, state and national governments use it to de-populate Caucasian numbers through "Diversity quotas". "Diversity quotas" should be considered real. Certain numbers of inter-racial relations happen because of propaganda, "tolerance", deliberate immigration and wars / rumors of wars.
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Replies: >>5102 >>5117 + 2 earlier

Also a side note, when you mention the word Jew coming from the kingdom of Judea, you're correct, it's to differentiate the 2 kingdoms. The kingdom of Israel has direct lineage to Israel himself. The kingdom of Judea was essentially an insurgency faction that didn't want to continue to follow the covenant as it was written by Moses. These two kingdoms became more and more maligned until the fall of the second temple when the Israelites were enslaved and the Judeans escaped to Canaan. The Judeans are essentially the Jews who are in power these days, they're the ones who crucified Jesus. There are still living Israelites, but they're few and far between and most converted to Christianity during Jesus ministry and after his death. Hope that clears it up
Replies: >>5101
cool, cool
>>5083 (OP) 

Another note, Herod was not king of Judea, he had no lineage pointing back to the 12 tribes at all, the kingdom no longer was recognized at this time due to Roman occupation. He was of Greek and Roman heritage.
>>5083 (OP) 
I love jesus and he loves us all

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7chan's now using AI to moderate boards
>As I'm sure many of you are aware of, the economy has taken a bit of a downturn for a while now. Unfortunately, 7chan has not been immune to the effects of this economic pinch either. Our inability to secure further venture backed capital combined with diminishing advertising revenue rates have left us unable to continue paying the salaries and benefits for our staff. We were sadly forced to make the tough decision to let most of our moderating staff go last week. As a measure to help mitigate the loss of our valued moderators, we have created some tooling to leverage ChatGPT as a form of post vetting and moderation. Currently, this new AI assisted moderation process is only being used on /b/ while we sort through some of the expected bugs, however we hope to roll this system out site-wide by the end of April. We appreciate your patience, and we wish the best of luck to our former moderators in all their future endeavors.
At first I thought this AI stuff was another false alarm, but I'm not so sure now.
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I thought 7chan got seized by interpol for housing cp? They on some onion server now or something?
Replies: >>5107
I'm not aware of that happening anytime prior to 2015, but I also stopped paying attention to 7chan around 2010 so I could have missed it.
Replies: >>5108
they still have /cake/ so it hardly matters: they're pedos
Replies: >>5109
Yeah, but that's not an answer to the question that was asked.

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Ok, i know most people want Trump as the Republican nominee for many reasons. I personally don't, and it's a rather lengthy explanation as to why, 1 reason being i don't think he'll beat Biden in a general election. 

So my question is, who works you like was a republican nominee if not Trump?

At one point i looked Desantis, but now he's committing insurance fraud and hanging people who lost their homes in the hurricane or to dry and bring an opponent of free speech. Nikki Haley is a moron. Rand Paul likely isn't running and isn't really electable on the national scale.

However, what do people think about Tulsi Gabbard? There's rumblings that she's considering running and there's no way she could win as an independent so she would have to run as a republican. I know she's a high ranking military officer and ex-cia, but she's openly criticized both organizations for being corrupt and she's anti intervention. She has openly criticized worrying a black check to Ukraine and wants to let taxes on the middle class and close some business loopholes so true don't get away with paying 0 in taxes. 

Thoughts? Or other candidate ideas?
Holy auto correct fails. I'm sure you get the idea

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Homofascism is the worldview of Truth to put it simply. This Cosmic Truth reveals itself via the Männerbund. The Männerbund are and always will be the Aristocrats, Warriors, Noblemen, etc. And more importantly they are always Homosexual. “Why is that?” you may ask. Well it’s quite simple really: the act of Homosexuality mirrors the acts of the Divine throughout Aryan mythology (whether it be Germanic/Norse, Greco-Roman, Celtic, Vedic, etc) and therefore puts itself above mere Heterosexual reproduction thus establishing Hierarchy which we all know is fundamental to Fascism.

Homosexuality will always be the basis of Fascism. Many of the early members of the NSDAP were Homosexual (Ernst Röhm, Edmund Heines, Karl-Günther Heimsoth, to name a few) and even Hitler can be speculated as such. People such as De Sade and Nero were also unarguably Proto-Fascists. And please do not tip me off to the Jewish Propaganda that Homosexuality was outlawed in the Third Reich. All of the sources I have seen to support such claims are from Jewish/Liberal academics, wikipedia, and forgeries.

You may ask “How can I help Homofascism?”. I’m glad you asked. I’d advise you install grindr on your phone and start recruiting Aryan Men to your own Homosexual Collective. Such an act is a relatively small one in the grand scheme of things but each small step will inevitably lead to the Homofascist Galactic Lesenbraum, free of the Femoid disease with the ability to breed with other Men via Genetic modific
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Greatest Roman historian holds up about as much weight as greatest Greek physician.
Figure of speech spoken by a true idiot - you and
Replies: >>4779
Lol great troll anon.People really fell for the bait.

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