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Psalm 94

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I thought about posting this in /b/ but figured I'd get more real responses here.

This idea is kind of inspired by the "need to get a Bible" thread. There's quite a bit of biblical discussion on pol as of late, so why not pick some passages and discuss them?

Considering the time of year, with Easter coming up, I thought, why not talk about Isaiah 53 and its fulfillment later on in the gospels. I'll add my comments later once I have time, but if this gets enough traction, make it a weekly thing
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So as I: said earlier, Acts 7 shows the persecution and stoning of Stephen. Are we as Christians willing to hold our faith to the point of death?

This weeks reading is Matthew 18:15-19

It is about holding each other accountable in a just and righteous way
Daniel is one of the more important books of the Bible as it gives a look to the end of the kingdom.

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i like 94chan and 4chan 
what about u guys
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Replies: >>5645 + 1 earlier
some of the more specific boards were still good up to the early '10s, until ironically they were invaded and permanently settled in by /pol/
Replies: >>5641
4chan was never good.
Replies: >>5642

I mean no chan was ever "good"
>>5635 (OP) 
/pol/ and /c/ were my favorite boards on 4chan but i liked /pol/ better but then everyone found out about 4chan and normies got to pol making troons get to the board i always see retarded posts like israeli general. i used the site from 2004 - 2020 and its sad seeing a site i used for so long go to absolute shit because of kikes and their news channels.

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He's right, you know.
man that pic is so legit and real and not doctored at all I just camed and pished and farded and sharded and cried every tyme updooted xD

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>The largest secret mass operation was launched by the NKVD secret operational order n° 00447 “Concerning the punishment of former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements”.
>The round-number quotas of Order n° 00447 were characteristic of the “figure mania” which had spread throughout the USSR in every sector of the economy, politics and social life during the 1930s.
>Every unit had a “casework minimum” of arrests to perform but also of confessions to extract in order to “unmask conspiracies”.
>In order to speed up the procedure, prisoners were often forced to sign blank pages of the pre-printed interrogation folios on which the interrogator later typed up the confession, the contents of which were scrutinised by the UGB commanding officer. If the prisoner’s statement did not adhere to the “general line” of the prosecution scenario, the head of the Security Police inserted his own fantastic screenplay, and had the forgery re-typed for signature by the defendant. Some UGB units brought 
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Jews are easy to hate. They are arrogant and have a sinister justification for everything they do: they're Chosen. Doesn't matter if you haven't done anything to them. Their sole reason is that they have a divine right to do as they wish.
Replies: >>5632 >>5633
jews are made for hate, but be careful: they often feed on it, like emotional vampires
Wow, so even if people would be pacifists that harm no one they still would engage in warfare. Jews confirmed for sociopaths.
Replies: >>5634
Holy people, right? Just kill random people. You don't need to explain why. It's because the creator of the world said so and that's the only explanation you need.

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Gangstalking threads on 4chan banned. All Gangstalking threads have been archived even when only 2 days old. They own that site as well. Put all Gangstalking threads here.
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>I've never heard "who asked" before in my life so I assume it's a new thing
I'll habe to take your word for it; I have no authority on the subject of zoomers and you seem to know them intimately, passionately even
Sorry I'm new here first time posting

anyway who asked
Replies: >>5622
Replies: >>5623
understandable have a nice day :^)

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the UCP (united conservative party) has won the majority vote, with ~55% of the vote

snowy texas up in canuck faggot land will have 4 more years of right-wingies
Replies: >>5575
>>5574 (OP) 
Are you proposing they should have voted for the greater of two evils?
Replies: >>5576
under no uncertain terms should alberta have voted for the greater of 2 evils. 

i am a libertarian; i wish that we could shuck the duopoly and quit the hypocritical left/right paradigm

id love to see a party that truely supports freedom, instead of identity politics
Replies: >>5577
oooh I see you're an agent of evil, nevermind then
>i am a libertarian
colour me surprised, anyway let's not speek again soon
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Great tribulation is about to come soon, the Antichrist is rising right now, and the world is heading down the toilet, I hope none of you are blind to this. 

The reason why this is happening because the Christian Church turned to the ways of the heathen 🎄🎅🎃🐰 and broke the 10 commandments, which God as warned us not to do many times in the Bible. Breaking Sabbath, eating pork, going against God's instructions in the Bible.

Read Romans 1, Sodomites literally exist because of idolatry
Read 1 John 5, (christmas and easter) is the sin that leads to death.
Read Romans 13, God allowed the evil to happen, to punish us
Read Leviticus 26, All of you who reject the 10 commandments and want to hold on to your piggy pork meals, sabbath breaking, and christmas and easter babylonian idolatry are in big trouble.
Google these holidays yourselves, nothing about any of these holidays are "christian"

All of the atheism, abovtions, lgdt flags, drag queens dancing to children in school, bedophilia, men cutting off their benises and putting on dresses, girls as young as 14 hoing around and screming at men, sinnps, inceIs, SODOMlTES, and what have you, is because of you Christians.

Repent, you do not have alot of time
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yes, the walrus was the antichrist

So the writer of 70% of the new testament was the first antichrist. So if you believe that, then Christianity is a complete farce. The gospels were written after the books Paul wrote and he helped certify them
Replies: >>5564
Paul McCartney wrote the Bible?
Replies: >>5565
oh totally

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niggers are mad about Ford putting a rainbow on their gay truck when they should be more worried about this. though i supposed this is what that flag represents now.
Replies: >>5550
Fords are gay anyway.
>>5468 (OP) 
Honestly, the culture war in the West is just too deeply retarded for any thinking person to care about. It's actually just the Left and Right wings of liberalism arguing over varying degrees of faggotry
Replies: >>5552
ford trucks are garbage, especially the ecoboost f-150s

bost based reply ive seen on a image board prolly ever

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According to available data from various sources in Russian political leadership, these steps
are made IOT ensure power balance among Putin’s close circle. Currently there are
Kadyrov’s troops and Prigozhin’s troops, if one of them rises in his subjectivity the other is
supposed to put him down, thus from President Putin`s close circle’s point of view, the
balance is achieved. However, in case of loss of authoritative control, existence of these
power groups near Putin may be fatal for him, which Putin seems to understand, but as
there are no other options, he has to work with such explosively dangerous environment.
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Uh oh my bakhmut ain't feelin so good
So what?
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>free speech
i know he's said before that he doesn't really browse the internet in his free time but i thought he was lying and didn't want to admit to being on chans or something. guess he really is a dumb boomer when it comes to the internet.
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Replies: >>5447
>>5436 (OP) 
I saw yesterday but apparently the new owner is jewish. not gonna say anything more draw your own conclusions
Replies: >>5448
Elon still owns it
Trust me, he understands
Replies: >>5462
>Trust me
hard pass

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