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drove past the gas station today, it said $1.92/L. thats almost $8/gal.

this is the cheapest place for gas in the country.

north America is a powder keg.
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Midwest & drive a BMW, premium is around 5.60/gallon right now. Sinking ship, fuck these faggots.
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>>1523 (OP) 
Good, let it burn, I dont want to go to work.
i'm a neet, this doen't impact me.
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you wouldn't pay american prices anyway moose nigger
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Fuck you for being rich.
No, but he would pay more if he drove.
By the way we have sidewalks everywhere in Canada and hitch hiking is legal.
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fair, i keep forgetting that our prices are only really bad to us, arent you guys up to like 9bux a unit?
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