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ultimatly, is it a bad idea to get all my news from internet frogs?
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>ultimatly, is it a bad idea to get all my news from internet frogs?
yes, it is a bad idea
what, like the french?
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>>1677 (OP) 
It cant be much worse than infowars and gateway pundit but its also infinitely better than listening to the same 12 news stories on fox.
The only reason to watch FOX at this point is to jerk off.
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You're not wrong.  Kat Timpf in particular is sexyfine.
>>1677 (OP) 
Why would you trust anything on this sitehole?
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i don't think anyone takes us as a source of news and nor should they, unless it's something of note to the boards
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you guys really think someone would just go on the internet to spread lies?
There is like 4 or 5 legitimate news sources that are remotely trustworthy and independent worldwide. Deutsch Welles out of Germany, and Al-Jazeera being 2 of them.  

MAjority of internet people are spreading info from infowars, which is a parody of Rush Limbaugh. Alex has admitted he makes up stories based on educated guesses. Anyone who takes his shit seriously is lacking braincells
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>trusting cucked german news and brown people
if you're not retarded you can tell when Sloppy Jones is full of it. every news sources has some bullshit for ratings. at least alternative sources aren't reading off the same script.
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> Al-Jazeera
isn't AP the one who everyone cites anyway

You know the Germans aren't allowed to see it right?
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