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Psalm 94

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With the recent surge in activity on the /b/ board, it's worth considering the political ramifications of this trend. On one hand, the increased activity on /b/ means that more people are engaging in online discussions and participating in online communities. This can be a positive thing as it allows for a diverse range of perspectives and ideas to be shared.

On the other hand, the fact that a board for random topics is seeing more activity than a board for politics raises questions about the level of engagement and interest in political discussions among users. It could suggest that people are more interested in non-political topics or that they find political discussions to be divisive or unproductive.

It's important to remember that online communities like this one have the potential to shape public opinion and influence the political discourse. As users, we should strive to ensure that political discussions on /pol/ are thoughtful, respectful, and productive, and that they are given the attention they deserve.

In other, fuck /b/ day is today because people would rather talk about stupid shit rather than important happenings.
Well about time someone said it. Good job anon.
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war with another board??? sign me up its been shit for awhile now this is the last remaining good board rest of them are ghost towns with either 4 people in them posting endlessly or moving at almost glacial speeds
Replies: >>4121 >>4143
Thank god someone said /b/ has became actual horse shit even worse than usual
Replies: >>4119 >>4121 >>4143
most of the people on that board are lukewarm retards that couldnt hold a debate if they tried dont bring them over here damn it
Replies: >>4119 >>4126

All /b/(s) are seemingly competing to be the worst version instead of trying to actually be random
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That's where we send the niggers and low iq schizos to ramble aka our toilet you all should be happy
Replies: >>4121 >>4124 >>4143
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Look its poltards mad that no one won't listen to them give shit takes about anything and everything
Replies: >>4122 >>4143
Go back to /b/ faggot
Replies: >>4127 >>4138
lol fuck you /pol/ you take yourselves too seriously and you're all just a bunch of tryhard crybaby faggots try learning how to laugh instead of cope
Replies: >>4125
I am happy they are stuck there doesn't mean I wish that board was better its objectively utter shit
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Kill yourself you low iq shit throwing monkey
Replies: >>4138
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>the french
Replies: >>4130
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Had to be one of the worst bait posts ever this is why there should be a /b/ genocide
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Awww shit here come the b troons
Replies: >>4131
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>lol fuck you /pol/ you take yourselves too seriously and you're all just a bunch of tryhard crybaby faggots try learning how to laugh instead of cope

Replies: >>4138 >>4143
Show flag nigger
Replies: >>4132
You're the guys who talk about troons and pedos all day, and smelly 3rd world ones at that.
Replies: >>4133
god hates flags
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B is for why there's so many fucking bans lately and why the capctha is fucking hell on earth 

Like one anon said "show flag you american mutt" also most of b are just pedos and troons what's your point
sir I clearly belong to the nation of ram ranch
stop being a xenohomophobe wow
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Excuse me that was a bit racist what I meant to say is:

>>Kill yourself even more nigger
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unironically this >>4133

if it wasn't for so many faggots and pedophiles on that fucking board there wouldn't be this much moderating going on the jannies must be tired
Replies: >>4138 >>4143
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B has been what's wrong with this site personified. Its a constant negative if it isn't some disgusting images being posted straight from hell its creeps trying to brainwash people there was multiple troons trying to force IHM to accept """them""" awhile back but she didn't based admin

so fuck b
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Jesus Christ /pol/cucks have to be some of the most pathetic people on the planet crying because people would rather post about something uplifting than your incessant dread about things none of you fags won't do shit about keep fucking coping  

>>4137 >>4133 >>4129 >>4127
>>4136 >>4124 >>4125 >>4122
Replies: >>4139
Typical b user, anime obsessed closeted tranny being railed by a BBC every night
>>4137 Don't forget fucking up tor for everyone to the point people have to use vpns
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>>4113 (OP) 
They are the most used, because it takes no effort in posting its for the mentally handicapped. That's the reason they dominate the hotpage 6:1
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16th Fuck B Day
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>>4113 (OP) 

Brothers its time for us to close B down for today call on the admins to lock that board down. They must pay for their degenerate ways!
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This board when it comes to b
>>4113 (OP) 
Basically they all are shitheads
Replies: >>4147
Yawn, everything on pol is just ripped from someone smug idiot that thinks he knows everything.
Replies: >>4147

Go back to sucking that plastic dildo in your shower
I never knew there was so much resentment for random. I mean come guys aren't you all being somewhat harsh?
Replies: >>4149
Its a fucking chan website what did you expect for us to be nice to each other? Sound like a redditor
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Pol is having a fucking meltdown like children this couldn't be any other board but pol
Replies: >>4152 >>4154
Replies: >>4156
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Using some furry shit to make fun of us like that doesn't expose you as a massive faggot already
Replies: >>4156
You are obviously are mad about it why come over here to die?
Replies: >>4155 >>4156
No one is mad about your circlejerk of pure"intellectual debate"every board is just laughing at you all
Replies: >>4156
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Replies: >>4157
Posting a blank meme mostly due to the fact you have nothing intelligent to say stupid chink
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Isn't this the same ram ranch nigger from above that got shit on by like 7 anons
Replies: >>4160
No it isn't you dirty kike
>>4113 (OP)  Simply put, /b/ was created by the administrators for the most ignorant literate monkeys on the planet to talk as if they are not totally batshit    

notice how all of these b/tards are protected by the admins and are acting like this thread isn't pissing them off
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You are mad. Admit it most of the literacy comes from this board most people here don't even know proper grammar.
Replies: >>4165 >>4170
Kill yourself you Norwegian frozen kike
Replies: >>4167
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Fuck off you flying dutchnan, enjoy your tall square faced amazon-like women
Replies: >>4168 >>4170
LMAO >>4167
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I'd say something back, but you crack smoking fuckers will freeze in your homes anyway
Replies: >>4171
Why don't you fetch yourself a huge female gargantula and cry yourself to an orgasm like a proper dutchman you afrikaans speaking nigger
Someone must have really kicked the shitpile that's known as /b/ they even awakened the watered down version of vikings Whoreegians!!
Replies: >>4173
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>>4113 (OP) 
B people are made of of niggers kikes troons and pedos you don't want to have a debate with them anyway
Replies: >>4175 >>4176
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Can you cope any harder?
Replies: >>4177
Done thawing out your frozen frostbitten infected foot? Faggot b user
Replies: >>4178 >>4179
He's too bad using his fuck machine to prolapse his anus
Replies: >>4180
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Idz do pracy, kurwa jebana
Why are there so many retards here invading this thread are they really this mad about us laughing at how stupid they are we are winning
Replies: >>4182 >>4193
It's the other way around you wurst gobbling faggot
Replies: >>4184
B has been beaten they only have one faggot from norway here defending them
Replies: >>4185 >>4193
Turn on your gas stove to kill yourself kike one of the worst countries in the eu talking shit here
Replies: >>4188 >>4193
They have, now let's jerk each other off like real politicians
Replies: >>4187
Or better are yet do the tradition of hunting for children like every user on b!
Replies: >>4193
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Norway is not even in the EU you retarded cunt 

Here, have a portion of failure you fat fuck
Lmfao one of the b faggots deleted a comment barley knows how to use the website your mask is dropping
Replies: >>4193
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When Norwegians are in control
Replies: >>4191 >>4193
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Replies: >>4193
Who's paying this cuck to shill so hard?
Replies: >>4193 >>4194

You will never know how a women feels
Replies: >>4195
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Hey aren't you the same deadbeat who bawwed about your wife being dead and how you were addicted to painkillers a while back? How fucking sad
Replies: >>4195
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Fuck off you frozen cunt. Get back to B and try and live in your cardboard house
Replies: >>4199
Look at white boys kill other to see which is the largest faggot 

whitey kill yourself
Replies: >>4200
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Pol has been defeated and every incel faggot in here is crying
Replies: >>4200
Nigger you have no opinion go back to fucking B

This isn't 2008 die in a fucking fire
Replies: >>4202
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Replies: >>4204
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Your level of rage is through the fucking ceiling, wurst gobbler.

Remember to breathe  and to...
Are you going to let one B user make my country look even worse kick this faggot in the nuts
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Replies: >>4205
Replies: >>4207 >>4209
((( B shilling raid is happening spearhead by one troon eurofag )))
Replies: >>4209
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we have us an angry german kid here folks
Replies: >>4208
Go back to B if its so fucking great you stupid son a bitch
Replies: >>4209
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Did you all forget to jerk off this morning and have your morning cry about never having a gf?
Replies: >>4210
Did you download enough furry porn?
Replies: >>4211
Wow så morsom du er, jævla tulling med patetiske comebacks
Tell me something b/niggers why are all of you even here to begin with? If we are the losing side?
Replies: >>4213 >>4214
To defecate on your faces and watch you eat it
Replies: >>4216
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Replies: >>4215
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You'd like that scat nigger? Everyone he exposed himself for being a scat lover 4k
Replies: >>4217
Lmfao fucking exposed all B users are deviants
Replies: >>4219
Norwegians are some of the most demented Europeans its in character.
How come you post here and on /b playing on both sides you fucking fed
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Oh no they are turning on each other lmao
It's the height of summer in the United States of America. The state doesn't matter -- it's sunny, you're in the outskirts of town, and the jungle is concrete. Your refurbished 1960 Lincoln Continental, matte black with leather interior, sluts down the street as you wind the window down, the hot air turning cool as it hits your face in the 40kmh wind. Your arm decides it would be better suited leaning on the door sill, and as you do the cool air begins to blow into your shirt cuff, and it feels nice, a welcome respite from the blazing sundown heat of perhaps a Southron state. From elsewhere, the stranger innings of a distant barbeque wafts its redolent fat delights into your nose -- Louisiana chicken? Brisket? Burger? Shortribs? Steak? Whatsoever the shape of the meat, the sweet fat and caster-sugar melt smell distracts you for a moment, and your stomach begins to opine its loneliness, being otherwise sat there all day with itself as you conduct your Yanky business. But you steel yourself, your grip tightening on the decades-old steering wheel: you aren't here to feed your belly. You're here in this bastard asphalt outback, lined Church-like with the brandings of interstate commerce, to feed your loins -- and the fat that will grease them is very distinct from that which would otherwise line your stomach. You pull in to the parking lot, a pitch of empty dreams and a monument of the American pastimes of now and ages past; where once-Stetsoned men may have hitched their ponies, a metal beast declares itself, growling into the spots those beasts once stood, a liquid prostrated onto the ground piss-like but oily, and black -- "Asian Massage", the sign reads, a neon number declaring the seedy hotbed "OPEN" as you pull in. Dizzying thoughts like the blinking lights around the signage fly around in the interior of your mind. "What will I ask Su Linn to do for me today?" Visions of fleshy interspersements dance around, fistfuls of jet-black Asian hair, the foreign sighs...
Replies: >>4222
Bro, if you roll the window down in the South in the summer you get blasted with hot air, day or night. It’s gonna be like 80°F/25°C later this week.
I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Apache" and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can't accept me you're a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
Every /b/ is shit aside from 4chan's in 2005-2014.
Replies: >>4231 >>4239
You're the reason the glory chan days died
Replies: >>4239
I never really used it that much after b-day. 2014 was possibly the last year it was great because of the fappening leaks. I'd never be autistic enough to call 4chan good at any point though it was just tolerable.
Replies: >>4233 >>4239
>I never really used it
it shows
Replies: >>4239
>Can you read? After b-day.
Replies: >>4235 >>4239 >>4246
ok gaiafag
Replies: >>4239
>Couldn't read 
resort to calling him a fag.
Sounds more like a new user of 4chan than me.
Replies: >>4237 >>4239
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Replies: >>4239
Replies: >>4239


Replies: >>4240
Kys chrischan
White people are so crazy
Replies: >>4244 >>4245
>No father
>>4243 Your opinion is discarded fuck off back to twitter
nobody on these boards can fuckin read
Replies: >>4265
Speaking of which when is IHM doing the podcasts?///
Replies: >>4263 >>4264 >>4273
i was going to ask the same question it never happened its sad I was looking forward to the shitshow
Replies: >>4264
She was never going to do it she just wanted us excited for something that would never come to past
Replies: >>4266
Learn flags faggot

>Hating IHM for no reason
Kill yourself you soyjack cunt she'll do it when she's ready
Replies: >>4267 >>4268
>Simp for one of the largest lolcows on the fucking planet
I'd rather be a simp than some faggot sitting in my basement with 200gbs of wojacks and never touched a woman 

> Use that rope already
Replies: >>4269 >>4272
I'm not even from there she's just a massive liar and its been known for literal years now. No one want's the be near her shes a complete fucking trainwreck
Replies: >>4270 >>4274 >>4275
Why are you on her website faggot?
Replies: >>4271
Why are you kissing her pussy so much loser?
Replies: >>4274
Real talk 👊
sup tyler
I'd make a joke about your Mexican flag but I think actual Mexicans might be offended, either way you're a retard.

The podcast is still in the works, there was a tech issue that needed solved and we've had some IRL shit come up because we are in our 30s and life is no longer fun all the time. The information she has will be released eventually, regardless.

Stop dickriding my wife, cuck.
Replies: >>4278 >>4280
Projecting are we?
[Hide] (231.9KB, 1440x703) Reverse
From the discord. I did do the podcast. What happened was my audio was somehow erased from the bot used to record us, whereas the hosts were recorded just fine. It records on separate channels and mine was destroyed. We still don't know how or why as it has never happened before. I haven't had time to attempt it again. It will be done, I just don't know when.
Replies: >>4277 >>4278
We love you keep up the good work fuck these faggots 
how hard can it be to record a podcast are you two really that lazy?

(((  2 More Weeks  )))
Aww look at the big man defending his wife. You two lazy faggots need to get the podcast ready and stop dicking around
Replies: >>4281 >>4282 >>4299
Why don't you gobble on a cock instead of using my country's flag, faggot?
Lmao a month ago you were defending IHM and now you got the audacity to say this shit? 
Little schizo nigger
Last edited by nezabyvaj
I'm not even really attacking them they are being really lazy over a podcast. Also nigger I use tor and I suspect other have too so that's not me computer illiterate schizo
Replies: >>4284 >>4285
So basically you are samefagging the entire site with all your personalities while struggling to make up your mind about which hand to wipe your dirty ass with?
Fuck off, Tyler
The jannies don't know how VPNs and tor works only trust the admins they are pure retarded
Replies: >>4286
Too many keks check /i/ for that entire janny meltdown
Quite the nutcase who just admitted being the same person kek go fuck yourself with your vpn all right
Replies: >>4288
What are you even talking about?
Replies: >>4289
Deine mutti
Do you retards really believe that I'm the same as the other faggots on this thread because I used tor? You both know we ((( all ))) will eventually use another node as another? 

IHM please kill your jannies
Replies: >>4291 >>4293
sup Tyler
[Hide] (39.5KB, 474x566) Reverse
This isn't even about the OP's thread watching this shitshow is amazing
[Hide] (92.8KB, 290x174) Reverse

samefag stuck in the matrix
Replies: >>4295
what is going on
Replies: >>4296
> Jannies 
> Samefagging faggot 

= Girl fight
I swear to god the moderators are the worst part of this website IHM should run it herself at least she's coherent and concise.
Replies: >>4300 >>4301
Anyways that's just my 2 cents about everything going on

I record weekly, faggot. I can't control everyone else's life schedule and I have other obligations, hence me recording at a specific time unless I can squeeze in elsewhere.

If you guys actually listened to the show beyond showing up to the discord 4 hours after the show is done when IHM is on because you don't know how to use a clock, you'd actually know when she was on or next time she was going to appear. The most recent episode we mentioned the technical hiccup and a few details and said hopefully in the next week or so we'd do it.

I do the show for free, I owe nothing to you morons, your demands mean absolutely fucking nothing to me. I could just never record the episode and you could all be sol except the 3 who showed up live. 

TL;DR either pay me or be patient, my life doesn't revolve around you ass clowns
Replies: >>4309
Are you crying right now?
All mods are legit schizophrenic power grabbing retards. Most of them are losers so they try to co-op anyone else's project every time 

Homicide and IHM are from the old days so they are legit. Just ignore jannies that what everyone does on 4chan
Replies: >>4304 >>4309
Dangerously Based. 
Jannies once again on major copium
Replies: >>4304
This is a weird fucking thread, all these flags and literally 3,5 people engaging in total
Replies: >>4309
[Hide] (175.1KB, 474x312) Reverse
> IHM praises /i/ 
> Jannies trying to have more authority than her locking the thread and banning people
Replies: >>4309
The podcast is a very touchy subject for me because it involves an old friend of mine, I cried after the last one because of how personal it is. Exposing Fred was a promise I made to said friend before he died in 2016. So trust me when I say it's not laziness, just very intense for me emotionally. Almost feels like fate that I've got you all here with that same goal and I promise it's gonna get done. I'm not making excuses I'm just saying shit happened that night that nobody can explain and then life happened afterwards. I'll announce on the chats soon when I've got a timeline for the podcast and again you're welcome to listen live as it happens, I'd prefer that so multiple recordings exist and thus less of a chance of things getting fucked up again.
Replies: >>4306 >>4314
[Hide] (68.4KB, 300x290) Reverse
You got this we are behind you fuck 8chan and Fred
Replies: >>4307
Thank you anon
Replies: >>4308
[Hide] (114.1KB, 474x417) Reverse
[Hide] (10.1KB, 217x164) Reverse
half the mod team is oldfags who keep quiet
the others like >>4299 are boomers with jobs and families and lives, like IHM and I

and frankly half the shit you blame on jannies is probably just me fucking around

((( Dont post fucking Social Security Numbers to my server. ))) 

Post shit offsite and link to it. Those faggots are DOING IT WRONG and crying about the mods when they get banned due to their own chromosome surplus. Pic related.

new IP = new UID; TL;DR tor and vpns. Some people change their networks aggressively.
Last edited by homicide
Replies: >>4310 >>4311
The admins have spoken.
I'll be here for you posting forever keep up the good work guys 


Fred is a fat fucking faggot I hope he gets raped by 60 Syrian refugees
[Hide] (557KB, 474x670) Reverse
Yeah there were people that were doing that shit and I don't condone it either. Reason I feel like most people are upset is because of the people that weren't doing anything to get banned.

Or the mods just abusing their power editing messages for literally no reason 

Anyway I'm glad that you cleared it up
Replies: >>4313
As I said before Jannies are once again on ((( S U I C I D E W A T C H )))
>Or the mods just abusing their power editing messages for literally no reason 

90% of time I'm doing it for the lulz, the remaining 10% is for spam

the bans thing is tor, I try not to set anything wider than a /24 range bcause 90% of our tor traffic comes from like a dozen nodes. My best suggestion is use ipv6 when possible.
Replies: >>4314
IHM keeps grabbing Ws 
Fred is wearing a diaper looking at furry shit porn

That faggot already lost 

I was wondering about that it seems like no matter if I switch my proxies it only can connect to 94 through a select amount of nodes
Replies: >>4315 >>4316
Adding to what I just said.
Almost every node from Africa/south America and east Asia is blocked

But yeah after the fall of nanochan and other sites like dread most people came to here its been turned into a clearnet hidden service someone was adversiting it saying it was safe to post here and talk freely lel
Replies: >>4318 >>4319 >>4320
German and US exit nodes, as well as a number of Japanese Internet Cafes are a minefield due to CP bots that swarm around the internet and bounce off every imageboard that exists every morning at like 4am. VPNs or exits in the far north or basically anything south of Florida should be mostly okay.

Short of clearing the entire banlist, there's not much in the way of low effort options available, which is why I bitch about tor (and meme on The Netherlands for being a glorified French territory but nobody besides me thinks that's funny anyway) because they clog the banlist.

or people could just idk make an account for the bypass perms for the bans/filters/captcha, but like I said, low effort option.
Last edited by homicide
Looks like I'll have to go through the list of exit nodes by hand at some point, ugh.

If you post specific ban date/reason and node IP I'll take care of it. Can always come let us know on discord/telegram/irc as well, just ping me or IHM

Edit: Just went down the list and unbanned about 35 ranges from the first year we were up, enjoy the spam lol
Last edited by homicide
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I got that was happening on Kiwifarms when it was down people messaging people to use this website.
Replies: >>4320
I came from krautchan someone made a thread saying the exact stuff??? >>4319
Replies: >>4321
And so far none of them have provided a ban reason! Isn't Krautchan that place where people post cp? Weird!

Edit: I was thinking of kohlchan, carry on
Last edited by homicide
Replies: >>4323

there's like 40 stupid chans that post illegal shit. They all need to be cleansed by the mighty hand of the Lord
im just gonna throw in my 2 cents, i spend all week on /pol/ maybe not this specific pol but /pol/ non the less and i need a break. so many black pills and seriousness. its all real and all very relevant but on the weekend i shit post. maybe others are the same. pressure release is important. dont be so hard on/b/. ive been to a few /b/boards in my day and they all need to be cleansed by fire. this /b/ not so much. its either good jannies or good posters. i dont see the level of degeneracy here. i quit going to most /b/ boards they are cancer. i enjoy this one. or at least i would if there were more interaction. for what its worth, thats my angle.
Replies: >>4325 >>4326 >>4329
Fuck off you South Korean go back to 2chan. /b/ has been shit lately and its the reason most people on /pol/ are agreeing
Replies: >>4327 >>4328
> So many black pills

Nigger if you can't take it then flock to Twitter we don't need all that sentimental shit all the time. If you want pressure release go do things that's actually productive instead of a board for literal random shit.
>most people 

Who, you and your vpns? Schizo mf
>tor user upset at vpn user
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Chink you never had an opinion 
seething /b/igger
Love how people are saying /b/ is so good. Yet all of them are over here telling us how great it is. Like go over there you faggots
Replies: >>4331 >>4332
/pol/ is great if you are a whiny cunt who likes to whine about whiny cunt stuff
Replies: >>4334
Yes, its the best place to do that
Fuck wrong tag
All I see on /b/ is just people posting kittens and pedos
Replies: >>4335 >>4336
>whole board bad because spambots

slap your own face
[Hide] (23.8KB, 474x266) Reverse
Breaking News: Jannies are simping for IHM and are mad about people laughing at them

Always remember the jannies are faggots
Replies: >>4344
[Hide] (359.9KB, 1440x1685) Reverse
Hi, samefag.
Replies: >>4348
Breaking News: Admin posted a image of another tor node being used 

> Samefag confirmed!!
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imagine being so obsessed with trannyjannies that you make it your entire persona
UIDs aren't related to your IP, dumbass.
HAhahahahah what a fucking lonely cuck
Breaking News: Jannies and Admins are being skullfucked by god. 

> Use tor node
> Have the same UID which has happened before to me
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You're an actual idiot
Call all of you faggots go back to /b/

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You gott exposed now suck on it babe
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I think I'll post wherever I please and there's not a goddamn thing you can do to stop me.
That had to be one of the gayest things said here. I was right.
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That was indeed very gay.
anyway seethe jannies
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anyway click new circuit
Your whole character is an neverending repetitive rage cycle. Mind your heart before it explodes and comes out of your ass.
Why are /i/ faggots so utterly crazy
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compartmentalization, same reason why /b/ is retarded and /pol/ is a shitshow
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A hint of cabin fever
lack of sex and exposure to the elements
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I am sure it's not lack of sex, he got his uncle for that
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then his uncle should try raping him while on a hike or something; boy needs to touch grass
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