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> The - /gif/ - tl;dr (4Zoomers)

>Hyrriiya's admission & Sabu's guilt in instigating the hack

>Journalist Barrett Brown arrested for sharing a link to publicly available materials

Relevant Wikileaks Links:
>Wikileaks introduction to /gif/

>HBGary emails

>Beware of malicious folders in distributed materials - sanitize accordingly before extraction of the archive

According to numerous sources, though the media gave great attention to the contents of the leaked HBGary emails circa 2010 - in late 2011 and ever since - fewer eyes have been directed toward the even larger and more comprehensive email leak of their fellow Team Themis conspirator, Stratfor; with attention instead shifting more towards the arrested hackers who perpetrated said leaks, rather than on what tasty corporate secrets might be seen as relevant to the public good in an email cache spanning 7 years of corporate correspondence from a company already known to conspire against journalists on behalf of the U.S government.

The press failed to go through the leaked emails when the story was fresh. Years later, these files have yet to be properly gone through and those involved in the Team Themis conspiracy (Pat Ryan, Eli Bingham, Shyam Sankar, Mathew Steckman & Sean Stenstrom among others) have gone unpunished for their crimes, and in the case of Ryan, have recently somehow been elected into Congress without any of his involvement in the conspiracy having even been brought up.   

Companies like Stratfor tried to undermine democracy and were colleagues to companies like Ntrepid and HBGary, who were both vying for the Persona Management contract. In the end, the company which we know next to nothing about (Ntrepid) ended up securing that contract. The bottom line is that these files need to be investigated, because the public have a right to know more about this unregulated intelligence sector,  and these files were publicly available up until about just over a week ago, shortly before Ryan’s Congressional election. 

I’d planned on making this thread roughly two weeks ago, but I was busy. In the meantime, it seems that wikileaks’ web archives of these leaked emails have been down since last Monday based on the date a colleague of mine tried accessing the files and found that he could no longer do so. All links to their searchable archives seem to no longer be working, and no one’s said anything on social media which just goes to show how few people are even paying attention to this. 

Does anyone have a working torrent link to the files so we can keep them alive? And is anyone able to reach out to Wikileaks for comment about their servers being down?
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>Obligatory "fuck sabu"
Fuck Sabu.
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>"Many of the group’s leaks have either vanished or become inaccessible to the public. Of the seven leaks highlighted on the homepage, three produce no content. Two of those redirect to error pages while the third merely sends users back to the homepage."

Contact all known millennial basement dwellers with data hoarding tendencies. We need them to seed their local copies.
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Looks like it's back up. Try to seed as much as you can.
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