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two swedes saying the N-word at each other

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Psalm 94

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Drug use is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Not only does it harm the individual, but it also harms the people around them and society as a whole. Here are some reasons why drug use should not be tolerated:

Health risks: Drugs can have severe and long-lasting effects on an individual's health, including damage to the brain, heart, and other vital organs. They can also lead to addiction, which can be incredibly difficult to overcome.

Crime and violence: Drug use is often associated with criminal activity, including drug trafficking and violence. This not only harms the individuals involved but also the community as a whole.

Lost productivity: Drug use can lead to lost productivity, both in terms of work and education. This can have a significant impact on an individual's future opportunities and the economy as a whole.

Broken families and relationships: Drug use can lead to broken relationships, including family and friends. This can have a devastating impact on the individuals involved and can lead to long-term emotional trauma.

Drain on resources: Drug use places a strain on resources such as healthcare, law enforcement, and social services. This burden is often felt by society as a whole, rather than just the individual.
>>4377 (OP) 
Let me fire up my joint and watch you cope
Replies: >>4380
>>4377 (OP) 
Legalisation can literally solve, ease, or open new possibilities for curving any of these problems
Replies: >>4383
I'm smoking on krypto kronic tonight, what are you having?
Replies: >>4384
oh except for alcohol. Alcohol should be the only illegal substance in the entire worl
Replies: >>4388 >>4393
Drugs are for people that can't cope with life so they have to resort to relaying on substances to make them feel better. It shows the lack of emotionally maturity and how the enteral teenager is on the rise.

Smart people almost never use drugs since the know none of it is make them better.

i.e its for niggers 
>>4377 (OP) 
Replies: >>4383
UnIronically this.
Ah, yes let's make all of this shit legal so when we walk down the street there's even more violent maniacs attacking people over drug money and more dead bodies in piss filled tints.
Replies: >>4385 >>4386
Today I'm having a strain called "gorilla" 😎
Quiet, Moshe
Be quiet and drink your alcohol
Keeping drugs illegal except for alcohol is a jew-backed complot comfirmed
You have no idea what you are talking about. Alcohol is very damaging I will admit, but suggesting that its worse than Heroin, Meth and Benzos is just fucking insane.

Legalizing this shit will make the issue even worse than it is. There will be even more dead niggers on the street not to mention it would be easily accessible to children like Alcohol is now.
Replies: >>4389 >>4390 >>4391
Heroin for the children!!
Who said anything about hard drugs, jew?.
Replies: >>4392
>>4377 (OP) 
I have to agree.
People that need drugs are just degenerates and that's that. There's no changing their opinions meaning that need just need to keep them illegal and let the druggies get arrested.

They are already seething since this thread was created shows they know most people are horrified of the effects of drug use.

There's really no difference people will whine about not having their drug legal, example weed which is getting more legal by the day. Harder drugheads are crying "why isn't my drug legal".
Replies: >>4396 >>4398 >>4407
Alcohol consumption has been associated with high intelligence. People that drink are at least tolerable most of the time. Tell me one meth/Heroin/Fent/ that wasn't batshit insane  

Replies: >>4396 >>4398 >>4407
>>4377 (OP) 
Drugs are just jews in your body.
Replies: >>4396
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Have some blue pills niggers
Replies: >>4399
>>4394 >>4392 >>4393

Based takes
Drug users are underneath niggers for me. I can't imagine swimming in my own piss and shit, because I need a hit so fucking much.

Drugs generally bring crime and other ills on societies. Making drugs legal would be the final nail in the coffin.
Replies: >>4398 >>4407
Leave it to the Amerimutts to tell everyone how to live. Listen that massive drug abuse problem mostly started from ((( legal ))) drugs like Oxycotion that led people to hard drugs.

You don't see the "shroom epidemic" "LSD epidemic"

Alcohol is so terribly destructive the fact you are defending it is laughable.
Shut up and make an actual argument or let people make it for you. Since clearly, you cannot articulate coherent case on why you support it. You sound clinically retarded.
If you mention how one has to approach drug abuse as a psychological issue rather than a criminal one, and that drugs are only as dangerous as the society in which they're distributed is corrupted and their brains will explode
Replies: >>4403
What the fuck are you talking about? All of those drugs had their own mini epidemics in 80s/90s. Ecstasy was so out of control it killed literally thousands of faggots. 

Now shut the fuck up and brush your teeth.
Drugs for centuries for led societies down dark paths, its one of the major signs of societal dysfunction.
There's really no way to approach drugs in any other way since most people never seek help, or cease taking them until they nearly died.

The fact that you are suggesting if I went to a small community that's very safe and have strong social cohesion and introduced hard substances that resulted in people getting addicted that wouldn't have serious ramification on the community.

Rendering this entire argument stupid:
    > and that drugs are only as dangerous as the society in which they're distributed is corrupted and their brains will explode
Replies: >>4404 >>4406 >>4407
Spot on
Replies: >>4407
Alcohol can be destructive its still nothing compared to hard drugs. 
Why are all British people advocating for systematically destroying healthy countries?

None of these drugs really help the person that uses them. If anything there should be drugs that are legalized only for medical use. 
Replies: >>4407
Exactly. One of the major reasons people are pushed to drugs in the first place is stress and the need to escape. In healthy happy countries most people don't needs these drugs because they are already happy with their lives. Which is why the most happiest countries on earth usually have the lowest drug uses.

And people that do use them know, generally, not to over do it.

Almost overwhelming, don't let these drug jews force you to believe that drugs are good. 

Seethe and cope, because they will always remain illegal.
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/pol/ made me proud today.
If you need drugs in order to function or clam down then you are nothing more than an insistent child.
Their opinions mean nothing since more of them were maybe higher writing them. 

Real people have to endure rough times without always needing to "relax".
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These people are really protesting for the legalization of drugs while ignoring all the glaring problems they come with.

Just take a look at /rx/, nothing but misery and degeneracy.
As an adult, I have come to realize the importance of stoicism in my life. The philosophy of stoicism teaches us to focus on what we can control and let go of what we can't. It encourages us to approach difficult situations with rationality and self-control, rather than succumbing to emotions and impulsivity. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions and stress. Stoicism helps me to keep a level head, to remain calm under pressure and to make rational decisions. It also helps me to focus on the things that truly matter, rather than getting bogged down by the small stuff.

Moreover, stoicism also helps me to cope with disappointments, losses and setbacks. It teaches me to accept the things that I cannot change and to focus on what I can do. It helps me to find meaning and purpose in difficult situations and to see them as opportunities for growth and learning.

In short, stoicism has helped me to become a more resilient, self-aware, and rational person. It has helped me to navigate the challenges of adulthood with grace and wisdom. And I truly believe that it can do the same for others.

People that need drugs cannot understand these values making them just as degenerate as faggots. Drugs numb you because you are too childlike to overcome them by yourself
Replies: >>4413 >>4414
What about controlled substance use i.e drugs used for treatment purposes? Or are you big pharma motherfuckers scared of that too?

Do you seriously advocate for alcohol over legalisation of recreational use of weed or the use of lsd for treating anxiety or servere depression?

Put your delusions aside for a sec and think with your heads and not your asses. 

Trash like meth or crack should not even be considered legalised
Replies: >>4414
You sound like a cult member.
I totally agree that stoicism is important for adults. It helps you keep a cool head when things get tough and not let emotions control you. It's a way to make better decisions and not get bogged down by the small stuff. And it helps you find meaning and purpose in difficult situations. Its truly sad to see people that cannot operate without it last they fall apart into shambles. They never get to experience hardening yourself against the world.

Weed and Lsd, doesn't need to be legal to in order to treat those disorders that's a massive fallacy right there. There are already drugs that exist to treat those. Although I really don't care about people experiencing those anyway.  And even if they were controlled it doesn't mean you'd be able to use them, so why even want them to be controlled?
Replies: >>4415
Well, I for one would be able to use them but since I have also used them prior to having been diagnosed with something that actually now permits to use them, I personally wish that everybody would simply be able to benefit from it the way I have, on both enda.

It sounds to me that you just have a hatered for these things rather than a justified reason to hold such a point of view and that it kinda clouds it for you  You don't need to love or care for things for them to benefit people. It's like people hating on electric cars because the world was a much better place when everyone had a 6.7 cummins diesel 

I'm not a total moron, I got a job and a family and I am pretty sure I'd be in a basement somewhere if it weren't for the fact that I stumbled into weed and lsd. I have never used these things to get high either, I control my doses. And my prescription reads exactly what I told my doc it should read so basically I was  my own doctor.
Breaking News: Pol finally agrees on something, leave it for the lone Norwegian jannie advocating for drugs because they are addicted to it. Pushing their degenerate beliefs on pol
Replies: >>4417 >>4418
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> i am pretty sure I'd be in a basement somewhere if it weren't for the fact that I stumbled into weed and lsd

Saying that the drug helped something that you were always capable of to begin. Faggot you just needed to believe in yourself.
I'm glad that you have all those things but it wasn't because of weed or lsd. 

My post was very funny now I think about it
I hope all of these drugs can get pulled so all of these faggots crying about how good it is kill themselves.
Anyway that's been the insurgency jannie's takes

Replies: >>4422 >>4423 >>4424
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I seen that post when I logged on. pathetic faggot complaining about drinking too much like that's not in his own control. I swear these people are so seriously mentally fucked
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My fucking sides let's hope he picks up the bottle and dies
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I love that one that says he overdosed 7 times, at that point I wish he would have gotten ran over by a bus.

These people are so hard to kill.
/pol/ is so fucking based right now
Replies: >>4426
There is nothing based about you assholes being assholes.
Also this is a /pol/ board and i dont see any politics going on here.

Get a grip, faggots.
Last edited by nezabyvaj
Replies: >>4427
Kill yourself drug user
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Breaking News: Jannie unmasked Norwegian  Last edited 14 minutes ago by nezabyvaj
Thread shadow banned is 94chan turning into Youtube??

I'll keep you all updated!
Replies: >>4430 >>4431 >>4434
What total fucking bullshit.
/b/ and /i/ both get to have popular thread yet ours get fucking anchored? This site is being ran by fucking troons that loves drugs
Replies: >>4431
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I consider this a massive win. We triggered them so much they had to make sure people on this site wouldn't see it.>>4429
While /i/ can have as many autism parties as possible.
Pol wins the jannies couldn't fight us with logic so they have to ban us like troons.
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C'est vraiment injuste, pourquoi censurent-ils Pol ? C'est l'un des seuls bons forums ici. Ils laissent cet endroit dégringoler.
Replies: >>4436
IHM gave too many people the moderator position. Now we are stuck with drug using, power abusing faggot mods
Replies: >>4437
Woman moment
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I told all of you that the jannies are secret pedophiles and are obsessed with drugs. 

This one is an actual fed
Replies: >>4451
I knew that dude was a fucking fed
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Did you all think this faggot was going to not hire faggots?
[Hide] (8.5KB, 280x151) Reverse
Let's make it happen again!!
Crisis on infinite earth the infinite earths.
I'm going to start doxing all of the moderators they must be punished for being trannies
Replies: >>4443
You have to be one of the most psychopathic people on this board.
Replies: >>4444
Thank you me I am
brb weed
Replies: >>4446 >>4447
wanna see my weed jar?
Replies: >>4448
I'm going to rape your mods
Replies: >>4449
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Man here it is. Let's blow some smoke on these assholes
Replies: >>4450
Oh shit that looks good, I'll prep the bong

Prove it, except you can't because you know I'm not and even with your tech wizardry, you couldn't counterfeit enough information to prove it. 

I'd like to know what supposed evidence you have. Or, are you just saying it because you think it will get a rise out of me because I have an anti-government podcast?
Breaking News: captaininsano#4328 Actual fed alert!!! More things will happen to him if they hadn't already!
Klapaucius#2455 Old 99chan moderator! Need I remind you it was full of pedophiles and hackers. 

"Yeeee 😄 picked him up from the shambles of 99chan" -IHM

Inactive mod for the most part
Replies: >>4454 >>4455 >>4456
99chan has been abandoned so long its like the online Detroit. No wonder these days pedos are most on it.
99chan was run by a meth addict couple, rickb and meowphine. They were under the impression I called CPS on them and screamed at me repeatedly on IRC about 8 years ago. Never went to the chan because the admins sperged over hilarious shit in IRC.
Replies: >>4457
They were kicked out of 99 for that very reason, many years before the last time the site went down
>>4377 (OP) 

My thoughts on the political implications of more drugs?

Depends what you consider a  drug. DMT is and mushrooms tend to lead to a level of interpersonal awareness that other drugs don't.

Also depends on your definition of drug. Do you consider caffeine a drug anon?
Replies: >>4490 >>4491
Of course caffeine is a drug your dim witted moron. DMT and mushrooms have also caused people to go insane. Drugs that actually don't turn people into raging idiots should be considered generally alright for ingestion. Playing the semantic word game doesn't make you sound smart anon just retarded.

Everyone knows that all of these are drugs, doesn't mean all of them should be legal for recreational use. Caffeine, Nicotine, Acetaminophen, Aspirin tend to generally have low risks associated with them, hence why they are available.

99chan was used by pedophiles for a long time, even know there's pedo's posting on it the sooner its shutdown the better.
Hello Joe Rogan.
>Caffeine an otherwise stable and generally harmless stimulate

>DMT DMT can cause seizures, respiratory arrest, and coma.

Not mention how people that have just went off the deep end after taken it. "I'm God and the Universe!!" 

Faggot please flock back to reddit
>dmt causes people to go insane

no wonder i keep dreaming about Blink 182

how can i prevent this evil satan chemical from entering my godstream
Replies: >>4493
Learn to read faggot. I said it has caused people to go insane saying it hasn't is just disingenuous. People can have major adverse effects to it and even get traumatized if they freak out too much from whatever they are seeing. DMT is produced naturally although the human body wasn't made to have too much hence why people can go into comas and heart attacks.
I remember people would often come into the ER on the verge of death because they thought they could handle it. DMT is seriously dangerous especially for people that don't know how much they should take, reason its illegal
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