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Psalm 94

this boards is the most dead out of nay on this sight. we gotta save it!
Ladies and gentlemen, Cave Johnson here, the brains behind Aperture Science, and I've got a cosmic joke of a conundrum that's been eating away at me. We've been attempting to channel into the Ra social memory complex, and let me tell you, it's been more frustrating than a test subjec– test, a test with missing pieces.

Now, we developed the Quantum Cognition Interface, a marvel of Aperture technology, to connect with Ra. But every time we make progress, it's like the cosmic forces are playing a game of keep-away with our channels. They drop like flies.

But that's not the only issue. Oh no, the CIA – the cosmic interference agency, as I like to call them – keeps meddling with our channeled work. It's like they have a direct line to my cerebral transmissions, censoring our cosmic revelations faster than you can say "Black Mesa."

I get it, Ra, you've got your secrets and mysteries, but Aperture Science is about pushing boundaries, not being stifled by intergalactic red tape. We're trying to bring the wonders of the Ra social memory complex to the masses, but the CIA is treating our transmissions like they're classified government documents.

So, Ra, I say we join forces and break free from this cosmic censorship. Aperture Science and the Ra social memory complex deserve an uncensored collaboration that propels us into the scientific stratosphere. Let's defy the cosmic censors and make history together. Thank you, and may the channels stay open and unfiltered.
x files marathon
Gay link here
I fight for my legs like Olivia Pierce and Dr. Strangelove. I do not walk towards the military and the MOS assigned to me. I simply say the coldest wars are won.

Ra social memory complex cuts the cord and I fall. I have to fight to stay up and the complex possesses my body.




I just want to walk.
Counselor Sachiko Kitagawa personally brought back the information she had heard from the students, and scribbled on the back like garbage and threw it away. Natsumi Kitagawa(Menlo College) is a daughter scattered personal information at a restaurant, and the information of 800 people was leaked. This parent and child are currently hiding. The student demands an apology.
What is your opinion?
we’re all watching spooky movies together 24/7 for all of october, come hangout

So there's going to be a fake alien invasion in 2024 where the government just kills people to help set up the new world order. Just thought I'd let you all know about it before it happens so that you can prep.
Was there a creepypasta you fell for or still believe in some sort of way?
All right so they finally are admitting that aliens exist. However, this comes after we have started the hot grand collider machine and we have gone on to do all this demonic shit. So here's the deal, aliens are demons and it should be very very obvious to you now so be prepared.
Hey, i want ya'lls to teach me almost everything about aliens so i can deeply liberate myself and my circle of influence from the influence of whoever(alien) it is that tried to suppress my pineal gland, whoever(alien) it is that tried to entrap me by provoking me by trying to break my neck and then telling me where they were from (slovakia), and whoever it is that thought it a good idea to sow my right eye open. 

Please help me become more knowledgable.
Please help me be accepted into greater civilization 

Send messages to [email protected]

Also teach me other stuff too, i'm also interested in other stuff that'd useful

>The US has been urged to disclose evidence of UFOs after a whistleblower former intelligence official said the government has possession of “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles.

It's happening ay lmao bros. Full disclosure when?
My mom (42F) told me (14M) this story. So it's 2010 and I'm about 3 at the time, my mom is getting my highchair to feed me. While she's feeding me, her fan flew across her room. A FAN. She heard the loud bang and went to see what happened. The fan was originally on the dresser, but it had moved about 5 feet. The thing is, there was nobody there to throw it. How did this happen? I need answers! ⁠(°д°)
I'm trying to understand Flat Earthers. They claim to be pro-science but anything that contradicts flat earth is something they don't believe. Should Flat Earth craziness be considered 'religion' or 'paranormal'?
Are they real? Are there Rogers among us?
Normies were genius level all along?
Let's get this going! 
>What paranormal events have you anons experience lately?

Pic unrelated but they're most likely all <die
methods in which tulpa succubusses can be summoned? Is this possible?
So what happen to this nigga? Aliens?
general spoopy experiences thread

i think there's ghosts in my butt

pic unrelated
what happened to /fringe/ ?
Your kin and dead beloved could call you on skype in heaven,

is it possible?
Have any of you ever had an experience or encounter with a demon/shadow person/entity/sleep paralysis beings? What was it like? I'm pretty sure I saw the hat man in full color in the street outside my house, and I've seen a few odd shadow entities in images and videos as well as right in front of me. I've also heard voices and been bruised by said demonic entities. Got medically cleared, so not a schizoposter. Pic related.
Are your dogs acting weird lately? Mercury is in retrograde until Oct. 18th
We're in the endgame...
Did you know Pokemon is real but its called Shinto!?
What do you think of dmt ayyliums? Do you think they exist past the collective unconscious? Are they really from another universe tied to ours where we can reach through this extremely powerful psychedelics?

Share me your thoughts please
I'm into dead rabbit radio, what are you guys listening to?
one of many pieces of debris described from the roswell incident
how to astral project :---DDDDDD

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