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Psalm 94

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Have any of you ever had an experience or encounter with a demon/shadow person/entity/sleep paralysis beings? What was it like? I'm pretty sure I saw the hat man in full color in the street outside my house, and I've seen a few odd shadow entities in images and videos as well as right in front of me. I've also heard voices and been bruised by said demonic entities. Got medically cleared, so not a schizoposter. Pic related.
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>>64 (OP) 
it's common to see shit out the corner of your eyes if you smoke a lot of weed at least for me.
I've never experienced anything paranormal per se but I've been in abandoned buildings and tunnels and other places that did have a certain dark aura there that you just can't get comfortable
once in an abandoned motel there was like a bunch of melted candles and what looked like some sort of shrine like the second pic but more spooky...I think they were trying to burn the building down because some of the rooms were burned out and the candles seemed to be placed intentionally to melt down and start a fire on the ground.
some sick puppies out there, homeless people were living there.
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Unfortunately it wasn't out of the corner of my eye and I was entirely sober.
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Maybe you’re being haunted
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Yes, i am being haunted. I wanted to hear similar experiences you goob.
Probably like 15 years ago I lived in a house I know was haunted. My girl and I could sit in the living room and at tines when the house felt "heavy" this little sign she had as decoration would swing back and forth so far it passed the corner so that it became visible. You could hear it scratch as it moved. In the basement there was a smoll weird room that even the animals wouldnt enter. One night I was awoken by what felt like something straddling my chest, i couldnt move. I tried to yell out to my girl who was right next to me and nothing would come out. At that moment it felt luke all my breathe was being removed. I couldnt breathe and began to panic. Eyes open there was nothing on top of me. We moved out, broke up, and the house went uo as a foreclosure. It has been my only experience. I pray and read the bible now though so maybe thats why. Idk it really fucked with me for a long time.
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oh, fuck every part of that shit
Holy fuck, yeah that was very likely a dark and malicious entity. I'm glad you escaped it!
>>64 (OP) 
I've seen them twice. Once when I fell asleep in a chair and saw a dark figure in the doorway, and once when I took a nap and saw a small black spider next to my face. Both times I just closed my eyes until I could move again.
Yes, I had one crawl out of my closet and hover over me like a dementor from Harry Potter.. really fucked me up for a couple of days
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