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What do you think of dmt ayyliums? Do you think they exist past the collective unconscious? Are they really from another universe tied to ours where we can reach through this extremely powerful psychedelics?

Share me your thoughts please
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An ex gf of mine who did dmt on the regular told me it was real, she wasnt into conspiracy theories or anything, she was a normie but did dmt all the time.
I think that perception is reality
I think reality is an illusion caused by lack of drugs

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I'm into dead rabbit radio, what are you guys listening to?

i think there's some teenage kid haunting this old ipod i bought secondhand a few years back
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Thats not funny my brother died that way
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It's him
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what did he do this time?

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Are your dogs acting weird lately? Mercury is in retrograde until Oct. 18th
oh no wonder my car has been acting up, the radiator is filled with Gatorade

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general spoopy experiences thread

i think there's ghosts in my butt

pic unrelated
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I live in a very old town and out northeast is a dam that used to be part of the underground railroad and has a sordid history, including deaths of locals over the years, multiple instances of drowning. Overlooking the dam is a steep bridge that has railroad tracks on it and a steep ravine on the southern side with no access. One night, a friend and I visited late at night during late summer of 2009. It was a very dark night other than the moon, which helped us navigate up the back and to the railroad tracks overlooking the dam. We sit on the tracks, facing the steep ravine, and I pick up a few rocks and throw them over, and you'd hear them crash. Suddenly, a rock was thrown back. The moon had lit the entire area and from where we were sitting, we could see the ravine. Nobody was down there. So I threw a rock, and again another was thrown back. This went on for a couple more minutes before my friend and I decided we'd had enough and it was time to leave. 

I have other stories about this place too.

TL;DR threw rocks with a ghost friend
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im already spooped
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Did you know Pokemon is real but its called Shinto!?
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how to astral project :---DDDDDD
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>Guided meditations
do you also listen to sissy hypno? you noob
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Lets see your third eye tricks, Ghandi
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I believe dreams are a form of "astral projection" in the sense that our spirit is separate from our body and able to manipulate itself while our body is basically in sleep mode.

i have very vivid dreams and theyre usually a premonition or visitation, dive deeper
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Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, pdfs abound online
is that the brown eye or

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one of many pieces of debris described from the roswell incident
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open your fucking eyes

they're already here

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