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Psalm 94

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so spooky kooky dooky
omg we're ghosts
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And someone's coming, apparently. Better get the mop. For all that "ectoplasm".
ooooooooooooooooo spoooky doooky

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So there's going to be a fake alien invasion in 2024 where the government just kills people to help set up the new world order. Just thought I'd let you all know about it before it happens so that you can prep.
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>>177 (OP) 
ok I'll get my tinfoil and toilet paper ready
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Was there a creepypasta you fell for or still believe in some sort of way?
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>>179 (OP) 
Creepypastas are a genre of fiction.
i think i fell for a few when i was not aware of what the genre was, after u get savvy that shit is easy to spot

All right so they finally are admitting that aliens exist. However, this comes after we have started the hot grand collider machine and we have gone on to do all this demonic shit. So here's the deal, aliens are demons and it should be very very obvious to you now so be prepared.
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>>170 (OP) 
aliens are demons coming for your holes; keep lube handy

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Hey, i want ya'lls to teach me almost everything about aliens so i can deeply liberate myself and my circle of influence from the influence of whoever(alien) it is that tried to suppress my pineal gland, whoever(alien) it is that tried to entrap me by provoking me by trying to break my neck and then telling me where they were from (slovakia), and whoever it is that thought it a good idea to sow my right eye open. 

Please help me become more knowledgable.
Please help me be accepted into greater civilization 

Send messages to [email protected]

Also teach me other stuff too, i'm also interested in other stuff that'd useful
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>>165 (OP) 

Lol no
>>165 (OP) 
here's what you need to know: It's not aliens, you're just a schizo
>>165 (OP) 

Here's what you need to know. You're retarded. Aliens may or may not exist, but not how you think they do. They are likely similar to us in looks and just have an evolved perception of reality. 

Or, aliens are angels and demons.
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Verse 1
Hitler was kind of like Jesus
His words were often wise
He said that we should be united
But we chose to disbelieve

He said that we should love each other
No matter our differences
But we chose to live in hatred
And it brought us to our knees

Verse 2
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>The US has been urged to disclose evidence of UFOs after a whistleblower former intelligence official said the government has possession of β€œintact and partially intact” alien vehicles.


It's happening ay lmao bros. Full disclosure when?
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>>159 (OP) 
I've actually been waiting for this thread. I saw a UFO once, and find the entire topic fascinating. Drop your ayyy lmaos.
>>159 (OP) 

The aliens exist thing is a psyop. It's likely a prototype of military technology
>>159 (OP) 
>the US has--
Stopped reading; the US lies, always.

My mom (42F) told me (14M) this story. So it's 2010 and I'm about 3 at the time, my mom is getting my highchair to feed me. While she's feeding me, her fan flew across her room. A FAN. She heard the loud bang and went to see what happened. The fan was originally on the dresser, but it had moved about 5 feet. The thing is, there was nobody there to throw it. How did this happen? I need answers! ⁠(°д°)

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Underage; see you in two years

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>>153 (OP) 
>My mom (42F)
wow glad you clarified, I wasn't sure what the fuck you were talking about for a sec
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Wrong hemisphere. I fixed it.
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they were 3 in 2010; they were born in 2007, that is 16 years ago
math is the true spooper here

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I'm trying to understand Flat Earthers. They claim to be pro-science but anything that contradicts flat earth is something they don't believe. Should Flat Earth craziness be considered 'religion' or 'paranormal'?
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>>144 (OP) 

I would say flat earth comes from a misunderstanding of Biblical text, so I'd blame it on religion.
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it has been stated that they are mentally ill
i for one believe it is the moon that's flat

(the back of it has a giant laser mounted to it)

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Are they real? Are there Rogers among us?
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>>102 (OP) 
>>102 (OP) 

Depends on your definition of alien. Would you consider nephilim alien? Then yes
Yes, you call them Jews.

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Normies were genius level all along?
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You type like a spastic fluoride spawn
>>80 (OP) 
if magic real work, normies do magic all the time. The LoA is so normie tier that kids in elementary school were trying it out. 

Of course you don't call fish smart when they swim back to the place they were born.
>>80 (OP) 
Learning takes money unless you are accredited genius

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