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enjoy the haunting kek

Not a website but Dead Rabbit Radio is a pretty good podcast.
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that's just schizophrenia bruh
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schizoposting has always been part of /x/, the only thing this board is missing is someone larping as an alien or some shit
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>the only thing this board is missing is someone larping as an alien or some shit
oh dear god no

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Have any of you ever had an experience or encounter with a demon/shadow person/entity/sleep paralysis beings? What was it like? I'm pretty sure I saw the hat man in full color in the street outside my house, and I've seen a few odd shadow entities in images and videos as well as right in front of me. I've also heard voices and been bruised by said demonic entities. Got medically cleared, so not a schizoposter. Pic related.
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Probably like 15 years ago I lived in a house I know was haunted. My girl and I could sit in the living room and at tines when the house felt "heavy" this little sign she had as decoration would swing back and forth so far it passed the corner so that it became visible. You could hear it scratch as it moved. In the basement there was a smoll weird room that even the animals wouldnt enter. One night I was awoken by what felt like something straddling my chest, i couldnt move. I tried to yell out to my girl who was right next to me and nothing would come out. At that moment it felt luke all my breathe was being removed. I couldnt breathe and began to panic. Eyes open there was nothing on top of me. We moved out, broke up, and the house went uo as a foreclosure. It has been my only experience. I pray and read the bible now though so maybe thats why. Idk it really fucked with me for a long time.
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oh, fuck every part of that shit
Holy fuck, yeah that was very likely a dark and malicious entity. I'm glad you escaped it!
>>64 (OP) 
I've seen them twice. Once when I fell asleep in a chair and saw a dark figure in the doorway, and once when I took a nap and saw a small black spider next to my face. Both times I just closed my eyes until I could move again.
Yes, I had one crawl out of my closet and hover over me like a dementor from Harry Potter.. really fucked me up for a couple of days

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general spoopy experiences thread

i think there's ghosts in my butt

pic unrelated
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Happy halloween, post spooky shit
> trying to sleep upstairs
> see someone coming up the stairs
> stairs normally creak, this time they're totally silent
> wtf
> "person" gets to top of stairs
> see it clearly
> like someone covered in oily rags, not see-through at all, can't even see the head
> it turns to me and bellows for several moments
> pissshitpants
> oil-rag banshee turns away and walks into other room
> paralyzed by fear for many minutes
> get up and walk to other room, which has no exits
> nothing there
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Friend committed suicide
Feel his presence in hard times
Feels weird man
>Have dream about my friend, his dad and me hanging out at my friend's dad place
>Watching movies and the like, nothing out of the ordinary
>Wake up and tell my friend about it because why not.
>"My dad was killed last night at his house"

When he said that my heart stopped for a second. I used to think stories like this one were bullshit but it does really happen.

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Are your dogs acting weird lately? Mercury is in retrograde until Oct. 18th
oh no wonder my car has been acting up, the radiator is filled with Gatorade
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Everyone knows cars prefer power aid, silly.

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We're in the endgame...
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I have heard people mention that we are in the 7 years of the rapture.
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This is the 2nd time I've seen this picture in the past 12 hours
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>>46 (OP) 
Get right with God, for the hour is at hand.

There's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to The Rapture. Which is when Jesus takes all who are faithful to him to be spares of God's wrath. Tribulations has to take place before then, as it is prophesied. However, The Sorrows (Tribulations) will be upon us this year. The biblical calendar (what the you know whos use to plan chaos) states 2022-2023 is the beginning of a new Shemitah Cycle begins, which lasts 7 years. With every 1st year of each cycle massive shifts and events happen. I think the last one had something to do with Global Chaos and the world hysterical over Trump, in 2008 it was the housing market crash and the decline of Global economies, in 2001 9/11 caused massive security state infrastructures to be established, idk before that but the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (caused by you know who) happened in the 1st year of a Shemitah Cycle. Prepare your anus, these next 7 years are NOT going to be easy.

But he who shall endure to the end shall be saved.
I'd believe it. If not, we're certainly getting closer and closer. I'm not sure how people deny it at this point.

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Did you know Pokemon is real but its called Shinto!?
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>>10 (OP) 
Yes, it teaches elementalism and all the thoughtforms are fueled by sex whether you like it or not hahahaha!
Are you a boy or a girl?
Why? Do you want to put out?

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What do you think of dmt ayyliums? Do you think they exist past the collective unconscious? Are they really from another universe tied to ours where we can reach through this extremely powerful psychedelics?

Share me your thoughts please
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An ex gf of mine who did dmt on the regular told me it was real, she wasnt into conspiracy theories or anything, she was a normie but did dmt all the time.
I think that perception is reality
I think reality is an illusion caused by lack of drugs

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I'm into dead rabbit radio, what are you guys listening to?

i think there's some teenage kid haunting this old ipod i bought secondhand a few years back
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Thats not funny my brother died that way
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It's him
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what did he do this time?

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one of many pieces of debris described from the roswell incident
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open your fucking eyes

they're already here

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