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Psalm 94

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general spoopy experiences thread

i think there's ghosts in my butt

pic unrelated
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I live in a very old town and out northeast is a dam that used to be part of the underground railroad and has a sordid history, including deaths of locals over the years, multiple instances of drowning. Overlooking the dam is a steep bridge that has railroad tracks on it and a steep ravine on the southern side with no access. One night, a friend and I visited late at night during late summer of 2009. It was a very dark night other than the moon, which helped us navigate up the back and to the railroad tracks overlooking the dam. We sit on the tracks, facing the steep ravine, and I pick up a few rocks and throw them over, and you'd hear them crash. Suddenly, a rock was thrown back. The moon had lit the entire area and from where we were sitting, we could see the ravine. Nobody was down there. So I threw a rock, and again another was thrown back. This went on for a couple more minutes before my friend and I decided we'd had enough and it was time to leave. 

I have other stories about this place too.

TL;DR threw rocks with a ghost friend
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im already spooped
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Happy halloween, post spooky shit
> trying to sleep upstairs
> see someone coming up the stairs
> stairs normally creak, this time they're totally silent
> wtf
> "person" gets to top of stairs
> see it clearly
> like someone covered in oily rags, not see-through at all, can't even see the head
> it turns to me and bellows for several moments
> pissshitpants
> oil-rag banshee turns away and walks into other room
> paralyzed by fear for many minutes
> get up and walk to other room, which has no exits
> nothing there
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Friend committed suicide
Feel his presence in hard times
Feels weird man
>Have dream about my friend, his dad and me hanging out at my friend's dad place
>Watching movies and the like, nothing out of the ordinary
>Wake up and tell my friend about it because why not.
>"My dad was killed last night at his house"

When he said that my heart stopped for a second. I used to think stories like this one were bullshit but it does really happen.
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When i was a kid growing up in my dead grandpas house my mother and i were terrorized by a poltergeist, dad wasn't around at the time but that's not important. I vividly remember the volume of the TV going up and down at random and turning on and off. One morning i woke up and went to watch pink floyd live at pompeii and the volume went down. I was tired and pissy so i confronted the ghost yelled at it to stop. The TV started turning up to full volume and i noped the fuck out crying to mom. She got up and the TV was off and stopped acting strange of course but she believed me because something similar happened to her. One night she figured it must be mice chewing cords or something so she pulled the TV away from the wall and a white/transparent orb flew out from behind and just floated there still for a few seconds. After doing a weird twitchy movement it shot very fast towards me, shot right by me and went under some wood organizer we had movies and cds on behind me. My mom and i just stood there in quiet disbelief for a minute pogging out. She asked if i saw that too and i nodded. We had to move shortly after because they were expanding the freeway or some shit. Every so often we would hear footsteps and rustling from the room my grandpa used to sleep in, i was too scared to go in there. Happy spooky month.
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what did it smell like?
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that was your mom. no ghost. rest easy lad.
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did you mean to say that it was your aborted sister?
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yes, yes i did.
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