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Then who was phone????

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Psalm 94

My mom (42F) told me (14M) this story. So it's 2010 and I'm about 3 at the time, my mom is getting my highchair to feed me. While she's feeding me, her fan flew across her room. A FAN. She heard the loud bang and went to see what happened. The fan was originally on the dresser, but it had moved about 5 feet. The thing is, there was nobody there to throw it. How did this happen? I need answers! ⁠(°д°)

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Underage; see you in two years

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>My mom (42F)
wow glad you clarified, I wasn't sure what the fuck you were talking about for a sec
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Wrong hemisphere. I fixed it.
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they were 3 in 2010; they were born in 2007, that is 16 years ago
math is the true spooper here
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