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Then who was phone????

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Psalm 94

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based anon but why exclude the likes of murderpedia
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murder isn't paranormal
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Murder is absolutely paranormal. The devil made me do it? Amityville? Chris Watts police footage?
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granted, the motivations can be but the actual act itself is petty mundane. I'll stfu :P
enjoy the haunting kek

Not a website but Dead Rabbit Radio is a pretty good podcast.
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that's just schizophrenia bruh
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schizoposting has always been part of /x/, the only thing this board is missing is someone larping as an alien or some shit
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>the only thing this board is missing is someone larping as an alien or some shit
oh dear god no
Here's a couple good posts from spiritual forums divination section

Stichomancy is at least 3000 years old. You present a question about your life or a situation that needs and answer. You then choose a book. Most people use a book of poetry ,quotes, prayers, or sonnets or any one that has nice inspirational type things.

I use two small books that have inspirational and or meditational type things on one side and scripture on the other side. That way I don't have to slide my fingers around looking for what to interpret.
The books I use are small made so there is only one inspiration per page. If you do use a book with multiple items per page and side. Slide your fingers in and let the universe guide you to the correct spot. Then place your finger tip on spot on page to go to for the guidance.

You turn the book away from you. Spine upward facing you.

You then center and align yourself. I ask the question and any info I may have on the sitter or querent, like name where they are located etc.
I then let my fingertips slide slowly across the underside of the page edges. I gently glide along and when it feels right or I get pinged I slide a finger in to separate the pages.

I then turn it upright and read the inspiration al piece. I then try to interpret if it has meaning for the question asked. If I continue to feel inspired I will connect the dots or sometimes just write what was found. It often will connect with the sitter but not make a bit of sense to me. I always then explain that to them as I can't imagine how it helped answer their question. They will see or feel what I didn't.

What I do not do is continue after I turn the book upside down if it all feels off. I don't just pick a page to get it over with. If the vibe doesn't sync. Neither do I. lol

Another method of doing this is to go to a bookstore or the library...walk down the isle...If a book pulls you grab it and see if it will answer what is troubling you.

Method three is to take a book or the same books. Then hold it in front of you with one hand on cover and one hand on the back of it .
Let it fall open like free falling. Then look at what you have shown to you. See if it then will answer.

If none of these methods work then the answer is simply...Fate is in charge and it is not to be known to you at this time.
This is another alternate form of divination that takes no practice other then to learn to feel . And anyone can use it for daily guidance.
Aeromancy- Divination through the interpretation of clouds, the paths of comets, the currents of wind, or other aerial occurrences.

Apantomancy- Observation of omens based on meetings with animals.

Astragalomancy-The throwing of like objects in similar size and interpretation of the future based on their landing.

Astrology- Character analysis and prediction of destiny based on the positions of planetary alignment at birth.

Augury- Divination through the flight, pecking, or call of birds.

Bibliomancy- Searching for insight, prescience, and wisdom by opening a random page to a religious or spiritual book, reading the first passage, and determining its relevance to the current issue and its deeper meaning.

Botanomancy- Burning Vervain and Brier braches in order to divine the future, past, and present.

Capnomancy- Interpreting the smoke rising from a fire after jasmine and poppy seeds has been added.

Cartomancy- The use of tarot cards to read the future, past, and present.

Ceraunoscopy- The use of the winds to determine the answer to a question. (Take a bowl with answers written on small pieces of paper placed faced down within it and let the wind turn over the answer.)

Ceromancy- Divination through the interpretation of melted wax pored into cold water slowly. Similar to tea leaf reading.

Cheromancy- Divination using lots of small flat objects with markings on them, which are thrown onto a surface. The pattern in which they land is then interpreted.

Chiromancy- The reading of the lines on the palm and wrist.

Critomancy- The practice of casting a hand full of barely flour or the flour from an offering cake on a flat surface for the purpose of divination.

Dactylomancy- Divination using a ring strung on thread, which is used in the same manner as a pendulum. Seven different rings are used according to the corresponding days of the week and/or nature of the question and the seven planetary associations.

Dowsing- Finding an object using a pendulum or forked divination stick.

Geomancy- The interpretation of the pattern in which soil falls after it is cast into a nine foot circle.

Haruspicey- The examination of the entrails of sacrificial animals in order to foresee future events.

Horoscopy- Omen observation using planetary alignment.

Hydromancy- The observation of running water in search of omens.

Leranomancy- Divination using the sounds a stone makes as it is dropped into water.

Lychomancy- Divination using candle flames.

Ovomancy- The divination using eggs. (Folk or Gypsy Tradition)

Pendulum- A weighted object attached to a string, which is used to find an object/person, or answer a β€œyes” or β€œno” question.

Pessomancy- Divination through the interpretation of stone or pebbles on a stream bed.

Pyromancy- Foretelling future, past, or present events using the quality, color, and strength of a fire burning on wood and by throwing twigs, incense, or dried herbs onto the flame. (Negative answers are dark and smoky, and the fire will be hard to light. If the answer is positive, the fire will be easy to ignite and burn in the form of a pyramid.)

Rune Casting- Casting stones with markings onto a flat surface in order to divine.

Scrying- Gazing into a black mirror, crystal ball, or bowl of water to divine the future.

Selenomancy- Folk divination using the shape, color, and phases of the moon.

Spodomancy- Interpreting what is seen in ambers or ashes of a fire.

Tasseography- Using a cup of tea drunken to divine the querent’s future.

aeromancy...cloud scry
astraglomancy...druid sticks, dice, ribbons
bibliomancy...bibles or religious texts
stichomancy....poems or wise sayings or inspirationsal words
cartomancy...tarot....mah jong cards , dominoe cards, playig cards, sibilla cards, oracle cards,
lychomancy...cande flame
crystal bowl..
tasseography...tea leaves
ceromancy...wax melted
cheromancy...runes, dice, mah jong tiles, dominoes,
geomancy...reading sand or salt
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