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Psalm 94


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V2 Day of Insurgency
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You all know what this means right? If someone wanted to raid us they can now because we literally showed them how to do it 

>>508 Same
Replies: >>510
Well its like......not my problem
How much drugs have you all done today what in the ever living fuck is happening today

I mean if it's to raid someone that isn't 94chan it'll be considered. The Jannie who locked the thread did so because it's what they thought was best at the time. You can always just do insurgency shit here

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Mission time to make things even worse let's flex our raiding muscles


(This level of trolling is being watched by the 94chanFBI)
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Wait are we allowed to actually fuck shit up? Like for real? >>466
Alright I'll guess I'll also bring back some bread
Alright this thread is closed for now
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Do you believe that you can do it?

Do you believe you have enough proof?

Are you safe?

Follow the bread crumbs 

Retreat if you believe you are not safe

Expel your heroic intentions 

Dedicate hours against who?

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>>216 (OP) 
What drugs are you on?
Pass the lsd bro
Lmao i was just thinking the same
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bro you suck at posting

go drive somewhere people will care, pic related

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hey eric remember when you shit talked in skype all day and called me a skid well eric today isnt your lucky day cosmo the so called god more like skid ! 

 Eric Taylor  
1525 Redwood Circle THOUSAND OAKS CA 91360 8056600525
DOB: 01/28/1982 Age: 39
Balance: $2538

i maxed out your shit you nigger go do something about it 
also sleep stop saying 404 errors are 0days you crack head faggot
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Hasn't sleep been doxxed a million times already? He even got on HOA
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NYPA kidderino
This fag is trying to "pentest" doxbin for some reason idk 
Also check her twitter he think invisible chars are a 0day lol

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Over the past year, feminazis have been inserting laws into our system that have resulted in banishment of adult entertainment, censorship of free speech, increased sentences for male offenders and female offenders walk free. Tl;dr witchcraft is very fucking real.

It's time we fight back against this shit. I for one have had enough of the bullshit. Movies and music are suffering because everything must be politically correct by these feminazis' standards. There must be a front to counteract this #metoo #fourthwave bullshit.

The targets are the following:

More to come
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Take it to >>>/pol/ retard
>>42 (OP) 

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House of secret underground abortionist moloch worshipers.
1407 S 19th St, Terre Haute, IN 47803
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DIDNT READ is a place for people to be monsters. Disturbing, cold, heedless monsters that they really are. Tsunami kills people in Asia and we laugh. A man fulfills his sick desire to shoot up some place we laugh and we praise him. A little girl cuts herself live on cam, we laugh and demand more. Suicide, foul play, genocide- we laugh. Racism, sexism, discrimination, xenophobia, rape and unfounded wrath- we laugh.
We are cruel; we do not forgive; we do not forget; we are the real face of the internet.
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enjoy your aids, retards.
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I haven't seen a gayer site in ages
enjoy your snuff films and CP, faggot
Lol OP has good honeypot over here.

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  >>201 (OP) 
Fucking gook

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Why does this Dystopian Cyberpunk trope not exist irl? Why is there no elite hacker groups working to take down globohomo like the Juggernaut Collective from Deus Ex? Are Hacker groups just leftist cowards filled with CIA fake and gheys? 2nd Question why isn't places like 4chan not full of leet hackers and shit? Have we really been reduced to just memes in a ((( brave ))) new world?
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they were all derailed into lgbtqiap+ groups after occupy wall st almost caused people to have inconvenient thoughts
>>182 (OP) 
This is the final stronghold of the webz man, the rest is dead and infested by the troon virus. We are the last ones left, the final hope of humanity.
Charge your lazers, un-gape your asshole and join the cause because this is it
>>182 (OP) 
Chanology was the beginning of this infiltration of feds and media in the chan and hacker groups, then operation wallstreet cemented it. Notice also how both of these happened under Obama. Really makes you think.

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>>159 (OP) 

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