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Psalm 94


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Honestly I've always know deep down inside that I was different that most people and with that thought began me trying to prove myself wrong. I never could mostly due to the face I'm god and I can't disprove myself.


Wrong board, retard
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Who keeps editing the messages?
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mind your own fuckin business
That power tripping jannie
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swing and a miss champ
Man IHM needs to take care of this its not even funny he just keeps fucking with every thread, like this stupid faggot that believes he is a god can be here totally retarded the janny doesn't even know that yet
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we don't have janitors here, only global mods.

I wasn't here during yesterday's shenanigans
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what does this sentence even mean
That's what a janitor is. 
Everyone knows that you're that moderator from yesterday.
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>That's what a janitor is.
no, janitors were lower than mods with less access, which is why people made fun of them in the first place for "just being janitors"

>Everyone knows that you're that moderator from yesterday.
I'm really not and I would namefag to prove it but you retards can't read
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>Internet slang for Forum Moderator, in the sense that they are the "Janitor" of a community.

Literally doesn't matter if they have high levels of access you actual dumbass I've been around long enough to know.
WTsnacks was even called a janny.

>Hidden Faggots shows and know you are claiming that you are not him.

Shut up you schizo
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Wow I know how to use the software I installed on the server you're really connecting the threads now champ
Literal dumbass didn't know what the term janitor meant, and now are somehow thinking they won.

Btfo jannie
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say it to my face torfag not online and see what happens
>Now wanting a psychical fight because they can't hold their own in a verbal battle

Shut the fuck up I would say that to your face.
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>poe's law
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no u
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