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Psalm 94


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/b/rothers and /i/nsurgents, we are having an Administration Crisis over at 7chan.org, the original altchan we all went to when Anonymous first declared sovereignty.

We recently attempted to clean house, and have the pedo lolicon /cake/ board shut down, and the pedophiles on the 7chan staff had us all stripped of our powers and banned.

Many people over the years begged us to take that board down, and we tried. Now they are doubling down shamelessly posting CP and deleting any mentions of the CP crackdown.

As they will not stop their quest to protect pedophiles under the Anonymous banner, the rest of the chans must now come together to cleanse 7chan.org with fire, for the lulz, in order to protect our Holy Name.

we live in a twilight world
are there any friends left at dusk?
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meh fair i can probably find em all on ED anyway
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or 9gag/ifunny/facebook "meme groups" (frightful Jesus but I hated typing that)

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Neal Rauhauser is a proven fed collaborator. He has trolled, harassed and snitched on various anons over the years.

H4X0R5, frens, my fellow Steves of this fine /i/nsurgency, I beseech you. 
Let's troll the troll.

As an aside, his ED page 403's for some reason. I'm assuming tor is blocked instead of just being read-only, which is, frankly, retarded. 
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that's why *you* gotta do it

It's easy to make him not enjoy the interview while sucking him off

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Insurgency_Jannie is two people Flounder and someone named XXD. Their server was named Fuck94 there's a couple of people in it.
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>bumping two-month-dead thread with soyjak
u sure showd evrone
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muta being based once again. 

the exposure of lucas roberts aka keffels is going mainstream.

lets go!!!!

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You would have better luck at this point asking Bing AI
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better luck at what
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Replies: >>1434

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Please spam in the tmnt forum, his owner are pedo and nigga:
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>>1289 (OP) 
is it down now? kek
On the sea coast of Tibet, Egyptian Aztecs are arriving from Norway. They've been varnishing the woodwork for forty-three centuries.
Nig power. Fuck cracker punks. Gay raid idea, hope the forum owner bangs your daughter


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you're whiter than cocaine and as spicy as flour

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Operation Silent Night
December 22nd - January 1st

Greetings and Happy Holidays!

Many of us have seen the internet grow from a handful of pages to an advanced communication network that is relied on for day-to-day activities. While the ease of access to the internet has greatly increased, this has also given the most vulnerable access to the same network.  Due to this, predators are no longer hiding in a van outside schools or behind a newspaper at a park. They are able to hide behind their computers, with the illusion of security, luring underage children. 

It is time we expose these predators and protect the children that will use these networks in the future. We must ensure the safety of children against online predators if we want the technology that we have created to grow and evolve. We must focus on the goal of creating a better future for the next generation.

From December 22nd to January 1st, we will focus on finding, exposing, and reporting online predators.

Predators are found in every corner of the internet; from popular children's games to secret online forums. While the authorities in every country take these crimes very seriously, it is our duty to properly expose them. Many platforms are unmoderated and lurking with predators. There are multiple networks that have been online for years and are a breeding ground for these predators. Due to the curiosity of children, many fall in to the hands of pedophiles.
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go to sleep, you're starting middle school tomorrow
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middle school is so fun :3
its so cool to be a cute tween hacker from 2007
Go back to 4chan
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lern2read faggot

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This is screenshotted from his LINKEDIN PROFILE.

Director of information security is an unabashed furfag. Ancestors forgive us for how far we've fallen.

I bet he leaves all his passwords on a textfile called "passwords.txt" on his Desktop because that's the kind of big-brain move these freaks do while being paid 6 digits to sit around and wank.
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Well fine, when our domain gets seized by some uppity faggot you'll have one less inconvenience on your plate.

I'm one of the few people who isn't just here to post about blacks on /pol/, I know the score.
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o7 to you for using your noodle and knowing what's up!
I do apologise my good dude, you know I care about this place and that I don't generally take this tone unless I'm trolling poltards or unintentional shitposters, it's just that the undeniably condescending "must be nice" rubbed me the wrong way. I don't need to tell you of all people that I do as much as I can to keep this place decent and enjoyable and that I would hate to see it go
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Its all good dude, I wouldn't have come in so hot if this kind of shit wasnt threatening our right to shitpost.

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I have recently launched a nonprofit organization (501c4 pending) dedicated to the dismantlement of California. Soon, the Anti-Californian movement will have the same legal rights as Black Lives Matter.

With help and support from the BDS Israel movement, we have now expanded BDS to encompass the lawless cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. We now have an impenetrable legal shelter to launch further attacks against California and Californians: https://boycottcalifornia.org

Hatred of California is a completely untapped source of free energy. Just a little more OC thrown at this endeavor, and I firmly believe that we can unlock a vast treasure trove of lulz, while finally doing something about those damn subhuman Californians.

Pic unrelated.
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I already did. I went into the lawless hellscape of San Francisco over the summer, at great personal risk to myself, to document the source of the plague for the internet:
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come on what are you still doing here go go go go
>>1362 (OP) 

Fuck California but fuck mexico even harder. This is gay
Replies: >>1370
there are about 200 countries in the world and I wouldn't hesitate to eradicate them all except maybe 5, none of which are in America, or speak english

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i think we should troll 8chan someday. they have a board for zoophilia. sick shit.
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If I'm wrong, please correct me. 👍
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I honestly don't bother keeping track, however I have reason to believe he's more involved than he isn't. Buying 420chan off of Kirtaner and appointing cho0b plus his history of other sites points to him still involving himself with this shit whether or not he owns it. Influencing, I guess.
Fuck 8chan day came about because of some poltard saying they were from 8chan but i don't think he specified which either

but tbh fuck everyone else, 94chan predates all the degenerate user created boards comfy hugbox lynxchan webring bullshit.
You are wrong in your insistence to exist

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i've found this ib with a board for pedo shits, it reminds me of 8chan but even worse.
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>>1351 (OP) 
well it certainly is trying to go for the 8chan look
Replies: >>1353
fuck 8chan

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