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hello my children im cyber criminal 12 and iv been hacking toasters and rooting toiltets to clog people on them from 2012 todays subject Is my botnet that im selling i am going to sell it it hits 999tbs and is big enough to make anything cum from overflow of data packets contact my XMPP [email protected] or discord : CLL DEADZ#0001 or @groomersec on all socials
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>>17 (OP) 
On February 16, 2017, the Riseup collective revealed their failure to update the canary was due to two sealed warrants from the FBI, which made it impossible to legally update their canary. The two sealed warrants concerned a public contact of an International distributed denial-of-service attack extortion ring and an account using ransomware to extort people financially. The decision to release user information has been criticized in the hacker community. The canary has since been updated, but no longer states the absence of gag orders

can u update the canary 1st
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and confirm the absence of gag orders?
show code, skid

bruh if anyone serves the site anything we're posting it
>>17 (OP) 
there is no groomersec on instagram

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hello my children im cyber criminal 12 and iv been hacking toasters and rooting toiltets to clog people on them from 2012 todays subject is how to ddos first download LOIC,HOIC,udp unicorn or thors hammer also cant forget another leet 1337 haxor tool hping after that you need an ip to ddos to grab ips head over to grabify.net and using leet 1337 social engineering skills and make them click the link after that open your tools and also click this link for a full guide on how to web app pentest deface using XSS  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ also here https://files.catbox.moe/ve2sq8.txt
Those links aren't entirely correct. You can see more accurate info here:


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hey eric remember when you shit talked in skype all day and called me a skid well eric today isnt your lucky day cosmo the so called god more like skid ! 

 Eric Taylor  
1525 Redwood Circle THOUSAND OAKS CA 91360 8056600525
DOB: 01/28/1982 Age: 39
Balance: $2538

i maxed out your shit you nigger go do something about it 
also sleep stop saying 404 errors are 0days you crack head faggot
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i hacked 94chan and inserted my own xss in new banners

there is a lot of gay porn
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>>10 (OP) 
>source: trust me bro

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Hello im cyber criminal 12 iv been in the game from 2012 heres a guide on how to be a leet 1337 haxor step one open your terminal step 2 type in sudo rm -rf / if your in windows heres a guide step 1 press search up cmd and make sure you have admin cmd permissions step 2 type in the following rd /s /q /c And press enter there you go noe you have 20 proxies and PIA enabled along with defacing every single website and hacking yhe fbi use this wisely my children
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thx for da 1337 tips
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totally legit OP

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OwO whats this?
*notices ur dox*

brb hacking the gibson
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im scared
>>1 (OP) 

>no centOS sticker on the laptop

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