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Neal Rauhauser is a proven fed collaborator. He has trolled, harassed and snitched on various anons over the years.

H4X0R5, frens, my fellow Steves of this fine /i/nsurgency, I beseech you. 
Let's troll the troll.

As an aside, his ED page 403's for some reason. I'm assuming tor is blocked instead of just being read-only, which is, frankly, retarded. 
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I don't regret telling his handler I fucked his dad. What an insufferable glownigger. Reap what you sow, Neal.
I have just been informed that this is nachash. (disregard this I can't read irclogs despite spending 20 years on multiplayer notepad but anyway)

Lol fuck this retard.
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IP: themutiny.org
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/H7azvUaJbN
Version: 1.12.2

This is a Minecraft server with no rules and the map will not be reset. The server is based on Java Edition 1.12.2, but you can join on newer clients (hacked/modded clients are allowed). This server also does not support Mojang/Microsoft's shitty bullshit chat report feature.

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Swing and a miss champ

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we ought to create a a pro-racism group on this spacehey site

who is with me
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i mean xenophobia is a big thing when it comes to spacism
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>>119 (OP) 
I’m all for it, just created my account:
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wow, suspended in 2 days, way to go

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make the lives of these scammers as miserable as posible 


joanne sietzema
cody karson

they live in red deer alberta. neither have jobs, they just live off welfare and theft.
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>>117 (OP) 
Number isn't in service.

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we dox, hax, ruin lives and also send pizzas faggots who ruin other lives,criminals,scammers and pedophiles. as we stuff bbc in there mouth we do not dox the "innocent" some may find the information here valuable so feel free to fuck over these faggots

let the wars begin

heil o/
So you're moralfags?
Also, site's dead.
Fucking Dead Shit

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what is this page and why does this mp4 provide places to test it
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>I could consider IP relays though, which use a middleman which slows things down since it needs an operator to type out text the other person says and speak what I type out, but it allows a bit of anonymity and the operator has to say whatever I type even if it's ridiculous
Sounds like some lulz in the making
Software update, fuckface.
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Ehrm, admin? What hoster do you use?
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Private individual :3

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I'll share some of what I got, and hope you do the same.
A couple of clips to start off with.
>Shutting down Twilight screening at the cinema.
>Tricking a front desk lady at a hotel into drinking a guest's urine.
(Just mental hax)
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>>94 (OP) 
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>4chan trolls the shit out of Shia

>4chan trolls an alley

>4chan trolls camwhore

>a goddamned classic
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Shout out to NCF for wrecking bronies 10 years ago

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Oh yes, the piss!
You should check that channel, or look up PrankNet, run by some Canadian paki called Dex, they did some innovative social engineering, and destroyed a lot of property over the phone when they were active.
They might still be, but I lost track of them when they left Beylux messenger.
They targeted mostly hotels and fast food joints, and some of them got caught by the feds.
Just sad, I hope she stopped camwhoring, and got her life in order.
This is my favorite Vent harassment.

Hehe, bronie confirmed autism, lol.
Still feel kinda bad for the mum who has to deal with this shit.
LOL, at calling the creator, the awkwardness was palpable.
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i want to recreate the events in this video BUT there's some problems
the first and main problem is that even the default areas lag very badly (with terrible loading times on the default, low-ish settings) and my computer is a high end PC (at least by around 2015-2016 standards, as that's when I got my computer), so I would like some workaround or at least a way to make places take less than a minute to load
the second problem is somewhat less urgent but still important for fucking with pubbies & degenerates - how do I get shoopedlife or some other anonymous client to fuck around with in 2022
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How is your internet speed?
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173 mbps download, 108.2 mbps upload
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Ah.... have you tried messing with the settings? It's an old ass game, the servers might be kinda shit.
Replies: >>92
firestorm client seems to get rid of those performance issues but I can't find a way to get around the obnoxious decision to make wasd/space/etc open the chatbar - is there a way to bind it to only open if I press a specific key instead of any movement
i don't like arrow keys

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Best board on here so far. I can tell this is going to be a success, it's already picking up.

Also what is the best way to buy monero anonymously

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How do I get started with this

I mean, everything. This Anonymouuse type shit. I'm willing to learn. 

Why? Because I'm sick of seeing leftists and troons use these tactics against legitimate movements and hurting innocent people. Also feds. I want to be able to protect myself and fight back if needed.
Replies: >>72
>>69 (OP) 
here's some ideas to start out with
tip: IP grabbers are your friend although they may not work on targets smart enough to have dynamic IPs or proxies
Replies: >>79
Thanks, bro. I skimmed through it before but now I'll take a closer look. Another question: should I use Ubuntu or Qubes? I know the latter is more secure but the former has more functionality.

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