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Psalm 94

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This board is SFW fuckfaces
degeneracy will be banned and i will make fun of your shitty proxies
Stuff related to cows should be spoilered if NSFW. 5 files per post oughta be sufficient. 

Read the faq. 
Srsly. I didn't write it. It's useful.

While this is an open forum for your autistic crusades, the staff of 94chan.org, internethatemachine.org, and retarded.lol ("We") do not condone or endorse any written or otherwise digital material posted on this site or any of the other platforms associated with said domains

We do condone and endorse the right to share ideas and information freely as permitted by US law.

Also the report button is not a reaction button.
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we have >>>/i/ if you want to be rowdy upstarts, otherwise if you're gonna post here we're gonna run it basically same as Null

tl;dr you can say whatever you want, look but don't touch, and if you're an irritating fedposting shitcunt, the default ban length is a week

if you get global banned and you weren't being a megafaggot, put in an appeal

thank for your welcome, do concern your welfare :)

if you have any specific questions about 94chan itself, feel free to ask on >>>/94/

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dafuq happened with sharty?
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Jarty is back
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There are two or three more sites
damn, who cares though
i refuse to browse those sites. users are fucking stupid and mods and admin are dumber

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Please stop
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>>263 (OP) 
You first, shitposter extraodrinaire

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*Jim is coming back to stream
*Ethan ralph is declaring war on fuentes fags and apologizing to all of those he wronged.
*Chris is dismissed in court.
I don't know what is coming next but this is an exciting time.
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Also Cyrax has a court case today. Hope this all gets discussed on the stream, im sure Fuentes/Ralph will be. glad Jim is alive and well.
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Ralph? oh most definitely....Idk about fuentes.  He's a sociopath afterall and he doesnt want anything to do with people who laugh at his expense.
>>256 (OP) 
wow so merge much excite
>>256 (OP) 
WTF it the mister metokur thread

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>>251 (OP) 
Bruh And hes russian :skull:
>>251 (OP) 
>404 chin not found
>admits to being literally deformed
the white race is saved
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It awesome

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>>226 (OP) 
Autism to autism
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Assburger to assburger
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 White to white
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I mean I like Suprematism but Malevich is pretty much responsible for disastrous postmo hacks such as Rothko so I'm not sure how I feel about that piece

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Fatman (aka fatman27183141, real name Christopher Paul Whitney of Rutland, Vermont is known for making hundreds of videos that portray him eating himself to death using an assortment of dishes. Particularly: bowls of gravy, tacos, pizza and calzones. He has since disappeared from the internet but there are unconfirmed reports he is alive and still living with his dad. In many of his videos, his dad criticizes his lifestyle but Fatman simply disregards him which in turn produces hilarious videos of Fatman stuffing himself with gravy and food while his dad expresses his disappointment in the background.

He is known for catchphrases such as:
and for taking his shirt off in his videos. He is also marginally tech savvy and used to set up telnet games for his viewers on his Linux machine

Best videos to watch:
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AUUUUUUUUUGH YEAH, my favorite cow
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my favourite cow is the red Holstein Friesian
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You Heard about cyraxx? The dude simultaneously is very creepy and LolCow
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u herd about the Hinterwald

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this sexy gothic bad boy needs a thread
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boglim cuisine
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New cobes documentary toobs, TWU
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>your lucky i dont fuck your grandmother
Probably the most empty threat he's made

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send me chans plssss onion ,I want to see a course on programming and more hehehe
Use the boards properly or not at all.

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(from the frontpage as of the timestamp of this post)

503 Yet Again

Zayo, our ISP, has suddenly discontinued service.

This is because Blake Willis, a 20 year senior network engineer in the company's Paris HQ, is friends with Liz Fong-Jones - a former Google employee associated with Trans LifeLine charity directors who were removed for inurement, and who was also recently accused of sexual assault.

I have appealed this decision but absolutely nothing will happen until Monday.

If you use Zayo, I ask that you express your concerns with your account manager. This decision was made after a year of trying to get my service established, after 12 hours of hosting with them, without specific violation of their AUP, without talking to me, and without any accomodation of my move to another ISP.

Zayo, being a major Internet service provider, unilaterally severing service because of content moderation policies is a dramatic and dangerous precedent - the latest in a series of dangerous precedents being set by big companies - in an attempt to destroy our community and the information on our website, and at the expense of freedom of information and freedom of expression.

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Make that now 24 :)
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so sites down yet again.Last time there really wasn't much going on so it wasn't the biggest deal in the world but now theres a shit ton of stuff going down.  apparently leafys considering talking with catboy nick and chris was sighted.  I don't know how things with chris are going to go from here but I feel theres a lot that will be uncovered now that he's back
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Thanks for the reminder, I forgot I used to do this:

as of 9:59 AM GMT-5
I am shipping in a replacement server that is a direct upgrade. The hard drives will be swapped over. ETA Friday.

The guy who built the original is interested in diagnosing the mainboard, so I am going to ship that back to him. We'll then get that server on the same level as the new server coming in.

When they're both in, I can then finally, finally, finally have a fully redundant server for the Kiwi Farms in the same datacenter and we will never have to deal with this shit again and I can just focus on dealing with Dong-Gone and the war on infrastructure-level censorship.

This is pretty expensive, but doable thanks to cryptocurrency donations I've received it is possible.
[crypto addresses]

I am very particular about running on our own bare metal because one day, when we've overcome these freaks, we can dig in our heels and get other communities over these censorship obstacles as well.
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Kiwifarms is back up on tor

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