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Psalm 94


This board is SFW fuckfaces
degeneracy will be banned and i will make fun of your shitty proxies
Stuff related to cows should be spoilered if NSFW. 5 files per post oughta be sufficient. 

Read the faq. 
Srsly. I didn't write it. It's useful.

While this is an open forum for your autistic crusades, the staff of,, and ("We") do not condone or endorse any written or otherwise digital material posted on this site or any of the other platforms associated with said domains

We do condone and endorse the right to share ideas and information freely as permitted by US law.

Also the report button is not a reaction button.
They have not killed themselves
They have not had justice brought upon them
Theyre getting away with being a pedo groomer with no repurcussions
dafuq happened with sharty?
Please stop
*Jim is coming back to stream
*Ethan ralph is declaring war on fuentes fags and apologizing to all of those he wronged.
*Chris is dismissed in court.
I don't know what is coming next but this is an exciting time.
Fatman (aka fatman27183141, real name Christopher Paul Whitney of Rutland, Vermont is known for making hundreds of videos that portray him eating himself to death using an assortment of dishes. Particularly: bowls of gravy, tacos, pizza and calzones. He has since disappeared from the internet but there are unconfirmed reports he is alive and still living with his dad. In many of his videos, his dad criticizes his lifestyle but Fatman simply disregards him which in turn produces hilarious videos of Fatman stuffing himself with gravy and food while his dad expresses his disappointment in the background.

He is known for catchphrases such as:
and for taking his shirt off in his videos. He is also marginally tech savvy and used to set up telnet games for his viewers on his Linux machine

Best videos to watch:
this sexy gothic bad boy needs a thread
send me chans plssss onion ,I want to see a course on programming and more hehehe
(from the frontpage as of the timestamp of this post)

503 Yet Again

Zayo, our ISP, has suddenly discontinued service.

This is because Blake Willis, a 20 year senior network engineer in the company's Paris HQ, is friends with Liz Fong-Jones - a former Google employee associated with Trans LifeLine charity directors who were removed for inurement, and who was also recently accused of sexual assault.

I have appealed this decision but absolutely nothing will happen until Monday.

If you use Zayo, I ask that you express your concerns with your account manager. This decision was made after a year of trying to get my service established, after 12 hours of hosting with them, without specific violation of their AUP, without talking to me, and without any accomodation of my move to another ISP.

Zayo, being a major Internet service provider, unilaterally severing service because of content moderation policies is a dramatic and dangerous precedent - the latest in a series of dangerous precedents being set by big companies - in an attempt to destroy our community and the information on our website, and at the expense of freedom of information and freedom of expression.

My options at this datacenter are Cogent and HE. They are very large companies and I'm sure they have their own Blake Willis and mentally ill people trying to censor the Internet. So, I am not confident in simply moving over to them.

There are many options available, but I wanted to keep my US legal company and US legal website on the public Internet in the United States, where it belongs.

If you are involved in the industry and want to reach out, please do so. The enemies of free expression are tightly knit, working together, and openly flaunting their nepotism on social media. People wanting the Internet to stay an open platform must work together.

See you soon,
<[email protected]>

P.S., in Blake's internal emails, he threatens "Several of my industry colleagues have escalated this to me tonight, as I pack my suitcase to fly to Belgrade early tomorrow morning for next week's RIPE meeting, where this issue will certainly come up..."

So, if you happen to be in Belgrade this week for RIPE85, Blake will be there fielding questions on behalf of Zayo. It may be a good time to social network for freer networks.

It is clear that thought is not free if the profession of certain opinions makes it impossible to earn a living. It is clear also that thought is not free if all the arguments on one side of a controversy are perpetually presented as attractively as possible, while the arguments on the other side can only be discovered by diligent search.
—Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays (1928)
city hall advocating for lolilover rights
eromod's channel
Let's have a thread on the king of lolcows, Joshua Moon.

>Fucked over Fred during the Infinity Next scandal.
>Forces his politics into lolcow discussion and gets personally involved.
>Acts like a wannabe Metokur on his YouTube channel.
>"Lolcow LLC"

With Foxdick's eventual death emminent, let's take the time and laugh at this blowhard.

ED Page:

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Old 8/cow/ Thread:
Still virgin
Archive of thread:
The biggest cow
Dump everything you got on him
Gookmoot recently got himself into hot water
Well I never though I'd say this but it seems the gunt actually did something good
A fucking faggot operator who does nothing but sit on his ass all day and try to take down people after "she" acts like a fucking creep.  Looks like a thwomp from super mario 64
Im sure many know this person at the moment but lets go over the main points right now
*overtly hypersexual transgender
*accused of grooming kids and alldgedly linked to selling bathroom hrt to minors over discord
*known for ratioing people on twitter through alledgedly using bots
*using its personal army to take down kiwifarms ddos protection in both United States and Russia.
Recent thread on kf was closed to protect from bad faith actors who want to get the site taken off the internet. Link can be found here;

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