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This board is SFW fuckfaces
degeneracy will be banned and i will make fun of your shitty proxies
Stuff related to cows should be spoilered if NSFW. 5 files per post oughta be sufficient. 

Read the faq. 
Srsly. I didn't write it. It's useful.

While this is an open forum for your autistic crusades, the staff of 94chan.org, internethatemachine.org, and retarded.lol ("We") do not condone or endorse any written or otherwise digital material posted on this site or any of the other platforms associated with said domains

We do condone and endorse the right to share ideas and information freely as permitted by US law.

Also the report button is not a reaction button.
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we have >>>/i/ if you want to be rowdy upstarts, otherwise if you're gonna post here we're gonna run it basically same as Null

tl;dr you can say whatever you want, look but don't touch, and if you're an irritating fedposting shitcunt, the default ban length is a week

if you get global banned and you weren't being a megafaggot, put in an appeal

thank for your welcome, do concern your welfare :)

if you have any specific questions about 94chan itself, feel free to ask on >>>/94/
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