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Psalm 94

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Starting now, we no are longer accepting or allowing board requests for the following reasons:

/fringe/ was a shitshow and made >>>/x/ redundant, so please take your schizoposting there.

>>>/k/, >>>/ck/, were requested and barely used
>>>/m/ is a fucking ghost town back on the board list
>>>/vg/ feels like the Epic Games store (but with worse deals
>>>/rx/ is comatose and I know half you fucks aren't sober just fine as it is

Expect some rejiggering of the boards.

Any blogging or butthurt about this goes in this thread. Anywhere else and I range ban your entire country.
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One of those cheeks is way out of proportion then. Do yours look like that?
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it's called being slightly tilted you mongorongododongo

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C'mon nerds make some shit happen.

Hello i am super gay
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added to whatever boards i could be bothered to, which is most of them

to be fair my description for the board was also neither good nor clever
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lol thanks

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Since I'm rewriting the rules anyway, I figured I'd make this thread in case anyone wants clarification or to try and start a debate on why we should allow x sort of degeneracy, feel free to use this as an open forum to start a dialogue*

*assuming it can't be answered by "it's illegal in California/the US"

that means go read the dang rules thx
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does anyone have a list or just know all the boards that have ever been on this site? even if they were taken down or no longer accessible?
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You are beyond fucking retarded with your incessant bullshit. This is a serious board and you can fuck off or get banned and learn how to READ.
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I'm honestly just biding my time until he does the inevitable and gets banned (again)
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lmao I knew you had it handled
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The site is nearly dead how do we fix it ?
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I'd rather be disassociated with the other webring if it's like 4chan. Their channels could be good but popularity made the site bad even with publicity for other social media's.
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Popularity and a changing demographic. Never forget that, on imageboards, all demographics always change for the worse. Even oldfags become senile annoying yawnfests.
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>Even oldfags become senile annoying yawnfests.

It's called developing a conscience
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why are the thumbnail sizes so small?
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>>377 (OP) 
because you touch yourself at night
>>377 (OP) 
Because default settings

I've doubled it and it seems to have done nothing, congratulations.
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Requesting /k/ and also requesting that an .onion address for this site be made.

Be more Tor-friendly, nigger.
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eat y'self fitter?
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Quit shitposting on the srs board, modfag
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:( meanie
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I know that chans use the old UI because it's easy to use and also as an homage to the og chans but has anyone ever seen any chans with modern ui? If not, what are the chances that one might become popular?
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Reddit, perhaps?
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Dear Admin,

How happy are you with jschan?
Do you have some complaints and praises? How is the moderation tools?

Have you ran a site with any other options, such as vichan or lynx? How would you feel jschan compares.

Do you have any comments about the overhead? Would something from lowendtalk keep a site of this size going without hittin any walls?

Thank you for your time, it is genuinely appreciated.
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I'm pretty happy about it. Still wish some features would be added but I can't complain. Praises are functionality, looks, and the dev is pretty cool. Complaints are lack of certain features. 

94chan used to run on Kusaba X and it was a nightmare. I did like Lynxchan at first, but then I found jschan and decided I wanted it. I'd say jschan is much better maintained, but that's just my opinion. I also really liked doushio and meguca, but lack of features led me away from those. jschan has what I want for the most part.

Nothing else to add, really. And I don't really see this site going anywhere as a result of anything. I've been the original owner since 2008 and ran it a few years before someone surprised me with the domain in 2021 as a present, and I've put a lot of work into it. 

I hope I answered your questions.
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Thank you for the response. 

I was admin/mod for a website that closed down after nearly a decade and we utilized TinyIB, then Vichan, and then Lynx. I also liked lynx,  especially the feature that allowed you to perform moderation tasks from the overboard. Something it seems everyone lacks. 

Does jschan let you moderate from the overboard, or do you need to dig down into the posts to perform moderation tasks?

I'm glad to hear you are not only liking jschan, but that you have also been exposed to other options so you know what works better and what sucks compared to others.
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Yes, jschan does let you moderate from the overboard. It makes things a lot easier when you don't have to click multiple things in order to perform the task you need to. 

I'm glad I could help and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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dear homicide and IHM

you are both sexy and homosexual

that is all.
Blessed post
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