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C'mon nerds make some shit happen.

Hello i am super gay
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Figured I'd make some banners for boards I've been ignoring so far. /x/ can be an abundant source of visual material to work with, so maybe I'll start there
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here's another one for the boys at /x/

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Starting now, we no are longer accepting or allowing board requests for the following reasons:

/fringe/ was a shitshow and made >>>/x/ redundant, so please take your schizoposting there.

>>>/k/, >>>/ck/, were requested and barely used
>>>/m/ is a fucking ghost town back on the board list
>>>/vg/ feels like the Epic Games store (but with worse deals
>>>/rx/ is comatose and I know half you fucks aren't sober just fine as it is

Expect some rejiggering of the boards.

Any blogging or butthurt about this goes in this thread. Anywhere else and I range ban your entire country.
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ikr its hard to beat raw arutistic talent like this
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here, have a fucking bespoke banner catering to your own personal tastes

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Since I'm rewriting the rules anyway, I figured I'd make this thread in case anyone wants clarification or to try and start a debate on why we should allow x sort of degeneracy, feel free to use this as an open forum to start a dialogue*

*assuming it can't be answered by "it's illegal in California/the US"

that means go read the dang rules thx
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I know that chans use the old UI because it's easy to use and also as an homage to the og chans but has anyone ever seen any chans with modern ui? If not, what are the chances that one might become popular?
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>>330 (OP) 
what's an example of a "modern ui", even?
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as far as imageboards go, I think its ours tbh.
4chan has always been pissy poop colored, 7chan looks like dogshit after using jschan, even if kusabaX is technically more fully featured. 

The only options that aren't custom software are either ancient, ugly, or unsupported, and they'll just make you look like every other imageboard if you don't take the time to tweak shit.
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dear homicide and IHM

you are both sexy and homosexual

that is all.
Blessed post
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Requesting a dedicated tor onion address for the site.

t. Tor masterrace.
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I'm sure OP is some fucktard wanting the spam the site with cp.
Good on you homicide!

Since everyone seems to think all the site staff have been censoring them or abusing power or whatever, put your complaints in one thread so they can all be addressed adequately instead of shitting up the entire site with it.

I can't speak for the other mods, because I'm not them, but the only shit I've deleted or edited was illegal content or porn. 

That being said, I became a mod because I was asked to by a friend, not because I wanted to get in the middle of some internet war and people are going after my actual livelihood and members of my family now, so with that being said, this is my last act as a mod, to try and get things clarified and hashed out so we can go back to shit posting as God intended

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Thanks for spoilering the dix and gore on /b/
Thanks for spoilering the dix and gore on /b/
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NP I wasn't sure whether to just ban or not, but yeah, that shit isn't going to fly here. Figure as a warning we would spoiler it first then start banning
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I've been debating banning the gore but it wasn't like that gory if it makes sense and luckily no more has been posted. If it gets worse then yes I'm gonna ban it, that stuff is creepy.

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Welcome to 94chan.
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Spoiler File
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>>2 (OP) 
Thank you. I have just found this alt. I guess its true wut they say, "keep counting" its slow of course but i hope that changes. Nigger nigger nigger kike faggot. This has been only a test.
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Quality over quantity. Godspeed, anon.
hello i would like to eat ass
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request denied

replace reverse image search tineye with yandex
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>>143 (OP) 

you know what, fuck it. done.
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why do you people make me regret things
it was done because yandex shows best results and doesn't filter.

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