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Since I'm rewriting the rules anyway, I figured I'd make this thread in case anyone wants clarification or to try and start a debate on why we should allow x sort of degeneracy, feel free to use this as an open forum to start a dialogue*

*assuming it can't be answered by "it's illegal in California/the US"

that means go read the dang rules thx
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C'mon nerds make some shit happen.


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i don't really mind that they're square but do bear in mind that shit takes up a lot of real estate on mobile devices
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Mountain Dew style
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added, ty <3

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no gay shit.
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I'm on the fence about something this niche but I'll put it in the rotation whenever I get around to making the weekly/monthly test board into a thing
Très avant-garde. J'aime <3
C'est marvelous.

Yeah, basically that but more darker blue than purple backgrounds. That is a really cool board design though, nice work on that.
lrn2chanology, newfag
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Chanology was for faggots, see Kirtaner. 
Exploding vans > Chanology.

I've been modding imageboards longer than you've been on your dads' ipad

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Welcome to 94chan.
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I find this very suggestive towards the staff, and as the thread implies we should come with suggestions, you've done a remarkable job dumping this photograph here.

tl;dr where is this man's cock?!?!?!
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>>2 (OP) 
Thank you. I have just found this alt. I guess its true wut they say, "keep counting" its slow of course but i hope that changes. Nigger nigger nigger kike faggot. This has been only a test.
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Quality over quantity. Godspeed, anon.
hello i would like to eat ass
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request denied

replace reverse image search tineye with yandex
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Damn, we both can't read or type
>>143 (OP) 

you know what, fuck it. done.
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Replies: >>184 >>185

why do you people make me regret things
it was done because yandex shows best results and doesn't filter.

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just think that would be fun to have some shit with me when the wifi goes down.
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Hello I would just like to know why if you are back why you were gone before, and also what happened to chans 0 through 93?
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>>9 (OP) 
Hello. We ran from 2008-2012 and decided to come back because the internet as it stands and most common chans these days drank the woke koolaid or bend over for government. So, im doing my part.
As for the other 93 chans, I ate them. 

Enjoy your stay~
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nice dubs
2008-2012 cool
Replies: >>15
Yeah it's been a very long time. Glad to be back!
Based. Thank you for your service.
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True to Caesar

Not to step on anyone's toes, but this site could use more professionalism from staff.

I think it's quite cringe to use old memes for the board descriptions ( even if it is ironic)
Replies: >>162 >>163 >>169
>>161 (OP) 
I think the only ironic thing here is you saying that an imageboard from 2008 shouldn't have relevant descriptions. I don't allow a lot of the things other altchans cater to, so I think I'd rather let the content speak for itself than change my descriptions.
>>161 (OP) 

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>>161 (OP) 
Lmao how empty is your life that you want your 94th Chan to "have more professionalism".

Neck yourself, plz. You clearly don't belong here on 94th street.

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Hi, so the latest news post is gonna be a divisive thing, I'm sure, but since Kirtaner is being a dumbfuck and dragging me into his beef with IHM, I've disabled tor, as he is documented as having posted CP to attack people before.

Anonymizer file posting is disabled.
The DNSBL is on.

If you don't want us having your IP address that's cool, we don't log shit. Unlike Kirtaner, weev, feem, bonzi_b, Ian, moot, Partyvan, and probably countless other irrelevant people from 2008, we're not fed informants.

If you have a problem with any of the above, or have any creative solutions that take more than 5 minutes to circumvent, feel free to reply.
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>posted CP
not really surprising sadly
It's interesting to know the type of fighting and bitching each other from 2008 is going on strong for him and other

also loli ban when
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Loli is illegal federally in the US, so yeah.
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Not sure what any of that means but I'm down with all canadians being mercilessly raked.
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tldr MUH PRIVACY rights have been suspended due to aids.
Due to current events I turned tor posting back on

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no visible /v/ but we have /ck/?

bring back /v/
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>>157 (OP) 
I tried. Then /vg/ was born.
>>157 (OP) 

isn't /v/ that board about sticking your cock in wine on 7chan

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