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Im sure many know this person at the moment but lets go over the main points right now
*overtly hypersexual transgender
*accused of grooming kids and alldgedly linked to selling bathroom hrt to minors over discord
*known for ratioing people on twitter through alledgedly using bots
*using its personal army to take down kiwifarms ddos protection in both United States and Russia.
Recent thread on kf was closed to protect from bad faith actors who want to get the site taken off the internet. Link can be found here;
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Simply the fate of all tranny faggots.
Male pattern baldness is a bitch
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Keffals without hair like in this picture looks like Calypso from Twisted Black Metal without that scar on his left eye and has darker skin.
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Lmfao that is on spot

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(from the frontpage as of the timestamp of this post)

503 Yet Again

Zayo, our ISP, has suddenly discontinued service.

This is because Blake Willis, a 20 year senior network engineer in the company's Paris HQ, is friends with Liz Fong-Jones - a former Google employee associated with Trans LifeLine charity directors who were removed for inurement, and who was also recently accused of sexual assault.

I have appealed this decision but absolutely nothing will happen until Monday.

If you use Zayo, I ask that you express your concerns with your account manager. This decision was made after a year of trying to get my service established, after 12 hours of hosting with them, without specific violation of their AUP, without talking to me, and without any accomodation of my move to another ISP.

Zayo, being a major Internet service provider, unilaterally severing service because of content moderation policies is a dramatic and dangerous precedent - the latest in a series of dangerous precedents being set by big companies - in an attempt to destroy our community and the information on our website, and at the expense of freedom of information and freedom of expression.

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This will likely be the final status update before the site is brought back up online. I am expecting it to be online by tomorrow, unless there is a significant delay. I have once again rebuilt everything from scratch.

The ~7 TB of content have been offloaded to a new device.
New backend servers have been set up in different countries.
Forward nodes to the backends have been setup.
The databases for these servers are clustered and the Kiwi Farms content is being imported. This is what I'm waiting on now. There are hundreds of millions of rows and with the cluster importing it is slower than it may be ordinarily.

When the database is restored, I will need to start testing the installation. There's two completely new things I am configuring for the first time (the clustered backend and file storage). So, it will take extra time to set that up.

My main concern is how long it's taking to populate the databases. It's importing records at almost a thousand a second, but the table for recording post reactions is a hundred million rows by itself.  It's a huge amount of data and I'm really hoping that the operations on that table are significantly faster. If it's going to take 40 hours just to push that shit I'm going to be pissed, and I hope to god the cluster actually works after it's done.

I've set up a side database and I'm importing without clustering to see how long that takes. If it's significantly faster (i.e. 4 hours instead of 40), I will simply disable the cluster, re-import, then re-enable clustering.

As far as the prospects go, because of how highly interconnected the new setup will be, several fiber ISPs will have to drop us. Companies like Google demand extraordinarily high availability, so there are tools for dealing with massive network outages. These are usually to handle serious problems like bombs going off and infrastructure being hit by natural disasters, but we're going to use them to deal with tsunamis of tranny tears.
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(I don't feel like formatting these with the code tags)

[Forwarded from Kiwi Farms]
Tor has been performing poorly because of an ongoing DDoS attack. They were exploiting the mitigation tool directly, but now they cannot. They've adjusted their attack to bottleneck Tor itself, which can be resolved by simply adding more servers to the network. However, it's not effective enough to do that right now. Pages are loading very fast.

I am expecting to get Clearnet up today.

Edit: They've upped the attack to simply try and saturate as much as possible. This could be resolved with more horizontal scaling (i.e. more computer) but I'm more concerned about Clearnet at the moment.


[Forwarded from Kiwi Farms]
Fun fact: Trannies have set up automated programs to alert them when the site is back up so they can immediately start crying about it together and spin up DDoS attacks. I don't know why these people are addicted to talking on Twitter like movie villains but whatever.

I was correct in saying that now their go-to is to contact upstreams. They spent months crying to Moldovans, Malaysians, and Ukrainians until they realized with Zayo that the ISPs were more vulnerable than the individual hosts. With Voxility, that was proof-of-concept for what is essentially an exploit. So now, they just go straight to the fiber carriers to try and impose their will.
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Kiwifarms has been back on the clearnet for about 17 hours as of this post. At this time I have no further use for this thread so I'm gonna leave it unlocked as an homage to the brief doubling of our web traffic for the past barely more than a week lol

We'll miss you guys.
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Make that now 24 :)

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Let's have a thread on the king of lolcows, Joshua Moon.

>Fucked over Fred during the Infinity Next scandal.
>Forces his politics into lolcow discussion and gets personally involved.
>Acts like a wannabe Metokur on his YouTube channel.
>"Lolcow LLC"

With Foxdick's eventual death emminent, let's take the time and laugh at this blowhard.

ED Page: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Null

Current /cow/ Thread: https://alogs.space/cow/res/6332.html

Old 8/cow/ Thread: https://archive.ph/IkFQw
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If you're an admin of this site it's worth listening to. I'm sorry if I poisoned the well, but I do mean that.
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I'll take it into consideration if you'll not post sus shit, thanks.
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>>94 (OP) 
meme magic
>>94 (OP) 



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eh they've been under attack since at least 100 years ago

this will give people time to catch up and maybe work on the related ED articles
>>2 (OP) 

i am too lazy to bother
R.I.P. Bozo more like
/cow/ >>>>> RedditFarms
Fuck joshy woshy and his eceleb ass
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nobody cares about josh, its about the precedent.

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