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Psalm 94

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Can a batch of wings that were made WAY too fucking spicy be salvaged? Maybe made into a soup, or something else that would tamp the heat down a bit? I ordered 24 of them last nite and they're completely inedible.
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try dipping them in sour cream, should be fine
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Yeah or blue cheese maybe, I should have thought of that. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to risk it. Pretty sure I'll get in trouble at work tomorrow if I'm on the shitter all morning.
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caesar dressing is my goto for that, can't guarantee it'll work for you tho

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Hey so I don't plan on giving out board ownership, but if you guys want stuff like "official" rules, board ID's enabled, different css (even though this is clearly the 2nd best one) file size etc, let us know on >>>/94/7

or i guess here, it'll be stickied for 3-7 days.

take it easy~

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but it was green cause it's Windows 11, that means it's not ripe yet???

Be nice, everyone likes to eat~
gib board pls
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you are posting on board???
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yes bar post
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very thank

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