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no gay shit.
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/ck/ plx
Replies: >>43 >>44
Request granted.

does anyone have any input on /rx/ - drugs ? I'll make it if it's used
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A safe haven where we can discuss the finer things in life? Sounds fine by me
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What about /biz/? Posted a thread on /b/ before checking here mb. Also pls enable poster's flag, you'd be the first chan that enabled flag on /biz/, it'd be pretty prestigious right? Maybe bizraelis can all migrate here and it'll be glorious, maybe you can even sell ads because of biz. Think about that, you can sell our data to glowniggers AND advertisers, and if it's not working out hiro will be waiting around the corner ready to buy the site.. so in the end, everyone happy, you have nothing to lose right? Also, wish you the best of luck mods
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I'm not sure I can find a reason for a /biz/ board but I'll run it by others and see what they think. Also, never ever ever will I put ads up. I haven't put up any donation information yet but I run the site out of pocket and always have. Thanks for stopping by!

If nobody posts on a music or food board,  why the fuck would they post on a shitty "buy my crypto" board
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If we were to size down I would say /b/, /i/, and /meta/ would be the ones to keep.
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not /meta/ I mean /94/. This one.
/biz/ sucks
/a/ for aneemay
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It would have to be SFW to prevent degeneracy.

/pol/ would stay, that's basically non-negotiable. We still want a place for people to be able to talk without being censored (outside of admin abuse but I swear I only do it when it's funny)

I'm also not opposed to changing stuff like /vg/ to a more generalized "technology" board, or seeing if combining boards is an option (like /i/ and /cow/ (doesn't exist) since they basically serve the same purpose)
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/ae/ - Encyclopedia Dramatica
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what is even the point of this? We don't have your specific strain of autism so it's not immediately obvious.

Do I look like ajt to you? It's been tried before. Nobody used it. Plus it was written in Ruby for some reason.
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Some sort of /out/ gardening/scenic shots/self sustainability type doohickey.
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Why cant you just post that shit on /b/?
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First you gotta prove that you leave the house. Second, see >>114
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Because /b/ is beneath me. 
I am a sophisticated imageboard poster. 
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It'll also give you gremlins incentive to go outside. 
Go take a close up pic of a rock or a plant.

Then leave.
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Fuck off you namefag retard, everywhere you go you get kicked away nobody wants you get a life
I thought we were friends. 
>go to thread for board suggestions
>suggest board
>get asked to leave
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Yeah we would l like an '/ausneets/' board here. It's a board for Australian NEETs but any NEET from around the world are welcome to post.
We started on 8ch but that site went to shit then we moved to endchan but now that site is shit
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Gib me baord nao
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Samefagging via proxy is cute
I post everywhere.
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Fuck you and your stupid requests, make your own chan.
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Please state your request without being retarded.

Instead of crying about it, you could do your part to enrich said board instead of bawwwing about it.
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The site is broken and down all the time. That's the main reason for leaving
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Please be nice to me.
I like your imageboard and would like to participate in funposting imageboarding.
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I mean, that's fair. They're in the middle of overhauling the software and from what I understand they've licensed some of the JSchan code which should show a marked improvement over whatever lynxshit derivitive they use. I have faith in Odilitime.

For now I don't see any reason you guys can't post on /pol/ in lieu of us making a niche board that nobody would use.

So what's stopping you?
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>I have faith in Odilitime
I don't. The website has always been shit
>For now I don't see any reason you guys can't post on /pol/
board has flags which we don't want
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Nothing, I already do.
What's the point of a request board thread if you just say no?
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Then pay my fucking server bill and then you can make the rules.
Whats the point of being an annoying faggot with your "huehuehue gib board" shit without telling me what the board is supposed to be about? I made the cooking board the same goddamn day it was requested.

Sucks to suck, I guess.
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I was just funposting. I am sorry I upset you or anyone here.
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shitposting is fine, but try and keep it to /b/, the sfw boards are pseudo-serious :)
Its just bants, you're welcome to stay 💖
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>>7 (OP) 
>/cyb/ - tech/cyberpunk board
Discussion of technology that encourages various forms of enhanced civil disobedience or cynical anti-corporate rhetoric so long as it's presented among a milieu of neon fonts with excessive bloom in the CSS and outdated 90's Marvel 2099 references therein.
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Have you seen our /m/ board? Check that theme out and let me know.
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I'm on the fence about something this niche but I'll put it in the rotation whenever I get around to making the weekly/monthly test board into a thing
Très avant-garde. J'aime <3
C'est marvelous.

Yeah, basically that but more darker blue than purple backgrounds. That is a really cool board design though, nice work on that.
lrn2chanology, newfag
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Chanology was for faggots, see Kirtaner. 
Exploding vans > Chanology.

I've been modding imageboards longer than you've been on your dads' ipad
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