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Psalm 94

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I'm currently waiting on Domino's, got the chicken carbonara pasta with boneless chicken wings and mango habanero dipping sauce.

My favorite? Panda Express. That chow mein is to die for and orange chicken never fails.
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Still waiting?
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Waited an hour and a half and it was worth every second
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>>10 (OP) 
I can't understand why anyone would eat Dominoes or Papa John's when you can walk into any local pizza place and get way better food. Also the Dominoes wagies seem particularly miserable, which makes me like it even less.
lol how does it take that long? did they butcher the dog meat for you in real time?
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friday night, should have just gone for carryout somewhere else tbh
it takes less time to make a pizza then it is to get it delivered at costs far less. All this excess bloatware infastructure of pizza places has strained out economy and caused much angst and strife so help us god.
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I like doing carryout, it takes tip and excess fees off the table
popeyes crispy chicken sangwich
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