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chicken sangwich
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>>15 (OP) 
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Epic win!

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Shoutout to gothic badboy KingCobraJFS for this dank food hack.
It's honestly not bad
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>>97 (OP) 
I'm sad I'd eat this
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I'm hungry, why
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Me too nigga thats why

where to find a big book of cuisines like in wikipedia but mixed into a page so i dont have to click each and every hyperlinks....

basically all the names of foods and beverage from all countries

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Gore ? Nope. Go be a fag somewhere else

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>>92 (OP) 
you are a mongoloid
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this is unrelated
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>>92 (OP) 

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Where to find a big list of all recipes of food and drinks in the world

Not wikipedia i guess
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>>88 (OP) 
Not a very large list and probably not what you're wanting but here's a nice little collection I found

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>>89 thanks. Just what i need. Cheers
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Happy to help :)

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im gonna post it here itt but on da phon

pic unrelated
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fuck bro
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Janwo inshshsnshsysjnajaua
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So lol this post idk lol pls don't judge me bby im shy uwu
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Im not trying to be rude but also lmao fuck you dude just eat my fancy as fuck southern cooking or don't lol idc it doesn't matter thanks for letting me post this ty :) ily

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Ok faggots let me go ahead and teach you fucking niggers the art of cooking fried rice without a rice cooker.

You'll need:

Short grain rice
A fucking stove
Vegetable oil
A fuckload of eggs
Any topings you want (I reccomend tuna, salmon, spring onions and chicken. You could also go full sea monster and do shrimp instead of chicken. Potatoes are also ok but you need to boil and salt them first.)

>wash your fucking rice with cold water (at least 4 times) to get rid of the starch.
>add clean distilled water (tap works but You will be a nigger) to the rice. Water should be enough to cover the first knucle of Your index finger. A bit more doesnt hurt.
>add oil (vegetable oil works but if you have peanut oil that would be best) and salt to the rice.(you can also add a glove of garlic at this point if you want)
>mix and start cooking at high flame
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vegetable oil sucks , peanut oil good better omega 3 6 ratio
Paunut oil  is cool for this but is tho expensive for many people. Vegetable oil does the trick.
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nah man 5w40
>>19 (OP) 
>art of cooking
>vegetable oil

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>empty salad dressing bottle 
>bay leaves
>3 or 4 frozen garlic cubes
>Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
>Honey Mustard 
>Bragg's Liquid Aminos
>Sesame Oil
>Olive Oil
>Shake Well
Simple as.

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What's your favorite coffee? I'm a goblin and like gas station french vanilla cappuccinos but today I'll bless you with my homemade recipe that's simple as shit and really good.

Brew your coffee, stronger the better
Splash of milk or creamer until medium shade
Sugar to your preference, less is more here
A cap full of pure vanilla, the cheap shit isn't great
Sprinkle cinnamon on top, whipped cream if you're feeling fancy

Enjoy your cinnamon toast crunch coffee equivalent.

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Lived here in Spain for a while and I fucking love the food here.

One of my favorite things is Vermut, which is like a Spanish Lunch. I'll name off the foods in pic related:

>Fuet (Spanish Cured Sausage)
>Jamón (Spanish Cured Ham)
>Cocteil De Aceitunas (Cocktail of olives green and black, pearl onion, pickles)
>Queso Semicurado (Half-Aged Cheese, like more fresh and light than dense and stronk)
>Vermouth (Sweet Vermouth, they drink it typically with orange or olive with ice. Hence the name)
>Pan De Catalunya (Legit just bread with tomato smeared on it with olive oil and salt. Idk why I never thought to do that before)

Post your countries delicacies and tradmeals below
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Its the cocaine of all pork products.

Never quitting the powertrip. Also ketchup n wd steak is gormet Amerifat cuisine.
I'm not Polish, but I've always loved these. I'll drag and drop some more thingies as I find them.
Caveat: I am no chef, so I have to take the ChefTards at thier word. Your milage may vary.
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As an eastern european I appreciate this post.
omg i grew up eating these
as an Irishman, fuck yeah potato ravioli

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