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Psalm 94

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im gonna post it here itt but on da phon

pic unrelated
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fuck bro
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Janwo inshshsnshsysjnajaua
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So lol this post idk lol pls don't judge me bby im shy uwu
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Im not trying to be rude but also lmao fuck you dude just eat my fancy as fuck southern cooking or don't lol idc it doesn't matter thanks for letting me post this ty :) ily

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Ok faggots let me go ahead and teach you fucking niggers the art of cooking fried rice without a rice cooker.

You'll need:

Short grain rice
A fucking stove
Vegetable oil
A fuckload of eggs
Any topings you want (I reccomend tuna, salmon, spring onions and chicken. You could also go full sea monster and do shrimp instead of chicken. Potatoes are also ok but you need to boil and salt them first.)

>wash your fucking rice with cold water (at least 4 times) to get rid of the starch.
>add clean distilled water (tap works but You will be a nigger) to the rice. Water should be enough to cover the first knucle of Your index finger. A bit more doesnt hurt.
>add oil (vegetable oil works but if you have peanut oil that would be best) and salt to the rice.(you can also add a glove of garlic at this point if you want)
>mix and start cooking at high flame
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vegetable oil sucks , peanut oil good better omega 3 6 ratio
Paunut oil  is cool for this but is tho expensive for many people. Vegetable oil does the trick.
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nah man 5w40
>>19 (OP) 
>art of cooking
>vegetable oil

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>empty salad dressing bottle 
>bay leaves
>3 or 4 frozen garlic cubes
>Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
>Honey Mustard 
>Bragg's Liquid Aminos
>Sesame Oil
>Olive Oil
>Shake Well
Simple as.

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Anything wrapped in pastry is good. 
What delicacies have you pastrified?
Replies: >>64
>>61 (OP) 
In Spain I made a type if pizza like dish but with puff pastry and it was bomb diggity. Don't have any pics though

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Here's a burger I made a few years ago.
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Condiments of choice on next
[Hide] (421.8KB, 1227x1055)
Some green shit, idk was probably trying to impress a chick or roofie a male vegan
[Hide] (442.6KB, 1361x1401)
Now wrap ur fucking laughing gear around that ya fuckin cunt
that's a good fuckin burga ye dill cunt

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Post pics and shit about pizzas in here or GTFO

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how do you niggers make your pizza? I like mine hot, with loads of jalapeno
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I'm a fan of anchovies so you can imagine how popular i am :(
Replies: >>42
you would be popular with me, fren. regards op
Replies: >>43
ayy :D

this is why i keep emergency caesar dressing
Replies: >>44
emergency caesar dressing is more important than having a fire extinguisher
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What is /siegK/ throwing on the grill tonight?
had some pork chops last night, shit was delicious

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what is your favorite soul-draining bar food to eat when your date doesn't show up
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aw man I love them lil niggies with their ridiculous laugh they do.
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my spahget
They cute, their wings are good too
I thought I'd won the lottery when my old bar had peanuts, but that only lasted for a couple weeks.

For shit like bar/grill restaurants  I'll smash the fuck out of some beer battered pretzels.

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I'm currently waiting on Domino's, got the chicken carbonara pasta with boneless chicken wings and mango habanero dipping sauce.

My favorite? Panda Express. That chow mein is to die for and orange chicken never fails.
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friday night, should have just gone for carryout somewhere else tbh
it takes less time to make a pizza then it is to get it delivered at costs far less. All this excess bloatware infastructure of pizza places has strained out economy and caused much angst and strife so help us god.
Replies: >>33

I like doing carryout, it takes tip and excess fees off the table
popeyes crispy chicken sangwich

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