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Psalm 94

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Need help on how to make successively correct animation such as walking running, dance or action

From keyframes to inbetweens
How to make the 12/24 fps all correct in balance, weight

A means to sort of correctly plot the motions in each frame respective to the previous ones, and its own rig/body
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>>158 (OP) 
>How to make the 12/24 fps all correct in balance, weight
do it all at 60fps and divide by 5 / 2.5

looks like their thighs are stuck or they realllllly have to piss
hip rotates, knee goes up and forward, toes point up slightly during foot swing
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>>158 (OP) 
theres a good chapter on this in the animators survival kit
as for what you just posted i'd do it like this
your keys are too similar and stiff

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Draw Spider-Man
Interesting stuff. I like the mood.

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Hello i am wondering if there are ways to sort of copy the pose of the subject here

Other than tracing

Just comparing for the most pŕecise ways i guess.
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:) :) :)
>>210 (OP) 
What I typically do is grab a rigged 3d model and angle that so it works
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>>238 and then? How do you exactlymake the linearts

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How to draw lines and proportions and details in perspective precisely i cant help but misses shapes and forms it ruins my mojo and realism

Whats the mechanical ways to NOT be wrong
actually dude those are not bad 

I see a lot of 3d drawings and engineered blueprints, and what you have is pretty good
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I wonder
Sorry i just saw this

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Other than licking balls of everyone of your customers like whatever they do at something-has-talent-maybe behind the scene, (No offense, though i m sure thats the uh "customs"-err's custom)
How do you measure up your comic art so to deliver... some fifty grand of sales. Maybe from... publisher's perspective? Especially since art encompass so many things than just, arranging pebbles..or bricks.

Whatever is quality control i guess.
how can you tell
how can

if you'r selling...... some "art"""..... maybe especially like whatever talent customs expecti delivered? ....what are the perspectives in quality on regard of whatever is errbehing the scne i guess....

you kno?
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...can u rephrase

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How do one draw/paint, glasses/crystal/translucent objects
Given its form, material, refractive indexes, composition its locations in a scene maybe and its relative light source... maybe use picrel as reference?

Especially in cartoon, vector kind of things...since the subject seems like it ll gain colors from anything in front and behind itself?
h how objects refrect... in form of translucent obc

doing a glass or vector kind, what reference? can you do it f or em? yerself? 

how si babby form
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You work sucks.
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hawaii is gay

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Is there any simple rule to animating correctly. A means to know the position and coordinates based on the supposed motion and scene, character's properties
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 quit your harassment maybe
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cry harder OP you retarded baby
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>>184 no need. u alr

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How to make your ko-fi/instagram more presentable and accessible to some million subscribers usually
Like how better of content and how accessible your site shd be.
As of right now doesnt seem like anyone has seen it since there are no views or commentary

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sorry I'm not very good at drawing windmills i just like looking at them they make my skeleton stop fighting for a moment
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>>154 (OP) 

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>>150 (OP) 

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