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Psalm 94

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Need help on how to make successively correct animation such as walking running, dance or action

From keyframes to inbetweens
How to make the 12/24 fps all correct in balance, weight

A means to sort of correctly plot the motions in each frame respective to the previous ones, and its own rig/body
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>>158 (OP) 
You need to get your shit in order; leanr english, learn how to make a question, group all your questions into one single thread instead of shitting the board up.
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>>170 you should group and sort my question for me then, jackass. either that or your English is pretty fucking limited, or the idea is too fuckign advanced for you so you should just learn to take it all in your ass, As it is. 
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cry harder OP you retarded baby
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U alr done that 4 me
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>too retarded even for art
lol hopeless
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>>187 clearly you cant answer my question either. Loser.
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>clearly you cant answer my question either. Loser.
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Bro you can literally google any of the shit you're posting about

we're not fucking ChaCha guides
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That's exactly my point. That and that OP suffers from some sort of written language disorder.
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u right, i replied to the wrong post mb
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Show me then.
Also you need to summarize for me
You need to understand that it has to be plotted. Not just guessed.
What nigg
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no one here needs to do shit for you; this is /art/, not /r/, not google
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>>194 i recall "art"ist knows things. Not some globbering mouthy horsesack like you.

Tell the jannies if you are sooooo important.
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Quit being a hypersensitive bonerlord and learn how to learn.
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>>196 nothing to learn if you dont got the books

Or links.
Here s a new one. Help me define refractions and reflections in translucent object. Objects. 

I tried doing it a ton of times and still cant get the good feel of it. It just dont look correct.
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here's a link
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>>198 there s ten
 Of those link so you need to pick at least one.
Or hell. Dont you like,Talk?? Gee.
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>>158 (OP) 
>How to make the 12/24 fps all correct in balance, weight
do it all at 60fps and divide by 5 / 2.5

looks like their thighs are stuck or they realllllly have to piss
hip rotates, knee goes up and forward, toes point up slightly during foot swing
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>>158 (OP) 
theres a good chapter on this in the animators survival kit
as for what you just posted i'd do it like this
your keys are too similar and stiff
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