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Show me your best dongers.
How to draw lines and proportions and details in perspective precisely i cant help but misses shapes and forms it ruins my mojo and realism

Whats the mechanical ways to NOT be wrong
AUUUUUUUWGH YEAH FOLX! I'm back to the best board. Enjoy my art! More coming soon.
Made this by accident for another project...irdk it ended up cool
Post cool AI art
Hitler was an artist. Show me your best Hitler.
Anyone wanna play? I'll go first
post artistic ai drawings

celebrate ai made the fat genderfluid "artists" making degen porn and anime  seethe because their feverdream future selling trash on patreon will never be a reality
Gosh i need motivations. I just cant compress time in the end..nor can i change anyone's perception nor can they feel mine.
Can i learn how does underwater reflections/refractions work, also above the water like how they reflect and refract the things around them? I imagine it should be like mapping shadows which i understood from books, but not these despite how light works so i d have to work it from scratch myself given the rarity of the subject
Itt drawing one line at a time. If you want to match, it's pen tool size 8.
How do i make comic art that ll sell millions like marvel? From stories to the style and rendering, how do i know when the art style is million sales?
What online school should i take?
Can i get some very specific explanation for reflection, refraction, translucent/matte/ reflective surfaces and caustics like since all surfaces reflects light thus when you have reflective surface like foil balls again each other it means the two will reflect on each other until infinitely or something? So i have to draw lije infinite reflection???? Is this correct? And since technically all surface are reflective somewhat thwres actually infinite reflection in each other or something???
need a strictly 2d game engine with eliptical path tool, so i dont have to write a bunch of shid like a circle path
How do ypu improve your art...other than copying i guess.
This is family killer Chris Watts, but this is him in his actual form. He is actually an ancient crab-like creature responsible for the destruction of Atlantis.
need an advice of "how good" my LINEART shd be to gain some six digit traffic 

like a verbal list to know how much is enough orz
Post paintings.
see announcement thing up top for more detail
Enjoy your day, anons.
a snake wearing shoes
reply if u think homicide is gay
i am king
fill this in for free robux
hai guys this is my first artwork, constructive criticism only please!

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