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Psalm 94

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(from the frontpage as of the timestamp of this post)

503 Yet Again

Zayo, our ISP, has suddenly discontinued service.

This is because Blake Willis, a 20 year senior network engineer in the company's Paris HQ, is friends with Liz Fong-Jones - a former Google employee associated with Trans LifeLine charity directors who were removed for inurement, and who was also recently accused of sexual assault.

I have appealed this decision but absolutely nothing will happen until Monday.

If you use Zayo, I ask that you express your concerns with your account manager. This decision was made after a year of trying to get my service established, after 12 hours of hosting with them, without specific violation of their AUP, without talking to me, and without any accomodation of my move to another ISP.

Zayo, being a major Internet service provider, unilaterally severing service because of content moderation policies is a dramatic and dangerous precedent - the latest in a series of dangerous precedents being set by big companies - in an attempt to destroy our community and the information on our website, and at the expense of freedom of information and freedom of expression.

My options at this datacenter are Cogent and HE. They are very large companies and I'm sure they have their own Blake Willis and mentally ill people trying to censor the Internet. So, I am not confident in simply moving over to them.

There are many options available, but I wanted to keep my US legal company and US legal website on the public Internet in the United States, where it belongs.

If you are involved in the industry and want to reach out, please do so. The enemies of free expression are tightly knit, working together, and openly flaunting their nepotism on social media. People wanting the Internet to stay an open platform must work together.

See you soon,
<[email protected]>

P.S., in Blake's internal emails, he threatens "Several of my industry colleagues have escalated this to me tonight, as I pack my suitcase to fly to Belgrade early tomorrow morning for next week's RIPE meeting, where this issue will certainly come up..."

So, if you happen to be in Belgrade this week for RIPE85, Blake will be there fielding questions on behalf of Zayo. It may be a good time to social network for freer networks.

It is clear that thought is not free if the profession of certain opinions makes it impossible to earn a living. It is clear also that thought is not free if all the arguments on one side of a controversy are perpetually presented as attractively as possible, while the arguments on the other side can only be discovered by diligent search.
—Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays (1928)
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Thanks for the major update, also would like to thank you and IHM for letting in all of us refugees
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Always welcome here
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We love you
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there's a couple threads going on /pol/ and /i/, the front page updates around the top of the hour regarding the hot threads/newposts/board stats (anything in a table basically) but the overboard is real time
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whoops forgot my links
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We must avenge Kiwifarm I told Null about how you guys were helping
We love you too, anon. Glad to have you back!
>>109 (OP) 
Since not everyone may be in the know on this, this is the email that was sent to Zayo as provided by the official KF telegram shitshowgroup:

[Forwarded from Kiwi Farms]
On Sat, Oct 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM Blake Willis <[email protected]> wrote:
If I may suggest a course of action:
ASAP, someone with official social media access should follow up on @lizthegrey's post that we're investigating the matter internally.
in parallel, they should be informed of AUP violations & their services disconnected thereafter.
This is the DIA in question BTW:  https://zayo.my.salesforce.com/a1X4z000006ZnKk
Thanks again for your attention.



On Sat, Oct 22, 2022 at 11:32 PM Blake Willis <[email protected]> wrote:
Greetings folks,

Zayo seems to have sold IP Transit & DDoS protection to Kiwi Farms.  This is who they are & what they do:

Several of my industry colleagues have escalated this to me tonight, as I pack my suitcase to fly to Belgrade early tomorrow morning for next week's RIPE meeting, where this issue will certainly come up...

Cloudflare finally terminated their services last month for AUP violations, so at the moment Zayo is their primary Internet service provider.  The account in question is "1776 Solutions" run by Joshua Moon:  https://zayo.my.salesforce.com/0014z00001d9yWC?srPos=0&srKp=001

This is generating a large amount of negative attention for us in social media:

As well as copious abuse tickets e.g.

For both AUP violations as well as increased risk to Zayo's own infrastructure (both cybersecurity as well as potential volumetric DDoS attacks against Kiki Farms & our own infrastructure), this customer should be informed of AUP violations & terminated immediately.

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.  I'm happy to clarify further if needed.


 Blake Willis
 Network Architecture & Interconnection
 Zayo Europe (AS6461 & AS8218)
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So done with these fucking troons
From Kiwi thanks for the update I hate these fucking faggots
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(I'll try to remember to update this with any relevant announcements from KF)

These are the people who rule over you and get to decide what you are and are not adult enough to read on the Internet.

P.S. I'm working on something special that will piss a lot of people off. Not likely to be done today, but this has not been an unproductive Monday.

No other known offical developments between then and this post's timestamp.
(edits to these posts are for formatting purposes unless otherwise specified because I am neurotic)


I am doing two things right now:

1. I am looking at strengthening our network for the return to clearnet.
2. I am going to replicate the backend so that we can never be knocked off Tor again. This is something I can do on my own. I should have done it sooner but I thought I had more time.

The reality of a Tier 1 provider like Zayo censoring the Internet is very dire and I hope you will pay attention.

In the world of ISPs, there are very few real players. There are 15 tier 1 networks in existence. There are many more ISPs, but they generally all connect to a Tier 1 network.

Additionally, there are even fewer ISPs which provide DDoS protection. These companies (Path, Telia, Voxility, Zayo) are more politically charged than a normal ISP. Without them, should you manage to peer, you are not on the Internet if you cannot handle DDoS attacks yourself. DDoS mitigation has never been made a core part of the Internet, and I believe that weakness is deliberately encouraged by governments, as the US government routinely utilizes DDoS attacks to censor networks like Tor.

A DDoS attack can be between 1Gbps and 100Gbps or higher. A 10Gbps line is about $700/mo. This scales pretty linearly, with some bulk discounts. Not all routers can handle 10Gbps, and few routers can handle 100Gbps. Those are also thousands of dollars each. Then you actually have to find a way to scrub the attack bandwidth.

Meanwhile, we are not allowed to conduct ordinary business. Without reason and without appeal, I cannot process credit cards. We would easily make five times what do now if I could simply charge people for services like any other website. That is not possible because of the financial censorship, and as a result I am very limited in what I can realistically afford to do.

So, ultimately, we are reliant on a few companies to continue tolerating us and one of the best ways to be tolerated is to have an established business relationship. If you've been at one datacenter talking to the same people for 20 years, as is often the case in the industry, they are likely to handle things diplomatically. If you are dropped in their lap last weekend like a pot of boiling water, they are unlikely to.

Even the companies that do want to help are often underneath companies that do not want to help. The datacenter Worldstream in the Netherlands has blocked us, and thus any company that operates out of Worldstream cannot support us.

I do like my website, and after spending time on other communities I know that nothing will ever replace it if the circus of sex pests and psychologically disturbed slacktivists have their way.

I also am very sad to see these state of affairs. Without breaking the law, without piracy, and without incident (like Tarrant and Jan 6 with 8chan), we have been censored at some of the highest reaches of the Internet. A handful of very mentally ill people sending nasty emails, threatening the families of datacenter employees, and calling in favors with friends in high places have very effectively snapped the neck of the interconnected world.

Every year the diversity of websites online shrinks, and the centralization of services grow. Those who should want to fight a tech oligarchy instead cheer it on and help consolidate its power. I am helplessly watching the Internet, and the freedom it has brought our entire species, die a slow death. It hurts. The Internet is being murdered by shortsighted parasites, and they will never realize how big a mistake it is until there's no going back.
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>Message begins with provided media

Voxility has blackholed the IP serving the 503 error page for the Kiwi Farms explaining how large ISPs are censoring the Internet. This was done at direct request of Liz Fong-Jones and without any explanation.
Small update: I've gotten access to the devices after losing Internet via Zayo. I'm getting copies of everything now. Tomorrow I'll begin my work rebuilding the site from scratch again.

There's a battleplan ready to go. The site will no longer be centralized on a single server. I intended to do that a while ago but I've never had an opportunity, so I'm doing it now. This means that even if one host physically unplugs all our shit we will still have others. I intend to get Tor working first, and its availability will be higher with our new setup, but the clearnet will come up soon too.

As for the Clearnet, a bunch of people have decided to help out and I have a strategy for keeping it up. It will take a lot for it to go down again completely.

In 2021, I wrote an article called "Where the Sidewalk Ends" explaining what problems I expected in the future. It's funny to read in retrospect.

As far as I'm concerned, this is it. The question of "can a bunch of trannies and journos cry their way into completely censoring something from the Internet" will be answered by the end of the year.
status update:
1. very slowly repopulating the database. It's now a galera cluster with 3 different nodes, so transactions are probably at least twice as slow as what they would be normally.
2. I'm downloading the code for the site from backup.

Once everything is repopulated correctly, I will need to ensure that the new way of handling files across multiple backends is set up correctly. I've never done it before so it may be challenging.

I also need to figure out how I want to do multimedia caching to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Site will probably be up on Tor first. No ETA yet.
This will likely be the final status update before the site is brought back up online. I am expecting it to be online by tomorrow, unless there is a significant delay. I have once again rebuilt everything from scratch.

The ~7 TB of content have been offloaded to a new device.
New backend servers have been set up in different countries.
Forward nodes to the backends have been setup.
The databases for these servers are clustered and the Kiwi Farms content is being imported. This is what I'm waiting on now. There are hundreds of millions of rows and with the cluster importing it is slower than it may be ordinarily.

When the database is restored, I will need to start testing the installation. There's two completely new things I am configuring for the first time (the clustered backend and file storage). So, it will take extra time to set that up.

My main concern is how long it's taking to populate the databases. It's importing records at almost a thousand a second, but the table for recording post reactions is a hundred million rows by itself.  It's a huge amount of data and I'm really hoping that the operations on that table are significantly faster. If it's going to take 40 hours just to push that shit I'm going to be pissed, and I hope to god the cluster actually works after it's done.

I've set up a side database and I'm importing without clustering to see how long that takes. If it's significantly faster (i.e. 4 hours instead of 40), I will simply disable the cluster, re-import, then re-enable clustering.

As far as the prospects go, because of how highly interconnected the new setup will be, several fiber ISPs will have to drop us. Companies like Google demand extraordinarily high availability, so there are tools for dealing with massive network outages. These are usually to handle serious problems like bombs going off and infrastructure being hit by natural disasters, but we're going to use them to deal with tsunamis of tranny tears.

I'm truly done with these fucking people and their bullshit. I am pulling out all stops and I will get this shitheap chugging for Halloween. If it goes down after that, I have done literally everything a single retard can do to keep a website online.

Edit: Nothing in this is confidential, stop being cringe.
(I don't feel like formatting these with the code tags)

[Forwarded from Kiwi Farms]
Tor has been performing poorly because of an ongoing DDoS attack. They were exploiting the mitigation tool directly, but now they cannot. They've adjusted their attack to bottleneck Tor itself, which can be resolved by simply adding more servers to the network. However, it's not effective enough to do that right now. Pages are loading very fast.

I am expecting to get Clearnet up today.

Edit: They've upped the attack to simply try and saturate as much as possible. This could be resolved with more horizontal scaling (i.e. more computer) but I'm more concerned about Clearnet at the moment.


[Forwarded from Kiwi Farms]
Fun fact: Trannies have set up automated programs to alert them when the site is back up so they can immediately start crying about it together and spin up DDoS attacks. I don't know why these people are addicted to talking on Twitter like movie villains but whatever.

I was correct in saying that now their go-to is to contact upstreams. They spent months crying to Moldovans, Malaysians, and Ukrainians until they realized with Zayo that the ISPs were more vulnerable than the individual hosts. With Voxility, that was proof-of-concept for what is essentially an exploit. So now, they just go straight to the fiber carriers to try and impose their will.

The setup we have now will allow us to bypass network outages due to blackholing. This is a trial by fire of no individual host, but rather the backbone of the Internet. This is why I said it was a measure of last resort. Should this not work, we have truly found the end of the sidewalk.
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Kiwifarms has been back on the clearnet for about 17 hours as of this post. At this time I have no further use for this thread so I'm gonna leave it unlocked as an homage to the brief doubling of our web traffic for the past barely more than a week lol

We'll miss you guys.
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Make that now 24 :)
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so sites down yet again.Last time there really wasn't much going on so it wasn't the biggest deal in the world but now theres a shit ton of stuff going down.  apparently leafys considering talking with catboy nick and chris was sighted.  I don't know how things with chris are going to go from here but I feel theres a lot that will be uncovered now that he's back
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Thanks for the reminder, I forgot I used to do this:

as of 9:59 AM GMT-5
I am shipping in a replacement server that is a direct upgrade. The hard drives will be swapped over. ETA Friday.

The guy who built the original is interested in diagnosing the mainboard, so I am going to ship that back to him. We'll then get that server on the same level as the new server coming in.

When they're both in, I can then finally, finally, finally have a fully redundant server for the Kiwi Farms in the same datacenter and we will never have to deal with this shit again and I can just focus on dealing with Dong-Gone and the war on infrastructure-level censorship.

This is pretty expensive, but doable thanks to cryptocurrency donations I've received it is possible.
[crypto addresses]

I am very particular about running on our own bare metal because one day, when we've overcome these freaks, we can dig in our heels and get other communities over these censorship obstacles as well.
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Kiwifarms is back up on tor
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