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1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not encourage reckless or careless use/abuse of any substance.
3. Feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm.
4. Be excellent to each other. We're all just trying to have a good time.

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

Do your research

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Guys please help me, my cat has overdosed on illicit tummy rubstances :(
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>>484 (OP) 
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>>484 (OP) 

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What are your thoughts on HHC?
Ive taken edibles of it a few times, compared to regular THC edibles they made me more sick but still hit pretty hard, plus the edibles at least completely legal in my state even under 21
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>>496 (OP) 

HHC is essentially K2, not exactly safe and completely unregulated. If Delta 8 doesn't do it for you, I'd go with TH0, which is actually hemp derived, as strong or stronger than Delta 9 depending on the strain and quality of the hemp, and doesn't show up on a drug screening.
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I've never heard of that, HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and I found the high to be pretty calming.
Hm, interesting. Didn't know they could synthesize it. Useful info!

Also, yes I said that months ago on this same board. I haven't passed out, thrown up, or shit my pants yet, either.

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Genetically speaking
What's the best weed strain? Pic related it's Amnesia Haze
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Green crack is definitely fire.
Also strawberry banana
>>311 (OP) 
amnesia haze is the worst shit I have ever had other than stardawg, fuck stardawg

I like zoap and northern Lights
GSC, Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, Headband
I hate people like that who make weed their personality but in reality they're addicted to it and cope by making it their entire lifestyle

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DXM - Love it or hate it?
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I was just stating a fact. But I digress.
Vick's 44 is your friend.
>>36 (OP) 
Still love it. I don't robotrip nearly as often as I did in my early '20s, but it makes music beyond euphoric, and I've had some legitimate dissociative experiences as a result; the 3rd and 4th plateaus are where things get crazy (I don't recommend the experience unless you're *truly*, *truly* curious).
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we are all curious to some extent

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We have had bad trips - what was your worst?

Mine was with nitrous ironically, I fell into a portal and it felt like years for me to get out all the while I'm being singled out by demons who taunt and provoke me. Terrible stuff
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Lmfao you what mate?
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That's n-bomes my guy
drugs, dude; I didn't say that I wasn't ashamed or aghast at my own behavior
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drugs are a hell of a drugs

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Post your favorite packs

easy enough?
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They still make those?!
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Fuck yeah dude, too expensive for me to bother grabbing em more often than a couple times a year though.
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>>463 (OP) 
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remember these? they always made me chuckle when i lit one. wide af and short. lil chode ciggy.

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What drugs will make me start seeing scary faces?
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>>458 (OP) 
bath salts
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nutmeg, datura, salvia.
>>458 (OP) 
research chemicals

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Anyone know of Intuniv and it's side effects? I recently went to a psych who recommended I take it as an anger management med but I'm scared of what will happen to me if I take it (because big pharma is making us all castarted) Anyone have any experience?
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>>470 (OP) 
>I'm scared of what will happen to me if I take it (because big pharma is making us all castarted)
You sound like you've got a paranoid disorder to deal with, friend. It would do you good to start taking risperidone.
>>470 (OP) 
its blood pressure medication and adhd. youre probably a dickhead because of not being medicated.  take it retard.

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Hey Reddit, you should know that some products marketed as legal CBD/delta 8/delta 9 or analogs actually contain either real marijuana products or spice, and should be avoided at all costs. I think the most infamous example was “Just Chill CBD vape oil,” which was known to produce a very strong high, but has been taken off the market. There seem to be similar products available, still legally sold under “Super Chill CBD,” but it’s unclear if these products are harmful. Have you ever legally bought or used a hemp/CBD/analog product/vape that ended up being way too strong?
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Damn I make one joke ragging on weedies and yall get evangelist as fuck. For the record all drugs shud be legal which is why u found me posting here in the first place. I just dont trust the gay plant
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>1 reply
>everyone is losing their minds

I fucking love drugs
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Amen to that

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I am writing this post to share my story of struggling with alcohol addiction. It's been a long and difficult battle, and I feel like I've hit rock bottom. I've lost so much and I see no way out.

It all started with just a few drinks to relax after a long day at work. But soon, I found myself needing more and more to feel the same effects. Before I knew it, I was drinking every day, multiple times a day. I lost my job, my relationships, and my health. I've been to rehab multiple times, but I always end up going back to my old ways.

I feel so alone and helpless. I know that alcohol is destroying my life, but I can't seem to stop. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. I feel like I'm stuck in this cycle of addiction and I see no way out.

I know that I need help, but I don't know where to turn. I'm reaching out to anyone who has gone through something similar or who can offer some advice. I just need someone to talk to, someone to understand what I'm going through.

I know that addiction is a serious problem, and I don't want to die because of it. I just want to be able to live a normal life again. Please, if anyone has any advice or support, I would greatly appreciate it.

I wrote a post not too long ago and everyone's messages were very supportive, but I feel like I might just end it all before the alcohol gets to me. Is there any reason I should keep trying? 

Because I might just do it tonight
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As someone who has struggled with addiction in the past, I can empathize with your struggle. The problem is not the alcohol, though. There is something deeper that you need to try and sort out. Not saying go to an AA meeting or support group, but talking to people who are willing to listen is probably going to be more beneficial to you than anything else.

I remember when I would just go grab a bottle or some pills and just wallow in my self-pity over my situation in life until I started to take a look at what was going on and try to fix the root cause. It's not easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. I hope you find peace and eventually are able to come to grips with whatever battle you are taking on and succeed.
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>Not saying go to an AA meeting 

Agree, that shit is worthless. You can literally show up drunk and as long as you sign in, nobody gives a fuck.
>>336 (OP) 
Just drink some more until you can't get up or breathe it should cure it!


Bet those drugs are making you all feel great huh

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