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1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not encourage reckless or careless use/abuse of any substance.
3. Feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm.
4. Be excellent to each other. We're all just trying to have a good time.

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

Do your research

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DXM - Love it or hate it?
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>>36 (OP) 
how do I into dxm? will any cough medicine work?
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No, actually. You need to be really careful about that. If you get shit with other active ingredients besides the dxm you will get sick as fuck.

The best stuff to get is Robitussen Gelcaps in my experience. I would gut 2-3 of the 20ct bottles and have a good day. When I was in high school kids were taking tripleCs (Coricidin Cough & Cold) but half the ones who did that ended up in some "The War Against Drugs" newsbreak or some shit.

Ideally you get the ones linked below. 

Some of them have guaifenesin and/or acetaminophen listed under the active ingredients and those are the ones to stay away from.

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There's better stuff now that doesn't even have the gelatin shit in it
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True, but I don't like shitting water lul

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$400 of concentrates
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>>53 (OP) 
what's the keyboard tho
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corsair k70
>>53 (OP) 
Are they real? Do they smell like plant matter or gasoline?
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whatever you make them with. these ones were extracted with butane but you can only really smell and taste the terps in the weed, no gas.
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Hot press > Butane

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>>47 (OP) 
Holy shit you're right. What does that make dabs then? Gourmet? 
Personally the flower is my favorite.
fair analogy, if people made their own tv dinners instead of grabbing an Oncore or something.
The problem is finding ones that aren't shitty. Both the street and dispo ones are terrible.
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Yeah absolutely, pretty sure I've come across fake ones more than I've encountered actual thc cartridges
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I haven't come across any that I'd call fake but I've deffo had some fuckin weak ones where I've had to blast half the cart in a night to feel anything

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do it, name the stones
uhhhhhhhhhhhh rock
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is that crack

i got mine in slugs the size of a 4bar of xanax for like $10, never looked at it closely but it was usually a thin wafer vs a chonk

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Did some pills yesterday and other shit became high and i was floating ???
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>>32 (OP) 
was it the blue and yellow purple pills?
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It was red shit bro i started levitating and shit

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>>29 (OP) 

Congrats making the 1000rd post on 94chan as a whole.

The staff at 94chan would like to thank you all for posting and generally being autistic enough to be the dumpster fire of a community you are. <3
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Thx ty <333
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we fucking did it! Thanks to the amazing efforts of everyone involved.

good game niggas

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What is the best way to get high /rx/?
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nah, turns out I have ADHD like a motherfucker. 

now salvia, on the other hand...
When I was young and wicked, I actually threw a rock in with the weed when me and my mate smoked a bucket bong. That shit blew my mind and hurt my lungs pretty bad for a few days.
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shit i did it out of a bowl and it was rough enough lol

also your lungs going numb is an odd feeling
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lmao ikr, my friends keep reminding me how they have done all sorts of fucked up things in life, but never on a crack in a bucket bong level -fucked -up.

Your lungs going numb can be pretty distressing if you're not prepared for it or used to that kind of numbness from doing coke, i wasn't sure i was breathing for about a minute after exhaling.
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I've smoked spice resin, some of that headshop K2 shit. It threw me in a fucking time loop. Bad shit.

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Guys I am low iq what drugs can I take to become smarter
any at this point
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not really how that works. stims can help you learn shit but there's not really a fix for dumb short of removing the warning labels and letting natural selection do its thing :/
shrooms have been proven to reset your brain essentially and cannabis also has beneficial effects on the brain.
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Have you ever had a genuine bad trip while using psychedelics? what was it like?
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>>14 (OP) 
that one time I smoked salvia and Donald Trump appeared in front of me. All of a sudden he turned into this big toothed monster and chased me around the block. Craziest 15 minutes of my life.
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That's fucking intense. I was watching American Dad on an incredibly high DXM dose once and I swear characters came out of the TV and spoke directly to me and I was in the show. 

Dissociatives, man.
Replies: >>20
Man it was insane as fuck, I'm glad it didn't last long.
What's funny is that the very next day, I passed my German exam and got an A.
I used to eat 3 bottles of robitussen gelcaps and listen to music until I would feel like the song I was listening to.

feeling like Garbage was surprisingly pleasant but lemme tell you what korn's Untouchables cd feels like to be
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Two, actually. Benadryl and n-bomes.

I took 25-30 Benadryl my first time, 25mg each. I recited the alphabet for no reason, saw extremely realistic spiders and beetles exploding on the walls and window blinds, and I tried to hand a lit cigarette to an arm reaching through my wall. Worst of all I felt like an actual wooden board. Moving was next to impossible. I was also very twitchy.

I did a single tab of n-bomes. I was in a dark room and I could feel this weird pressure just pulsing, then suddenly felt like I was spiraling down, spinning really fast. I forgot how my doorknob functioned and spent 2 hours trying to get out of my room. I had locked myself in and began panicking, finally figured it out and got the door open, and thats when I saw the entire room flipped 180° like a funhouse mirror effect at a carnival. Astounded, frightened, and tickled by this I shut the door only to lock myself back in. Rode out the rest of my trip and felt anxious.

TL;DR stick to shrooms

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