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Psalm 94

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Games you played that you know are shitty, but still love to play them.
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MK Mythologies got shit on a lot and I understand why, but once you learn how the game kills you it's actually a lot of fun
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This clearly is a thread for TARKOV
Megaman X6

It's my guilty pleasure
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i never got the hate for X6, at least it doesn't have an arbitrary time limit like X5
Shadow the Hedgehog
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Resident Evil 0. It was one of the first games that I played for the Gamecube way back when and was blown away by the visuals at the time. I still have fond feelings for it.
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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (TA:K) isn't shitty but, when it came out, everyone shat upon it bc Chris Taylor (the man behind Total Annihilation) wasn't involved in it and everyone just wanted more TA (specifically, TA2) and not TA:K.

TA:K was ahead of it's time when it came to Real-Time Strategy, with an engaging storyline, distinct multiple sides and streamlined gameplay. In some ways, it's almost a proto-"Tower Defense" game in that some single-player levels are quite "Tower Defense"-like.
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JFK Reloaded. It's literally a 3 minute simulation of killing jfk to prove the official story was a lie
First time I saw a lan party they were playing TA

I played Tribes instead lol
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