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Psalm 94

What Games do you play
what is the best  all-around vr headset??

looks like the quest is the best but tbh i am not that keen on using hardware fb has their claws into?
A thread where we can discuss mods/wads and doom itself.
Thread for Games that Deserve Awesome Respect:

I'll start with Tron 2.0. Awesome FPS that was ahead of it's time and still looks good nearly 20 years later.
but its kicking my ass 

we will see, it will be reverse proxied and accessable via a domain name.

stay tuned
recommend me some maybe 20 titles of rpg from snes to psx era (also includes DOS)

little big planet was some awesome gaming
Games you played that you know are shitty, but still love to play them.
Honestly, I never stop being amazed at how little press this game gets, especially when given the backstory.

The Dark Mod is a free game that emulates Thief 1/2 gameplay in a heavily-modified Doom 3 engine. It has a level editor and is actively updated with an online community.

If you ever wanted to see what a real Thief 3 would've been like, this is the closest that you'll ever get. Everyone should at least download and play it once in their life.
Obscure games you played as a child
if this gets enough attention normies will seethe
internet went down for a while and got into this game. loving the music, graphics/art and how fast paced the movement is but basically Square was better when they knew less about western culture. side quests are bullshit. this song is definitely getting ingrained in the back of my mind.
have not played automata but probably will after.
So its been a hot minute since the release (like I think around 3 years at this point) but that crab rave song that was made into a video game seems to be finally out)
I made this video game myself. It would make me happy if you played it.
>be me
>Be Brock Lesnar
>win MMA championship
>Go to hospital afterwards
>piss on Mark Henry
>He starts fight with me even though he's injured
>Beat the shit out of him
>Go to hotel and get some sleep
>wake up next morning
>newspaper says Mark Henry was attacked and killed in the hospital the night before
>only person who saw me so it was doctor
>He didn't snitch

God this game is awesome
Fuck Malenia.
Such fucking bullshit.
If you don't know the story behind this absolute dumpster fire of a has-been, here's the start of the saga:

Never one to let things like facts get him down, this leathery mound of greasy human-shaped mashed potatoes is once again suing to get his "Epic God Gamer" reputation unhitched from the bumper of his shitty Pinto:

Is there anyone (save for Billy Mitchell, which is a similar story but Pac-Man) in the video gaming world who's been such a consistant piece of shit for 40 years and counting?
Campaign is pretty fun. Game runs ok on 2020's low-mid range rig with some settings tweaks. Got some weird sprint bug that almost made me fall over irl but it smoothed itself out

Hopefully a day 1 patch irons that stuff out and they don't tank it with Warzone integration like they did mw19

Seems like "this looks fine" is a hot take, but I'm kinda stoked, even having a ps2 next to me that I'm pretty sure currently has SH2 in it right now.

Final Fantasy 6 is the best game of all time, fight me
Dripasaur, Bongcat, or Swagduck?

I'm leaning towards Bongcat
ITT: Your first JRPG crush when you were a kid

Pic related, Dagger's butt made my adolescent boner rock solid back in the day. It was her which made me think what kind of woman I'd end up looking for.
this game is fucking god awful.

1. its clunky as hell. i struggle pulling my weapons out while im playing, and when i use heals from the satchel it puts my gun back up and i pretty much lose half my health again getting it back out.

2. the wanted system is gay as fuck. ill put my bandana on during missions and itll get removed, or it just doesnt work and i have a fucking 100 dollar bounty.

3. the offhand holster. at somepoint in the game it forces the offhand holster upon you. like WHY? its not ever there on cutscenes. why the fuck wouldnt you allow it to be removed?
What's the worst game you ever wasted money on?

For me it was Lester the Unlikely. Fuck that fucking game.
Does anyone have any Xbox 360 games/system they'd be willing to give to a complete fucking stranger online?
made a vidya game test

originally just gonna share with frens but here we go i guess

feedback would be good
If anyone else still plays this game via pc, add Derpcakexx to your rockstar acc and I'll either send griefers to another dimension or mod you cool cars.
/Pokeman/ general.

Who's getting the new DP remakes??

Make a trainer card and post it
for the 3 or so mudkips who haven't quit ROBLOX due to it being an unimaginative shithole that only appeals to the lowest common denominator since 2015
God of War is coming to STEAM!
programming advice here? looking to write slopes differently in games....
discuss space warcrimes here
Has anyone here played it, or anything else by Kremlingames (e.g. Ostalgie, China: Mao's Legacy, etc)? What do you think of it?

Pic unrelated
How do i make my video game art satisfying? I have been doing for ages but it does not sell or improov as much 

I want to be as good as pros but copying id not allowed so i dunno how to produce nicely
Who's playing?
GTA V is currently down because Take 2 wants to promote the GTA trilogy, all of which are offline games
PC or console? I play on PC as its thr superior choice, emulators are fine too. However, the best consoles are sega genesis and PS2. Discuss.
A sword is an extension of your penis. Just like your car.
i have gamepass and played BFV but it had women and blacks and wasnt historicall acurryate.


what game do i play now anon
Who'd you nominate for game of the year? I nominated cuck simulator.
Who is trying to base raid and shit on people?
incompetence + bethesda = luv5ever
good game
See title. What are you playing now?

Pic related.
Do browser games count? This is a browser game thread.

I play as a Jawa in Star Wars Combine :^)
best game ever
Just lmao @ the pathetic romance quest for Parvati in this fucking game. What the fuck was that shit? An asexual lesbian?? Fuck outta here.

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