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for the 3 or so mudkips who haven't quit ROBLOX due to it being an unimaginative shithole that only appeals to the lowest common denominator since 2015
God of War is coming to STEAM!
Games you played that you know are shitty, but still love to play them.
programming advice here? looking to write slopes differently in games....
discuss space warcrimes here
Has anyone here played it, or anything else by Kremlingames (e.g. Ostalgie, China: Mao's Legacy, etc)? What do you think of it?

Pic unrelated
/Pokeman/ general.

Who's getting the new DP remakes??

Make a trainer card and post it
What's the worst game you ever wasted money on?

For me it was Lester the Unlikely. Fuck that fucking game.
How do i make my video game art satisfying? I have been doing for ages but it does not sell or improov as much 

I want to be as good as pros but copying id not allowed so i dunno how to produce nicely
Who's playing?
GTA V is currently down because Take 2 wants to promote the GTA trilogy, all of which are offline games
PC or console? I play on PC as its thr superior choice, emulators are fine too. However, the best consoles are sega genesis and PS2. Discuss.
A sword is an extension of your penis. Just like your car.
i have gamepass and played BFV but it had women and blacks and wasnt historicall acurryate.


what game do i play now anon
Who'd you nominate for game of the year? I nominated cuck simulator.
Who is trying to base raid and shit on people?
incompetence + bethesda = luv5ever
If anyone else still plays this game via pc, add Derpcakexx to your rockstar acc and I'll either send griefers to another dimension or mod you cool cars.
good game
See title. What are you playing now?

Pic related.
Do browser games count? This is a browser game thread.

I play as a Jawa in Star Wars Combine :^)
ITT: Your first JRPG crush when you were a kid

Pic related, Dagger's butt made my adolescent boner rock solid back in the day. It was her which made me think what kind of woman I'd end up looking for.
best game ever
Just lmao @ the pathetic romance quest for Parvati in this fucking game. What the fuck was that shit? An asexual lesbian?? Fuck outta here.

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