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What's the worst game you ever wasted money on?

For me it was Lester the Unlikely. Fuck that fucking game.
oh god

Bubsy 3D.
civ 5. I couldn't believe how boring it was. no idea how people play that game for more than 10 mins
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tbh i think civ 3 was the last really good one, maybe 4.

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ITT: Your first JRPG crush when you were a kid

Pic related, Dagger's butt made my adolescent boner rock solid back in the day. It was her which made me think what kind of woman I'd end up looking for.
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>>12 (OP) 
First ever RPG crush?

Jubei Yagyu from the Onimusha series
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>>12 (OP) 
she was so boss with the swords
isn't Onimusha an action/platformer or did that start with the PS2 games
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I painted a yard in puke and got tackled in the shower shortly after once

then i woke up in the tub with the shower running, in a different bathroom.

so sure!

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Do browser games count? This is a browser game thread.

I play as a Jawa in Star Wars Combine :^)
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>>19 (OP) 
i got one on reserve

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best game ever
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>>9 (OP)  (OP) 
people cry about early progression but fuck em, if you don't industrialize then they don't demand resources

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good game

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Just lmao @ the pathetic romance quest for Parvati in this fucking game. What the fuck was that shit? An asexual lesbian?? Fuck outta here.
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If anyone else still plays this game via pc, add Derpcakexx to your rockstar acc and I'll either send griefers to another dimension or mod you cool cars.
you got a paid menu or what? I just scrub around with kiddion's
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I use kiddion as well.
Now i can finally be the god mode vigilante I've always wanted to be
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