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What Games do you play
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Honest reply: My family/I could never afford consoles, or a gaming pc, so I pretty much missed the gamer train entirely. 

To be fair a friend had a PS1 and later a PS2 and I played and loved the fuck out of Silent Hill 1 & 2, and to a lesser extent Dino Crisis also 1 & 2 (strangely enough never played a Resident Evil). I do wish I had played a number of Zelda games (I don't think I've ever heard of anyone who owned any kind of Nintendo), but otherwise I can't say I feel I've missed out on much. Oh I did play Sonic and Mario (the first iteration of each) on a Sega Genesis and a Family (which was our local famiclone if you know what that is) respectively, that a babysitter would sometimes bring over when as a wee bairn.
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fair enough and good choices. i played a lot of solitaire when there was no internet. i had a NES and Genesis growing up but never got a SNES or N64 ended up playing my first N64 games on an emulator with a keyboard on an old emachines like my pic. that kinda sucked but at least i got to play them. now you can just plug in a controller and play whatever you may have missed out on. famiclones are weird. it's never too late to play those classics, I recommend looking into RetroArch if you're interested.
a shocking amount of emulator fuel can be found on archive.org
i am surprised that nintendo hasnt taken them out yet
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hey you finally got your post right

what is the best  all-around vr headset??

looks like the quest is the best but tbh i am not that keen on using hardware fb has their claws into?
I think the quest are still the most accessible but you can deMeta them.

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A thread where we can discuss mods/wads and doom itself.
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apparently Ranger, Quake Ranger, and Quakeguy are all acceptable. Neat.
just downloaded it. idk what a  .wad is
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your brain's a wad
it's basically the maps

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Thread for Games that Deserve Awesome Respect:

I'll start with Tron 2.0. Awesome FPS that was ahead of it's time and still looks good nearly 20 years later.
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>>196 (OP) 
>Awesome Respect
How can respect be awesome? Do I have to express it through a massive mural, or a post-modernist meta-novel? Should I commit suicide in its honour?
That game got me into Fear Factory

I've been on a big Stardew Valley kick recently, shit's fun.
The ace of spades alpha had early 2010s vidya going wild
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have you tried the openspades project?  Its pretty legit as well

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but its kicking my ass 

we will see, it will be reverse proxied and accessable via a domain name.

stay tuned
Well if it doesn't pan out you can always make it a Goldeneye: Source server, I'd play the shit out of that.

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recommend me some maybe 20 titles of rpg from snes to psx era (also includes DOS)
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Suikoden, Suikoden 2, Soleil, The Speris Legacy, FFVII.
Sweet home for the famicom is really good. There's translations of the rom on the internet. It's the predecessor to resident evil

Star Ocean
Bahamut Lagoon
Mario RPG


Shining Force I + II (Shining in the Darkness is ok)
Phantasy Star series


Star Ocean
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little big planet was some awesome gaming
Didn't get to play much PS3, just some Assassin's Creed and Infamous. I haven't owned a console since ps2
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Games you played that you know are shitty, but still love to play them.
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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (TA:K) isn't shitty but, when it came out, everyone shat upon it bc Chris Taylor (the man behind Total Annihilation) wasn't involved in it and everyone just wanted more TA (specifically, TA2) and not TA:K.

TA:K was ahead of it's time when it came to Real-Time Strategy, with an engaging storyline, distinct multiple sides and streamlined gameplay. In some ways, it's almost a proto-"Tower Defense" game in that some single-player levels are quite "Tower Defense"-like.
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>>70 (OP) 

JFK Reloaded. It's literally a 3 minute simulation of killing jfk to prove the official story was a lie
First time I saw a lan party they were playing TA

I played Tribes instead lol
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Honestly, I never stop being amazed at how little press this game gets, especially when given the backstory.

The Dark Mod is a free game that emulates Thief 1/2 gameplay in a heavily-modified Doom 3 engine. It has a level editor and is actively updated with an online community.

If you ever wanted to see what a real Thief 3 would've been like, this is the closest that you'll ever get. Everyone should at least download and play it once in their life.

Can I still play Super Turbo Turkey Puncher?

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Obscure games you played as a child
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>any psygnosis game
>if theres a sound test
Based Matt Furniss enjoyer.
Riddle of the Sphinx on the Atari 2600. I don't have a fucking clue what was going on, but I think I got to the end.
I've played so many obscure games that it's hard to list.

I was a beta tester for a game called "Jumpman Zero," which was a homage to the game "Jumpman." That was pretty cool. I think you can still find it on the Internet, too.

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