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recommend me some maybe 20 titles of rpg from snes to psx era (also includes DOS)
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your comment is also unrelated
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how about now
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still no titles
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Obscure games you played as a child
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oh god too many to list

any psygnosis game
pinball dreams, by Digital Illusions
Civilization & SimCity

tbh you dont even need to play half the games if theres a sound test
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>any psygnosis game
>if theres a sound test
Based Matt Furniss enjoyer.
Riddle of the Sphinx on the Atari 2600. I don't have a fucking clue what was going on, but I think I got to the end.

Fuck Malenia.
Such fucking bullshit.
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ima just use this neat sword of through the fire and flames i found
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That's obviously for dragons.
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it do have some force to it
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You're alright.

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If you don't know the story behind this absolute dumpster fire of a has-been, here's the start of the saga:


Never one to let things like facts get him down, this leathery mound of greasy human-shaped mashed potatoes is once again suing to get his "Epic God Gamer" reputation unhitched from the bumper of his shitty Pinto:


Is there anyone (save for Billy Mitchell, which is a similar story but Pac-Man) in the video gaming world who's been such a consistant piece of shit for 40 years and counting?
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internet went down for a while and got into this game. loving the music, graphics/art and how fast paced the movement is but basically Square was better when they knew less about western culture. side quests are bullshit. this song is definitely getting ingrained in the back of my mind.
have not played automata but probably will after.
i been looking for a beat em up but shit like Bayonetta is extra af so I've been leery of even looking into this tbh

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Campaign is pretty fun. Game runs ok on 2020's low-mid range rig with some settings tweaks. Got some weird sprint bug that almost made me fall over irl but it smoothed itself out

Hopefully a day 1 patch irons that stuff out and they don't tank it with Warzone integration like they did mw19

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Seems like "this looks fine" is a hot take, but I'm kinda stoked, even having a ps2 next to me that I'm pretty sure currently has SH2 in it right now.


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Final Fantasy 6 is the best game of all time, fight me
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are you 50
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and then i asked if he even doom'd.
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Just sayin, play more Doom

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Dripasaur, Bongcat, or Swagduck?

I'm leaning towards Bongcat

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ITT: Your first JRPG crush when you were a kid

Pic related, Dagger's butt made my adolescent boner rock solid back in the day. It was her which made me think what kind of woman I'd end up looking for.
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I painted a yard in puke and got tackled in the shower shortly after once

then i woke up in the tub with the shower running, in a different bathroom.

so sure!
Lightning from 13
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Tifa probably. surprised no one else said it.

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