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Psalm 94

does anybody still play it
the servers have little to none players but the gaem is epik
i still like it
its cool but pretty dead
samefagging in a slow imageboard is pathetic

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i am bad at fps games, but i like playing them. bad as in ur girlfriend could prolly kick my ass in a 1v1 fps session.

i own both cs1.6 and cs:s but im not sure which one i should install and play. 

i prefer tdm style online multiplayer. 

my potato laptop cant run cs:go/cs2 so thats off the table.

picrel is said potato faptop
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This subreddit is about video games; Linux has less video games than PS3

>>381 (OP) 
Realistically the only difference is the engine, I prefer Source because that's what I started on (and I have my micspam set up already)

Since you're doing this in literally every new thread can you please make sure to contribute while you're being miserable thanks
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very valid excuse. I had to make a virtual box because of that, it isn't the best thing.
what else do you want to play other than Minecraft?
real vidya doesn't exist anymore anyway. buy a 3ds if you actually want to play games.
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i have a 3ds emulator already.
i used to setup pci passthrough on a qemu win10 vm with Ubuntu host, could use my gpu for the vm and the igpu for linux.....

this laptop only has a igpu, nothing else

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any1 of u /v/iggers play Minecraft anarchy? No better place to troll troons and make them overdose on SSRIs.
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>>376 (OP) 
I would actually join
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OMG so nostalgic ΒΊoΒΊ
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we can be gangsters together

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do you guys play the best game ever made, blue archive?
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Don't reply to a great joke with a shit joke, son. We don't do scat here.
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What ocean?
Replies: >>368
the one with all the motion
>>330 (OP) 
Archiving the color blue?

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Maybe it's the fact that I'm using a PS5 controller to play this shit on my phone but I don't remember Sonic 3 & Knuckles being so taint-punchingly difficult.

Took me like 4 hours to get all the damn emeralds because Special Stages 5 6 and 7 are made of concentrated fuck and even moreso at 60fps.

Anyone else tried to go on a nostalgia trip lately only to get kneecapped in a dark alley?
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I don't know why I'm surprised to learn that was a real thing
>>266 (OP) 
I remember SOTN being alot easier then it is now on emulator but perhaps it's just been years since playing the game I'm rusty
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I've found with SotN that i probably bruteforced my way through the game way back when, lol
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im preparing so hard rn

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Who would really win?


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a cunt.
more news at 11
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Dripasaur, Bongcat, or Swagduck?

I'm leaning towards Bongcat
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Well yeah, they eat. They also lay eggs so it makes sense that the birds would at least have cloaca
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Where's the poop, then? Where



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they're eating it
and then theyre gonna eat me
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What Games do you play
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honestly i first tried him, the EMMI are way harder
Replies: >>342
Damn, I thought as I progressed that means Raven beak would be super tough since the E.M.M.I were tough. It took me a few tries with Kraig also but I got the jest of it.
Replies: >>343
Oh he's easily the toughest thing in the game, I just had more trouble with the EMMI
Replies: >>355
It probably the way the E.M.M.I's area layout is that makes it tough sometimes. I think the worst one was the third area I went to being filled where as I didn't have much room to take the armor off then blast its ass.

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Honestly, I never stop being amazed at how little press this game gets, especially when given the backstory.

The Dark Mod is a free game that emulates Thief 1/2 gameplay in a heavily-modified Doom 3 engine. It has a level editor and is actively updated with an online community.

If you ever wanted to see what a real Thief 3 would've been like, this is the closest that you'll ever get. Everyone should at least download and play it once in their life.

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black magic
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you mean "african-american" magic?
Replies: >>264
that was an incredibly clever and not at all predictable joke you just made
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