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Psalm 94

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Maybe it's the fact that I'm using a PS5 controller to play this shit on my phone but I don't remember Sonic 3 & Knuckles being so taint-punchingly difficult.

Took me like 4 hours to get all the damn emeralds because Special Stages 5 6 and 7 are made of concentrated fuck and even moreso at 60fps.

Anyone else tried to go on a nostalgia trip lately only to get kneecapped in a dark alley?
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>>266 (OP) 
Crash Team Racing, also any fighting game à la Mortal Kombat or (especially) Street Fighter
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Yeah I can hit all the jump and slide boosts but fuck me if I even look at a TNT box. Also I remembered you can't jump that wall in whichever ice level with the Tiger... via braille
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I knew all stages by memory, and could always make that jump you're talking about. I always knew when TNT boxers were gonna pop up, and the paths to take to make the most of all those li'l falls that would give you a short boost, etc. Problem is, I always played alone, and didn't realise people tend to be better than AI. Playing with others after years of "perfecting my skillz" on single player was a particularly rough awakening.
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I entered an n64 Smash tournament at work and promptly got shittered by Fox
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I realised I can only be good at games like Silent Hill (which is good actually since I and II are my fav vidya of all time), Resident Evil (which I didn't really go nuts for), Dino Crisis (take RE and replace zombies with DINOS HOLY SHIT I loved I and II so much), and the Zelda games which sadly were always outside of my grasp since I only ever had a playstation I and eventually a II when everyone was getting a III. That and having a babysitter bring us a Family (our local flavour of Famiclone) and a Sega Genesis so at least I got to play Mario and Sonic, but alas my Zelda experience is relegated to shitty roms on a computer with too high a resolution for it to make sense. Also, the early Zeldas were kinda shit and boring. I wish I could've played the N64/GameCube ones on the actual console, and the Breath Of The Wild/Tears Of The Kingdom generation looks amazing and like a shitton of fun, but I'll be in a home before I get the chance to experience that. 

I said it before but I'll repeat it: I often feel like gaming was a perfectly viable additament to my list of artistic disciplines of that I peruse regularly (along with music, books, films/series and whatnot) that I completely missed out on and won't be able to experience any time soon if ever. That's a wee bit sad to me.
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Link's Awakening is the first one I played and probably my favorite. 

speaking of absurd resolution, pic related.
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yeah that one sounds like a right rump too, I thought it was on the GameCube, completely forgot that there are handheld exclusives. Going back to the early games that I didn't like, I *would* however play that remake they did of A Link to the Past
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On the Switch? That's Link's Awakening.
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No, I completely fucked that statement up: Not so much a remake but an "alternative" version of it with some modifications regarding plot and puzzles and whatnot, which ended up being called A Link Between Worlds
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Link's Awakening's the one with the cosmic whale and whatnot, right? I'd also give that one a go
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Yeah, grab the DX version.
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i completely forgot about that one. Also a good one, but there's some annoying mechanics
boy, if I could afford any console at all... Maybe some day, when they're as hard to find as an Atari and just as insanely overpriced. Shit sucks.
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I haven't paid for any games in years, at least when i don't have to. Also my left thumb hurts but I beat the dang game finally. Now to do it again with Knuckles & Knuckles
vidya used to be tricky
dark souls got all that reputation but its basically ocarina of time
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I have found that, in very broad terms, games tend to become comparatively harder, but also worse in every other possible aspect, as we go backwards in time
it's closer to a metroidvania imo
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it's basically an anthropomorphic bullet hell
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Hmm, nah. You generally see death coming in bullet hells.
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yeah but it's mostly just memorising a series of timed evasive moves and furtive attacks through trial and error
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That's literally everything from Contra and Gradius to Stardew Valley and Need for Speed
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if we want to be absurdly reductive, sure. We can state with no fault in logic nor break in syllogism that PacMan and Guitar Hero and It Takes Two are literally the same game. Language is whack like that
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Everything is a rhythm game
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All games, indeed all human experience can be summed up as a fixed set of the following steps:
1. Interact with interface
2. Achieve goal
3. If not, repeat

There, we've solved the universe and can finally die
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Congrats! You can begin by starting
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there is no other way to start than beginning you absolute doorknob
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I wasn't the one who suggested suicide.
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cool non sequitur, do you have any other inane comments for us
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Yes.  Quit speaking with a dick between ur lips faggot.
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ooo yeah baby, that's some top tier shitposting
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excuse me officer am I being accused of samefagging
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No, you're two different faggots lol
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we're all different faggots
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Technically correct.
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ew i have motion blur on
fuck the police
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I have earlier been informed that you can in fact begin by starting
Cap fuck outta here this ain't /pol/
I'm glad you got a through-the-pants handy while playing Galaga in the arcade in 1981 but the namefagging is kind of a buzzkill
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noted brochacho

fucking streets of rage 3 kicked my ass
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I've never beaten a single fuckin beat em up
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riveting tale, chap
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What did he say?
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just spammed a bunch of nonsensical shit
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Schizos gonna schizo.
As for the original topic, old games were tough. Nintendo having to make shit easier for westerners and so on.
I still remember that fucking Sonic 2 Act 2 Death Egg fight.
Why no rings? Why not even one?
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I think it was less dumbing things down for the west and more making it hard so as to artificially extend the hours of gameplay you could get out of what otherwise would be too short a game. Especially considering that proportionally games were far more expensive then (not just because of inflation but also considering what you're getting for your buck, hence the importance of stretching gameplay by making it extra difficult)
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>Sonic 2 Act 2 Death Egg fight

Oh god I can hear the level restarting in my head
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Oh, you're right. Wasn't a lot of that to combat the rental market?
I should have said act 1. Now that I think about it that last level was weird and only had one act.
>Oh god I can hear the level restarting in my head
They wrote that whole song for a short 5 second run before it changes. Barely seems worth it until you keep dying and find yourself just standing at the start contemplating whether you're going to try again or not and sit listening to the whole thing.
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>Wasn't a lot of that to combat the rental market?
Probably. I hadn't considered rentals, but when you put together the purposely borderline impossible difficulty of old school cartridge games and a rental's dependence on people wanting to relive/continue the experience it makes sense that most of their costumers would be kids trying time and time again to beat the same level, renting the same game dozens of times.
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Don't forget some actual rental exclusives like Clayfighter: Sculptors Cut
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I don't know why I'm surprised to learn that was a real thing
>>266 (OP) 
I remember SOTN being alot easier then it is now on emulator but perhaps it's just been years since playing the game I'm rusty
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I've found with SotN that i probably bruteforced my way through the game way back when, lol
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im preparing so hard rn
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