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Psalm 94

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What Games do you play
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>>241 (OP) 
freecell and spider solitaire
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thousands and thousands of hours of minecraft, id say closer to 3000 hrs. id say 1500 hrs on ps3 playing legacy console addition and the rest on java for pc. 

played lots of fallout and skyrim. played a bit of CoD team deathmach. played stalker SoC. 

was playing unturned and dont starve, currently playing a lot of stardew valley. 

i used to play a bit of retro games in dosbox. 

tbh i dont play a lot of video games. im not terribly competative.
Stardew Valley and Doom
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Trad pc gamer lmao

Mainly Clone hero and WRC. Occasional Vampire Survivors and DJMax. Gotta go fast.
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Honest reply: My family/I could never afford consoles, or a gaming pc, so I pretty much missed the gamer train entirely. 

To be fair a friend had a PS1 and later a PS2 and I played and loved the fuck out of Silent Hill 1 & 2, and to a lesser extent Dino Crisis also 1 & 2 (strangely enough never played a Resident Evil). I do wish I had played a number of Zelda games (I don't think I've ever heard of anyone who owned any kind of Nintendo), but otherwise I can't say I feel I've missed out on much. Oh I did play Sonic and Mario (the first iteration of each) on a Sega Genesis and a Family (which was our local famiclone if you know what that is) respectively, that a babysitter would sometimes bring over when as a wee bairn.
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fair enough and good choices. i played a lot of solitaire when there was no internet. i had a NES and Genesis growing up but never got a SNES or N64 ended up playing my first N64 games on an emulator with a keyboard on an old emachines like my pic. that kinda sucked but at least i got to play them. now you can just plug in a controller and play whatever you may have missed out on. famiclones are weird. it's never too late to play those classics, I recommend looking into RetroArch if you're interested.
a shocking amount of emulator fuel can be found on archive.org
i am surprised that nintendo hasnt taken them out yet
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hey you finally got your post right
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>>241 (OP) 
I've decided to pick up dread from a friend of mine recommending it. Just got the super missiles and blowing shit up right at the moment.
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Fantastic game. Try not to get harvested!
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Raven beak will stand no chances against my autistic powers
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honestly i first tried him, the EMMI are way harder
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Damn, I thought as I progressed that means Raven beak would be super tough since the E.M.M.I were tough. It took me a few tries with Kraig also but I got the jest of it.
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Oh he's easily the toughest thing in the game, I just had more trouble with the EMMI
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It probably the way the E.M.M.I's area layout is that makes it tough sometimes. I think the worst one was the third area I went to being filled where as I didn't have much room to take the armor off then blast its ass.
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