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Psalm 94

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this game is fucking god awful.

1. its clunky as hell. i struggle pulling my weapons out while im playing, and when i use heals from the satchel it puts my gun back up and i pretty much lose half my health again getting it back out.

2. the wanted system is gay as fuck. ill put my bandana on during missions and itll get removed, or it just doesnt work and i have a fucking 100 dollar bounty.

3. the offhand holster. at somepoint in the game it forces the offhand holster upon you. like WHY? its not ever there on cutscenes. why the fuck wouldnt you allow it to be removed?
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The horseback controls are shit, the gunplay is shit, the story is pretty engaging, the hunts are shit
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indeed. i have quit playing and im having a hard time picking it back up.
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Yeah, same. Wanna beat it eventually even though it's kinda been spoilered for me. I just like the setting, and we haven't had many good Westerns since Call of Juarez, and GUN.
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>>124 (OP) 
Are you hating it for real. Or is it legit complaints?
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still waiting on the GUN remaster... one day...
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I'd be okay with a new Timesplitters, since there's pretty much a 100% chance of a western level

That or the fucking System Shock remake to come out sometime before I die
The story and characters are pretty nice, but it's glitchy
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