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Psalm 94

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so the plaid army and the diagolon meme, boogyman, "terrorist group" is living rent free in the minds of the canacucks and the uniparty.

i mostly lurk here, but ive only recently learned of the plaid army and associated streamers.

i was pretty tuned into the 2022 convoy protests, yet i never heard of these guys participation front and centre in those protests. 

honestly shits funny af, and its so funny because its causing mass moral panic in the shitlib sphere

#yeetthejeets is their newest piece of memery. 

recently they mass reported the gofundme for a hideous canadian trans/antifa activist who got arrested for assulting zogbots who where breaking up an pro-hamas/anti-israel protest....

honestly this is kinda cool to me and i thought id share it. 

some context, this is their wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagolon
when i was looking into these guys, basically all the people who call anything they don't like, whether it be Nazi/white supremacist/fascist or not, are calling Diagolon and the plaid Army Nazi/white sepremacists/ fascists so thats not exactly helpful....

turns out I was in a few of their telegram channels without even knowing it, I joined them several months or years ago because I saw some stuff that I liked, like good political arguments and points

I've been trying to do research into them, because the MSM claims they are some internet organization.... and have figured out that essentially diagalon is essentially a Boogaloo adjacent meme

Ive started to listen to a few of their live streams, there's definitely some stuff I don't agree with, but there's also some things I do agree with

when I looked them up on google, the results definitely seems censored. 

I've been trying to do my own research on them and figure out if they're a group I want to follow or no

they definitely said some spicy stuff, but not really any worse than you hear in a lunch room or on Facebook

this link explains the meme
>i mostly lurk here
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