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Psalm 94

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Congratulations, IHM.
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>>7182 (OP) 
That doesn't look very official to me
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cant a man dream?
Replies: >>7185
in bed, away from a computer, yes
Fred's a nugget
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todays your day IHM
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it's her birthday?
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nah lol thats april 6th
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what would they actually charge fred the nugget with if hes arrested? is he technically liable for what people were doing on 8chan?
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He's responsible for his actions not the actions of others. Same as everyone else.

still a faggot too!
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and what are those crimes
Replies: >>7211 >>7217
birthing you

wire fraud for starters, but you know, we don't have all day
To be fair, I've seen some police posters that looked fake because of how poorly they were made.
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and what is your opinion on the poster i posted at the start of this thread?
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looks like 3rd world photoshop
it looks like an ad for dick pills I'd see on the corner of a russian website while looking for affordable escorts
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if you add the internet to anything, it just gets more expensive. hookers included.
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someone doesn't know how to use the deep web lol
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someone doesn't know how to get  laid without paying someone lol
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why would I do that
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you dont gotta pay for sex, man
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>Not only does he still obey the Symbolic Imperative, he also thinks "no money exchanged" = you're not paying for it
lol how primitive; enjoy the middleman monkey dance
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wow your such a brilliant, intuitive, red-pilled, little incel, aren't you?
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worry not
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