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two swedes saying the N-word at each other

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Psalm 94

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>A meta-analysis published online in JAMA Psychiatry in September found that Black individuals are at higher risk of ADHD diagnosis than the general population, a finding that “challenges generally accepted statements that Black individuals have a lower prevalence of ADHD compared with others,” the authors note.

How do we solve the negro sperg question? Education doesn't affect them at all because they can't read due to lack of focus and attention span. Do we need to build special sperg camps?
Replies: >>6860 >>6958
I know, let's waste neurons trying to take an intellectual approach to a primitive problem
Replies: >>6919
Deport them to Africa. I've read that dyslexia is pretty common among niggers in the U.S and it would actually explain a lot of the problems surrounding civilization on the African continent.If your attention span is nowhere to be found and you struggle with basic reading comprehension then I doubt any black population can produce engineers.
Replies: >>6859
Africa is based
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>Only 14% of African- American 8th graders read at a proficient level. The high school dropout rate among African Americans is even more staggering with more than 60% dropping out in high school.

muhfuggin' bookz r raysist n shiiieeeeeet
Replies: >>6865
>>6854 (OP) 
This isn not a political discussion. Also, y'all just *had* to be so stereotypically swedish and be utterly obsessed with blacks, did ya? Is that what the swedish constitution, a.k.a. the Hadith, mandates? Rent free, stfg smh smh fr fr fr swr2g fam
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not surprising that they didn't invent the wheel until europeans showed up
we get it, you love blacks
>niggers lack the ability to reason and resort to chimpish screeching
>"nigger nigger nigger"
>The basis of the modern economic growth that emerged in Britain in the late eighteenth century was technological innovation, and the Industrial Revolution had itself built on a long incremental series of innovations in agriculture, transportation, and elsewhere in the economy. Many of these innovations did not take place in Africa. For example, outside of Ethiopia, no African country innovated the plow. Similarly, systems of writing were largely restricted to the same region, though also encompassing the Sudan and Somalia. Also absent was the wheel. The fact that wheeled transportation was not used in sub-Saharan Africa until the early colonial period is paradoxical because it is well established that African societies knew about the wheel from the earls modern period onward.
>Wheeled carriages were in use in Dahomey from at least the eighteenth century and were even produced there. Nevertheless, wheeled vehicles did not spread out of ceremonial uses with the exception of a small amount of military use.

To be fair: 95% of the African continent did not know about the wheel and those that did know were too retarded to use it for something meaningful or productive. 

Generalization is bad, sir.
Replies: >>6870 >>6872 >>6919
holy shit! nazi bigots BTFO! how will they ever recover?! absolutely schooled!
Replies: >>6876 >>6919
breaking news: swedes can't stop, won't stop thinking about bick black nigger dick; more at 11
Learn to read, coon
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Replies: >>6902
Wakanda forever.
Replies: >>6903 >>6919
The white man's tiny brain made it impossible for him to invent the wheel and the white woman's saggy tits made it impossible for her to be beautiful. The African man helped the white devil and in return only got misfortune and agony.
Replies: >>6904 >>6905 >>6919
Replies: >>6919
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Replies: >>6911 >>6912 >>6919
Cope, nigger
Someone is buttblasted, lmao.
Replies: >>6913 >>6914 >>6919
yeah, obviously
Replies: >>6914 >>6915 >>6919

Yeah, it's you faggots.
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Power tripping mod with a chip on his shoulder.
Replies: >>6916 >>6917 >>6919
Try again
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Replies: >>6918 >>6919
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Replies: >>6919 >>6920
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Replies: >>6921
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>thread reaches reply limit
>has already made 122 posts
>deletes the last post just so he can add a final word of anger

This dude, lmao.
Replies: >>6922 >>6923
Weird how it was edited by a different user.

Also, nice job failing the captcha

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Replies: >>6924 >>6925 >>6926
I take it neither of you tar babies can read the public logs?
Replies: >>6926
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I mean...come on! LMAO.
Replies: >>6926 >>6927
Replies: >>6928
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Replies: >>6928 >>6929
Replies: >>6930
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Replies: >>6930 >>6931
Replies: >>6932
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Replies: >>6932 >>6933
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You are fucking stupid and do not get it: I will bumplock whatever fucking thread I want.
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Replies: >>6936
Congratulations, you've got the captcha solved % back to almost 10%

Whoops, -0.08%. Try again.

Congratulations, it only took you 4 tries.

9.79%. You guys suck.
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Replies: >>6938 >>6942
who would've known that besides being obsessed with black men you also had the posting style of a 14 year old in 2010
Replies: >>6939
O hay welcome to "sweden tries to fight their way out of the captcha dimension"
Replies: >>6940
thanks can't stay long tho gotta go hospital
Replies: >>6941
o shid well hope all goes well
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Replies: >>6943 >>6944
No, I'm not turning the captcha off. Sorry.

Why are you faggots posting Russians?
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A real hero and a human being.
Replies: >>6945
We should probably just gas your country
Replies: >>6948
Sweden is the worst thing since nazi Germany
homo fuckin', even
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>>6854 (OP) 
yellow peril
Replies: >>6972
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Replies: >>6973
ching to the chong
ping to the pong
chang to the lang, bang, kang
Replies: >>6974 >>6977
Replies: >>6975
Holy shit, lol.
Replies: >>6980
Hilariously autistic.
Replies: >>6982
Fuckin swedes man
ultra aspergers
Replies: >>6986
Funny as hell.
you can't help retarded niggers because it demands more effort than it's worth
Replies: >>6988 >>6990
i read that some harvard professor (jigaboo, of course) resigned because of plagiarism

even negro "academics" are useless
Replies: >>6991 >>6993 >>6994
She obviously can't read.
Replies: >>6992
fake and gay
She became a professor thanks to affirmative action.
Replies: >>6997
on a scale of zero to three at-capacity threads in a row and counting, how obsessed with negros are your average swedes?
Replies: >>6996
Beats me but Marius and his boyfriend need to chill
Replies: >>6999
Her entrance exam consisted of repeating the word ”Racist” over and over again.
Replies: >>6998 >>7001
maybe it's a muslim thing, what with the swedish constitution having been replaced with Hadith
Don't forget "kill whitey".
Replies: >>7002
standard tests for negroes is to smoke weed and talk with broken english (ebonics)
Replies: >>7003 >>7010
bro have you ever heard a sweede speake englishe even the neegars do it bettere
Replies: >>7004
I don't think they can see any posts besides their own. It's like having hom-o-vision or something
Replies: >>7005
Maybe they don't speak english

What's the swedish word for "niggerfaggot"
Replies: >>7006
Replies: >>7007
that might be the only funny thing said in any of these threads
Replies: >>7008
thank you I'll be here all week
even if they are born in a country they still suck at speaking properly
Replies: >>7011
The unwavering lack of intellect.
Replies: >>7012
no, it is a natural born speech impediment

their lips are too big and obstruct every facial movement so pronouncing words become impossible
Replies: >>7013 >>7014 >>7016
Kill yourself
Replies: >>7015
Join the pile of dead Nordic coons
Makes sense.
Replies: >>7017
ebonics is the natural way of expressing how much your lips are in the way
Replies: >>7022 >>7030
fucking nigger swedes leave
>superglue camp
It's called Africa, anon
Replies: >>7021
h[u] r u >in
Balloon Lip Syndrome.
Replies: >>7023
Replies: >>7024
rotund negro yapper
Replies: >>7025
bix nood aperture
Replies: >>7027
[Hide] (3.4MB, 464x464, 00:43)
this > sveedeesh "speaking" english
Mufuggin Afro lips.
Replies: >>7028 >>7029
Cunting swedes

holy shit shut the fuck up
Thanks to negro lips we have mumble rap.
Replies: >>7031 >>7032
Thanks to Swede lips we have pink eye
It's not mumble rap. It's how they talk but you add some shitty low effort beats to it.
Replies: >>7033
it's not like you need skills to make rap music in the first place

it's mouth breather music
Replies: >>7035
You can tell that the hip hop and rap scenes are full of untalented retards. It's all tone-deaf negro babble tracks.
Replies: >>7036 >>7039
You don't listen to rap.
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qui tacet consentire videtur
rap is pretty much an outlet for stupid people
Replies: >>7040
Negro "music" has no substance. It's overhyped garbage promoted as some kind of cultural expression. Throw in some drugs and violence so you can appeal to lowbrow mongoloids that have zero taste.
Replies: >>7041 >>7042 >>7043
Replies: >>7042
blues tho
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Replies: >>7059 >>7062
There is something about negroes and being insufferable assholes.
Replies: >>7060 >>7061

pretty simple
Replies: >>7063
that's a pretty bold way of coming out as black
biiiiix noooooood
Replies: >>7070
I don't think any amount of Ritalin can save Africa from itself.
Replies: >>7064
what about concerta?
Replies: >>7065
Nope. Won't work at all. The negroes are hopeless.
Replies: >>7066
too bad
Replies: >>7067
Not really. Africa is shit and will always be shit, just like any ghetto in the U.S.A.
Replies: >>7068
can't argue with that
Leu polyphonie vocale est extrêmement élaborée. Le chant à l'unisson est rare. Dans ce domaine, les Pygmées font preuve d'une intelligence et d'une imagination musicales sans pareilles. Cette pratique fait une large place à la variation et procède par mouvements divergents incluant des imitations mélodiques, des improvisations mélismatiques, des motifs obstinés, des pédales ornées, des interjections mi-chantées ou mi-parlées. A l'intérieur de cadres périodiques précisément organisés - fondés sur un nombre constant de pulsations régulières constituant un cycle réitératif - et de structures modales pentatoniques anhémitoniques, les chanteurs bénéficient d'une grande liberté et utilisent des intervalles disjoints sur des ambitus étendus qui peuvent dépasser l'octave. Que ce soit dans les monodies ou les polyphonies, ils recourent fréquemment à la technique du jodel. Ces polyphonies sont intégrées à de multiples manifestations, notamment aux rituels, aux jeux et aux contes. En fait, à chaque circonstance correspond un répertoire spécifique possédant ses caractéristiques propres qui déterminent aussi bien les procédés musicaux mis en oeuvre que les modalités d'exécution.
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Replies: >>7071 >>7072
If you're going to waste our bandwidth then at least post the original version of that. It's much less shitty. Thanks.
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Replies: >>7073
George Floyd's self-portrait.
Replies: >>7074
You're asking for originality? From the swedes??
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Replies: >>7075 >>7145 >>7174
That's awful, George.
Replies: >>7076 >>7077
You're awful, Sven
Poor negro. He's got a gigantic nose and yet he's deprived of oxygen.
Replies: >>7144
why don't you nigget-obsessed fucks ever say/post anything funny/entertaining
Replies: >>7146 >>7147
It wasn't funny at all
M-m-m-m-m-m-m-bix nood.
Replies: >>7148 >>7149
Boom boom boom.
Replies: >>7149 >>7151
Secret bbc enjoyers
Replies: >>7150
I mean not exactly secret given this is the 100th thread but still
Replies: >>7152 >>7164
oh look another faggot come to nurse the shaft
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Replies: >>7154 >>7162
This. This is actually funny.
Replies: >>7155
Ten hundred thousand million aeons and a day on ms paint
Replies: >>7156
Oh dang i only know how to use After Effects
Replies: >>7157
But who makes the Pre and During Effects??
Replies: >>7158
pre is stored in the balls
and I assume during is covered by the participants
Replies: >>7159
Or maybe it's the participants that are covered in during (get it like urine ha ha)
Replies: >>7160
no that would make them indian
Replies: >>7161
I've found that pissplay is a very germanic thing. You know what country is (now vestigially) germanic? That's right: Sverige.


aLSO whomever this is, either I'll pay you to do some work or if you don't want to, just tell me the website
Replies: >>7163
[Hide] (21KB, 300x300) Reverse
Replies: >>7165
I gnome what you're saying.
Replies: >>7168
is "gnome" an endearing term for your teenie weenies?
Replies: >>7167
He meant "nawmsayn" but he is stupid
bix nood, brotha
Replies: >>7170
y'all better gitsum grape drank up in dis muhfugga
Replies: >>7172 >>7181
Fo sho.
They're outright LARPing now. They wish to be the little nigg.
George Floyd was a horrible man and I'm glad he's dead. Useless crack monkey.
Replies: >>7175
what he do
Replies: >>7176 >>7177
he committed the crime of withholding BBC from a swede and now they're very bitter
He was a retarded junkie.
Replies: >>7178
okay and
Replies: >>7179
Now he's a dead retarded junkie.
Replies: >>7180
Good riddance.
shiiiiiieeeeeet nigguh
Replies: >>7186
yo, homie
Replies: >>7200
AYO, hol up....
Replies: >>7201
you are a melanated individual that commits crime on a regular basis
Replies: >>7202
Replies: >>7203
pretty accurate, right?
Replies: >>7204
Replies: >>7205
dayum honkies
Replies: >>7207
Shut yo mouf.
Replies: >>7215
nah imma finna bix nood some more
Replies: >>7216
Damn straight, baby. Mmmmhhmmmm.
Replies: >>7226
okay LaQeesha
Replies: >>7227
Replies: >>7230
Replies: >>7231
Replies: >>7232
Replies: >>7237
Replies: >>7238
Replies: >>7239 >>7242
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[Hide] (3.3MB, 480x272, 01:15)
Replies: >>7243 >>7249
>Bon'Qui Qui

im dead
Replies: >>7244
we all wish
Replies: >>7245
you are nothing and nobody
Replies: >>7246 >>7247
I like him better than I like you so fuck you
Replies: >>7248
why are you talking to yourself in a public forum
aw shucks
>Fa'Nay Nay

Replies: >>7250 >>7251
This is what happens when you only speak one language and you do it so poorly that you try to throw in some random syllables from a foreign one to make your gibberish sound better.
Replies: >>7252
Replies: >>7253
Tay Tay.
Replies: >>7257
Sha'Nay Nay.
Replies: >>7258
Replies: >>7259
Last edited by Hidden User
Replies: >>7264
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Replies: >>7265
It’s better to be high and not drunk.
Replies: >>7266
first objectively accurate thing in this thread
Replies: >>7267
Okay, negro.
Replies: >>7268 >>7269
You're illiterate. I'm a crime, not a criminal.
Last edited by homicide
Replies: >>7270
who smelt it dealt it
No, you're a negro.
Replies: >>7272 >>7273 >>7274
Nope, English and Irish
A double negro.
Replies: >>7274 >>7284
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Replies: >>7285
[Hide] (39.4KB, 300x165) Reverse
Replies: >>7286
[Hide] (6.5MB, 640x480, 04:05)
Where's the cake?
Replies: >>7287 >>7289
Take that /cake/ shit to 7chan you loli enthusiast
Replies: >>7288
hey man you need to accept that their culture is different, that in Sweden, being a muslim country, it's fine to be a wee nonce
Just take a slice you...you...double nigger!
Replies: >>7290
don't mind if i do
Replies: >>7291
Ha! You’re a negro.
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