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two swedes saying the N-word at each other

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Psalm 94

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Are you faggots ready to have a December to remember?
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why won't you let met forget
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>>6666 (OP) 

Satanic get for Santa
Yes, I'm ready to purchase a fuel-efficient, American made car to drive down dirt roads, splash through the mud, and have tailgate parties with my family and our neighborhood friends after we watch the college football game.

You know, it's wild that in 2008 the sentence above would be mocking "normies". Now, living that way is a radical trad resistance to the nightmare that the millenials forced upon us.
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ok boomer

Yes because we ruined the economy within a single generation. Totally didn't have anything to do with the boomers screwing over GenX causing them to not give a shit and making us deal with it.
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Boomers literally created American culture and reached its height. The only thing they did to millenials was a small recession in 2008. 

Whereas millenials have destroyed human civilization via big tech, unleashed the woke mind virus, and have no responsibility for the future because they invented this retarded "mah boomers did it all" meme
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So you're not only incredibly stupid but also a lying sack of shit, good to know.
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Millenial cope is sad. They are so desperate to be the victimized good guys lol
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found the salty GenX
>created American culture and reached its height
their greatest sin
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on second thought, they didn' even do that: It was mostly the Xers who committed that mortal sin, or had it committed for their sake
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See, I knew GenX was to blame. Fuckin hair metal killed god and jizzed on his corpse
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hardly, it was mostly american "hardcore", the hippity hoppity garbage and that disgrace that went under the coopted name of "grunge"
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Honestly good. Metallica doesn't deserve the credit
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Metallica has never done anything to deserve any sort of praise other than being from the U.S., land of media control, mass produced propaganda, coopting as a cultural imperative, and land of the slogan "we invented it, and if we didn't, we made it better", which is demonstrably false every step of the way. Anyway-
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Granted: Their slave trade did give them the chance to poin to the only two undisputed american originals worth anything at all, which are blues and jazz (and even then with two bigass asterisks next to each genre), but damned if the whiteys didn't try to take credit for "perfecting" the best thing they ever had, indirectly making blacks turn to funkadelic and afrika bambaataa
>Metallica has never done anything to deserve any sort of praise

Could have saved yourself time by just stopping there

Christ you're unbearable some of the all of the time.
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The rest will never not need be said
I know, I know. At least I'm not a swede tho
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