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Psalm 94

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been hearing rumblings that ((( they ))) are trying to reintroduce lockdowns and masks and other mandates this winter. 

apparently alex jones is the one who started claiming this a few days ago. 

are they REALY gonna try this again? it didnt really work that well last time....most people now are able to admit that they think that they where being lied to a manipulated. 

like they cant be serious to try it again with covid....

makes me wonder about the likelihood that jones is shizo and/or controlled opposition/glowie. 

pic unrel cause i wanted to find a screenshot of a tweet that was put out but i cant find it...
replying to my own post...

tbh i wouldnt put it past the fags in the faggerment to do something like this again ngl, its in the text of the Liberal party of canadas platform for 2023 that they still want mandates  and vax passports etc. 

but maybe alex jones is lying, maybe this is a publicity stunt/grift on his part. 

part of me thinks if he truely was exposing the deep state pedo vampires they would have suicided him
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This one I quite like, it's got that art nouveau vibe I dig. Don't know if it works, thoug. Probably?
nigger wtf

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Don't you guys have some moose fires or something to worry about more?
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just look at this fucking thing. I bet it reeked of crack before it was restored.
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