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Psalm 94

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Sieg Heil, fellow Aryans

We've all heard the names: Jews, Hebrews, Semites.

Well, I believe that the Semites (from the Biblical lineage of Shem) were White - Caucasian, along with the Adamites that came from Adam and his wife, Eve.

The name "Jew" wasn't even mentioned in the Holy Bible until like 2 Kings, but there needs to be made a distinction in context.

The word "Jew" highly likely (in the New Testament) is used as a litmus test for understanding and knowledge. The changing of language, identity, has been happening on a frequent basis throughout history. Most of the changes are around absolution of bloodlines, DNA, etc, and more around the merging of peoples into a singular nationality. For the most part, "SEMANTICS" is BS when it comes to DNA. Immutable fact.

There should be a clear distinction between the "Jew" of today's term vs a person who is from the tribe of Judah. And, the nation of Judea... Even though the Romans ruled over the land of Judea, Edomites - a people from Edom, or Idumea - slowly progressed north of Edom into the newly exiled lands of Judah by the Babylonians. A certain number of people from the nation of Judah returned, under an edict from Nebuchadnezzar, returned back to the land of Judah to build the Second Temple. A certain group of Edomites decided to levy their way into "helping" the people of Judah build the second temple. The same individuals were rejected. In jealousy, they decided to write to the officials in the land and abroad of what was "happening", obviously, obfuscating the facts from the officials.

There is no mistake... The Edomites were still in the land when the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees took over the Second temple. With the advent of Jesus' birth coming around, the Edomites, now known to be "Idumean" in Roman tongue, had held power in the land now known as "Judea". Likely could call a citizen a "Jew" - after JU-dea (maybe a different form of "Idumea" - Iudea. The king of Judea (EDOMITE / IDUMEAN) had likely heard prophesied mysteries of a chosen Messiah / Anointed one - known now as Jesus Christ - unto which he would have likely killed, if not for a temporal fleeing down to Egypt. Mary and Joseph returned after some time, but it didn't save the rest of those around Christ's age of being slaughtered after the census.

Remember: A census can be good, in a particular way, but can be harmful when the local, state and national governments use it to de-populate Caucasian numbers through "Diversity quotas". "Diversity quotas" should be considered real. Certain numbers of inter-racial relations happen because of propaganda, "tolerance", deliberate immigration and wars / rumors of wars.

The Edomites considered their part in the world - to take what they thought was rightfully theirs, spread corruption over the world, in particular, where the children of the Israelites may be living. And, if the Jews are going after the descendants of Israel, and they were White / Caucasoid... I feel sorry for those that didn't want a war, or a very long grudge, to be caught up in it.

The Holy Bible is important to many people, whatever their skin color is, BUT... It's much more worthy to the Aryan to distinguish who the Jews of today are. And, of the Edomitic deity called "Qaus / Qos" - the Adversary (Satan) of Israel's God.
>>5083 (OP) 
If you hate jews why do you use twitter?
>>5083 (OP) 

>Adam and Eve weren't literally 2 people you fucking retard. It's an allegory, if you actually read your Bible, you'd fucking know that
the bible is fiction, dude
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Whether it's fiction or not is irrelevant to op's incoherent rambling that shows a kindergarten at best level understanding of the Bible. 1984 is fuckin too, y yet people still discuss it and its merit.
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it's relevant because he believes it's not
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huh seems nicer than the other wishing for people to lose lawsuits and their jobs for their beliefs
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I'll take your word for it, i've never been to leddit lol also
>1 minute
lmao bye

Actually, it isn't. You can believe something is a work of fiction and still believe it has merit. The Bible is one of the largest collections of wisdom literature ever written. You're not going to browbeat people into believing in God or the Bible. 

Especially since in regards to the book of Genesis, he's completely right, it's entirely a work of fiction. It's an oral tradition that wasn't written down until over 4000 years after the death of Abraham. There's some truth to it, but the story in the garden isn't 2 literal people, it's their understanding of the fall of man. Also, are you aware the the tree of knowledge is a reference to sexual impurity?

The word know means to have sex, knowledge is the concept of sex as a whole. Wisdom is used for the word we now use as knowledge. God's first commandment was to tell people to fuck. Almost every religion at that time in existence was a fertility cult. The rules in leviticus and deuteronomy were primarily rules for their sexual health. 

Twisting the words of the Bible to push an Aryan agenda is not only stupid, it is pure blasphemy. The Jews do enough on their own to be hated without creating false narratives using the Bible
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Also a side note, when you mention the word Jew coming from the kingdom of Judea, you're correct, it's to differentiate the 2 kingdoms. The kingdom of Israel has direct lineage to Israel himself. The kingdom of Judea was essentially an insurgency faction that didn't want to continue to follow the covenant as it was written by Moses. These two kingdoms became more and more maligned until the fall of the second temple when the Israelites were enslaved and the Judeans escaped to Canaan. The Judeans are essentially the Jews who are in power these days, they're the ones who crucified Jesus. There are still living Israelites, but they're few and far between and most converted to Christianity during Jesus ministry and after his death. Hope that clears it up
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cool, cool
>>5083 (OP) 

Another note, Herod was not king of Judea, he had no lineage pointing back to the 12 tribes at all, the kingdom no longer was recognized at this time due to Roman occupation. He was of Greek and Roman heritage.
>>5083 (OP) 
I love jesus and he loves us all
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The Bible is the truth, whether you accept it or not.
And God accepts all who put faith in Him regardless of race.
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