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Psalm 94

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What is the political implications for us pushing the use of Datura to junkies in order to scare them away from drug use, thus becoming more productive people. 

Should we conduct a mass psychological operation on drug forums?
What do you think anons
>>4921 (OP) 
That would be one sweet op.
Junkies are usually miserable worthless retards, forcing them to experience one the worst trips imaginable may save them.
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>>4921 (OP) 

Drug use is mostly just anhedonia from modern depression. People fry their rewards system and then wonder why they love nothing and hate life — sad!

Most people that make drugs all about their identity are probably pathetic to some degree and are only adopting drug use/lifestyle as a way to confabulate illusory control over their modern life. Drugs becomes a performance, usually public . The only reward for these people is finding validation in pure, inauthentic misery. They get off on it and move on to the final phase of coomer, which I like to call cenobyte. Pleasure is pain is pleasure for them, including the pain of other people. These are the sort of people that groom kids or blow every cent they find on drugs and prostitutes.

Anyways sorry for the ramble, ((( I SUPPORT DATURA FOR JUNKIES )))
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>>4921 (OP) 
Checked and Based
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>>4921 (OP) 
If it will get them off the street so I don't have to smell the formidable smell of piss emanating from one block, yet makes the entire city smell. Then I'm all for it.

Sooner these people rest in piss the better.
>muh Psilocybin mushroom and LSD is gud for mental health!

>>4921 (OP) 

Anxiety isn't real. PTSD isn't real. 
Get over yourself and move on, literally just an excuse from these lowlifes to drain from society like NEETS.
Datura needs to get popularized so they can fucking die off already
Replies: >>4927
I wouldn't go as far to say that anxiety isn't real, but it certainly doesn't require hard ass psychedelics to become manageable. There are people with schizophrenia and other horrible mental illnesses that don't even need this amount of drugs. Depression and anxiety have been co-opted by lazy fucking junkies that don't want to work. Anxiety is normal for everyone and can be treated in all kinds of ways that don't require hard drugs same with PTSD.

Most of the are just fucking crybabies that can't get over what happened to them in the past. So the cope by numbing themselves into oblivion expecting it to get better.
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>>4921 (OP) 
Drugs are the biggest Jewish psyop. People believe they are countering the big pharmaceutical companies and sticking it to the system by using drugs. It couldn't be further from the truth companies and the government wins from people using drugs. Has anyone seen the massive push for mushrooms and other psychoactives? They are waiting for them to become useable for clinical research and there's already 1000+ patents from companies to the government contractors.

Controlled opposition, governments for thousands of years used drugs as a means to kickstart social collapse. Opioid was literally started by a hand full of companies and no one gives two shits.

Weed LSD Mushrooms Opioids Crack Cocaine etc
Will all benefit ((( them )))
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Not to mention these new breakthroughs in psychedelics won't even be accessible to normal people, the one startup founded by peter till already looks they'll be charging thousands for one treatment. Get fucking Rekted Junkies
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((( Atai Life Sciences )))
Major Investors 
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Series D - ATAI Life Sciences
Apeiron Investment Group Logo
Apeiron Investment Group
Series D - ATAI Life Sciences Logo
Series D - ATAI Life Sciences
Woodline Partners Logo
Woodline Partners

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Drug redpill is hard to sallow. These people that support this "research" won't ever be able to use it.
I firmly believe that there's a sinister conspiracy at play when it comes to drug use in our society. I believe that the government is actively involved in the distribution of illegal drugs in order to keep people distracted and easier to control.

Think about it: drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are highly addictive and can easily ruin people's lives. If the government is able to promote drug use and addiction, they can keep people distracted from the issues that really matter and make them more compliant to their policies and regulations.

I'm convinced that the government works with drug cartels and other criminal organizations to ensure a steady supply of drugs on the streets. They're not interested in stopping drug use or helping people overcome addiction; they're interested in maintaining their power and control over the population.
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>>4921 (OP) 
Alright, if you insist. Listen up, losers. If you're using drugs, you're just a weak-minded loser who can't handle the real world. You're probably too scared to face your problems and responsibilities, so you need to get high to escape from reality.

And let's be real here, drug users are just a drain on society. They waste their lives and money on a temporary high, and then expect the rest of us to pick up the tab for their medical bills and rehab costs when they inevitably crash and burn. It's not fair, and it's not right.

So if you want to be a productive member of society and not a pathetic loser, stay away from drugs. They're for losers who can't handle reality. Get a grip and face your problems head-on like a real man. Mother Datura would save us from dealing with this.

Also how long until the mods come here spouting nonsense and not debunking anything we said we all know its going to happen.
Replies: >>4937
If anyone using drugs, you might as well just give up on life right now. Those mods will come in here any moment telling us how retarded we are for not TAKING IT EASY BRUH
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shut up insurgency janny
Replies: >>4939
That dude is a faggot, but you all shill drug use on /pol/. IHM declared this a drug free board. btfo jannie
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No fucking shit genius.(((They)) loves to destabilize clean white societies with niggers and drugs.
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Grammar says what?
Replies: >>4946
Yes, we all know that drugs are the sole reason that everything is shit. Why are chuds like this?

Replies: >>4946 >>4947 >>4948
Sounds like a person from the 50s wrote this post
Replies: >>4946
Did you really come in here to shill for drugs and that you are a flaming faggot? You will never be a women, return back to Twitter.

>Opinion Discarded
Of course someone from the drug addicted Neatherlands would be supportive of drugs. Don't you have to get back making your Heroin or somthing?
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>Eurofag has left the board
The medical industry is not our friend, be it illicit substances or otherwise. My grandma might be dead because of doctors so I ask that you pray for me /pol/
Replies: >>4952 >>4954
>The Medical Industry 
So the entire system killed your grandma? Do you know how utterly stupid you sound?
Replies: >>4953
She's had 4 vaccines and they were approved by and given to her by the medical industry. The same medical industry that can't definitively tell me what's wrong with her even though she's been in their care for 3 months now.

Yes, I am blaming the kikelord medical industry because I was also a victim of it. You're the retard for believing the propaganda.
Replies: >>4956
You were just shilling for weed. Blaming an entire industry is retard since everyone that works in that industry is just as clueless as you.

Do you think most of the doctors know what the hell they are being told to push most of the time?

Like fuck off with this pitty shit
Replies: >>4955
They went to school for 8+ fucking years so they should.
Replies: >>4958
>She didn't have to take those shots
Replies: >>4957
It was mandatory here, try again
There are literally thousands of drugs its impossible to know what everyone is/does to a person. I worked as a nurse.

Once its FDA approved and has the right credibility doctors accept that. This is why side effects exist. Shit goes wrong if you were expecting us to be gods then you are just delusional.

No one tried to kill your grandmother, plus she is already old anyway. Death is coming anyway
Replies: >>4959
You and your faggot shots are killing people around the world. Give me answers or get sued into the ground like you deserve.
Replies: >>4960 >>4968
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You are blaming a nurse that literally has nothing to do with it? You are mentally ill. Blame the shot, not a fucking person that just does what the doctors tell them to do.
Replies: >>4961
Kill yourself kike
Replies: >>4962
You are embarrassing yourself, you openly shill for weed which is funding by the medical industry.

Can you please let the grown ups discuss upon your behalf?
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>posts soyjak
>"You are embarrassing yourself"
She's having one of those meltdowns
Moving on!! Back to hating on Junkies
Replies: >>4967
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Blame the people that make the vaccines. Yet you restore to nigger logic that its ((( everyone ))) in the medical industry ever. 

Like you know one day she is going to die right? Or do you believe in the tooth fairy still
>stub my toe on the bed

>IQ 80
Replies: >>4970
Literally the same reasoning BLM uses against cops.

Big surprise, the drug lords are drug addicts themselves.
Replies: >>4972
>No one cares
Replies: >>4973
Shut the fuck up.
Replies: >>4977
Your woman feelings are useless here. >>4973
Replies: >>4978
Your entire country was worthless against the jews, so don't tell me where I'm useful.
Replies: >>4979
The medical industry didn't kill your grandma she's dying on old age. Like boomers tend to do.  

Also Germany has done more against the jews than your America, So shut up ameircan keep funding Israel.
Replies: >>4980
shouldn't your flag be white
Replies: >>4981
French kicked Germany ass in WWI, it wasn't the french people the government was full of bitches
Replies: >>4983
Breaking News: IHM doesn't love pol she frequently shits on pol. Literal two face come to life.
Replies: >>4983 >>4984 >>4987
I can't hear you over the sounds of you gargling in refugee cock
unlike your schizo ass amirite
Replies: >>4985
Duh we fucking knew that already fucking jew.
Show flag faggot.
Replies: >>4986
and give you the satisfaction? what's the fun in that
Replies: >>4988
I love /pol/ very much you autistic nigger
Pussy. So ashamed of the faggot country you come from that you can't even show it. That's worse than French boys.
Replies: >>4994
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