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Psalm 94

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Don't get me wrong. I shall try to stand against these people all I can. Its starting to feel like a lost cause.

Kiwifarms has been taking down for the 1500th time and other websites will follow as well.

Anons please restore some of my faith that rational people like us have a future
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Don't worry >>3273 (OP)  remember that justice will prevail in the end. Eventually this entire stage will fall apart and people will look upon this for the scam it all was.

The fact that people that are not clinically insane enough to cut their dick and tits off is treated this way is just awful.

> Never give up op
> Welcome to 94chan
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>>3273 (OP) 
They was us demoralized to give in to thoughts of despair. These are dark times but that's when humanity always shines through. 

Yeah you're right I miss KIWI. Although this place is my new home now. I do want this de platforming shit to end
>>3273 (OP) 
So long as there are people that believe in the same things we do and fight for justice, we will survive this.
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personally these moments give me more faith in the future mostly because if they weren't scared of us then we would never be this targeted in the first place 

they know that most people out there don't support the shit they are trying to shove don't people's throats thus they need to silence us
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Yeah what she said 

>>3273 (OP) 
Keep your head up OP
The internet was designed to be a big college campus, it still has a lot of free information out there; experts on nearly every field of research still being as autistic as ever. People who live around you are not necessarily well represented by what you're seeing online, you might be surprised to see just how many people in your life feel the same way about these loud degenerates, who have been planning quite literally for decades.
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Eh, don't worry as long as we have people like IHM there will always be a place for us
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This time, I will not lie it has gotten to me I feel like this is our final hour we need a hail mary
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Kiwi user here

KF will be back open there's no doubt sit back chill and get cozy while this ape Liz try and get us removed for 3 days and then fail LOL

Also love you IHM
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I love you too anon
You right
Our problem is that we (and Null) keep relying on companies to remain principled merit based actors. Shit on them all you want, but learn from liz fag jones and Lucas, that personal connections  with people who operate the switches will you get a long way, even past TOS.
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>>3273 (OP) 

substitute relevant nouns as applicable


Most people arent aware that a near-monopoly on a specialized service (for instance, the Cloudflare™️ debacle) provider isn't their only option.
Following the US election in two weeks, these attacks are only going to get worse from here on out.

This isn't about defending troons. It's about stamping out dissent.
Bullshit make your own switches.
Run your own cable. Start small: few thousand feet of Ethernet between you and a few homes in area. Use OpenWRT and RouterOS, pfsense, even download and experiment with your own custom protocols and ciphersuites using free Kerberos and AES Blowfish from MIT ans free TCPIP stack from Princeton and CalTech.
Use the free open standards to play with ideas around latency, modulation, aggregation, throughput, signaling vs data, control vs error checking, cistern and sanity checks, and max and min voltage for discrete signal and line tests (bits) in RG wiring (radio grade) using physical and virtual pinouts; Intel has good primers on this in their C For Intel Developers and Intel Developers Guides to NIC Family Chipsets

You might try OpenLTE too, there are too good free books on Open* cellular networks so you can literalky build your own cell ISP at home, and start small.

That's how you beat the fags back FOR NOW.

The rest of who grew up hood are building bombs, setting up AI drone fleets, and naming jooz.

Please stay vigilant.
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