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I have a thing where I actively seek out the weirdest drink I can find and now I'll make this a place to read about my interesting and bizarre drink adventures. Let's start with a goofy one.

Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink.
First of all, I hate how much I enjoyed this. I saw the can at my local grocery store and decided I wasn't leaving without it, which my husband found pretty amusing. There was no indication of flavor or anything on the can so I truly went into this experience totally blind and not knowing what to expect. When I opened the can, I realized the drink was electric blue and tasted like how lemon pledge smells. It was a bit off putting, but it wasn't a bad thing. I found it pretty refreshing. Then, the flavor developed a bit more after the initial taste and I got notes of green apple and pear. Overall I'd rate this drink a solid 7/10.

What's the weirdest drink you've ever had?
do you feel quite positive after drinking such a drink? 

i thought you meant weird mixed drinks you make

my favourite is when i need to poop so i put psyllium husk with some OJ and soda water, then forget about it, then it is a nasty jelly but i still "drink" it because i hate to waste things. mm.

thrill collins:
a tom collins with some cassis in it, suitable for space-themed video/tabletop gaming
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It was a positive experience yes lmao just the packaging alone was enough to send me into hysterics then it tasting really good threw me even deeper into it. 

Also, I've wanted to try some mushroom drinks but as a shroomer that attempted shroom mixing into a drink other than tea and improperly I don't think I can stomach it.
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