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helo i was wondering if I'm holding the rifle the right way
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>>11 (OP) 
>no TD
>no Sights
>flimsy grip
>tfw you learned how to hold a rifle from shitty hollywood movies
>>11 (OP) 
No you're not pointing it at Gaige and finishing what was started.
Kyle Walks
No, he very much was not holding the rifle correctly. Lets pretend we're liberals and take this tip to butt. To kick things off, his left hand needs to be grabbing the stock in order to pull the rifle back into himself. Also, his elbow should be down instead of out in order to minimize his profile. As for his right hand, he's violating the second rule of firearms: Never touch the trigger. Also, the buttstock is way to high; It should be down, about an inch under his collarbone. Lastly, he should be squared off against the rifle instead tucking his torso along-side it. 
He has obviously never fired a weapon in his life. I bet he'd be easy to bully.
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It looks like he has never fired a weapon before, nevertheless paid any attention to how is character in any fps shooter game is holding the weapon (even games do better than him)

To be frank, people who can't use guns are more dangerous than those who know what the fuck they're doing.
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honestly anyone whos played anything from Battlefield 1942 to fucking Fortnite can tell you he's doing it wrong

rly tho what an amazing magic trick, making his career disappear
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He'll be back to be a democrat congressman eventually or some shit like that. They will not let this case go.
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