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Psalm 94

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The purpose of this thread is to mention / share links to useful digital resources/ebooks/guides/maps/survival tips that everyone should have available offline, to be prepared for a mass internet outage.
We don't have too much time if the Russia-Ukraine situation unfolds in the worst possible way.

I'll start:
>thousands and thousands of PDFs with how-tos from building batteries to home schooling to hunting to electrical work:
>(there's also a "survival stick" version on this that fits on a regular USB thumb drive
https://www.getyourstick.com/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=34 )
>download maps of your area (Google maps works with GPS only, allows you to download maps onto your device) Alternatively download openstreetmaps
>100+ Free Survival Ebooks
>List of 460 Useful Prepper Books
>Don't forget about the Internet Archive where you can find free books, movies, software, music, websites
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The latest version of SIEGE.

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Fuck with the longcat
Get the longgat
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>>30 (OP) 
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Are the .stl files for this available anywhere?

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man what happened i miss kommando
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to keep lame-os out, wink wink
i think we unlisted it cause it had been like months without a post, but we didn't wanna delete it entirely because there's some good info posted
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but if you want to get more posts on the board, then why not make it more accessible?
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tbh this is the first time anyone has brought it up since it was unlisted in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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what are your recommended weapons for a false flag shooting
sincerely, a federal agent
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uhhhh anything from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

i think the general population should hate the ASVAL as much as I do
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>>76 (OP) 
Just get something from your local armory and claim it got stolen

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The Kalashnikov USA™ Komrad™ is a non-NFA item – you can purchase it from your local Federal Firearms Dealer after completing the standard Form 4473.* This compact, 12 gauge semi-automatic, smoothbore firearm is based on the Russian Saiga series. However, it is made here in the United States by American workers using US manufactured components and raw materials.

The Komrad™ has a barrel length of 12.5”. The overall length (OAL) of the Kalashnikov Komrad is 31.5” with the pistol brace fully extended and 29.25” when collapsed. It weighs 7.85 lbs.

The Komrad™ accepts standard 12 gauge 2 3/4” and 3” magnum shells. The gun’s abbreviated barrel works best with loads exceeding 1340 fps. It utilizes the long-stroke gas system of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s famous AK-47 rifle but with an innovative and adjustable gas system that allows custom tuning based on the ammunition being used. The result is a reliable and smooth shooting firearm with a short length and excellent handling characteristics.

The Komrad™ comes with an SB Tactical pistol brace, adjustable pistol grip, tri-rail forend, vertical forward grip, standard side-mounted optics rail and a threaded muzzle for use with external choke tubes, muzzle brakes or flash suppressors. The Komrad has a front bead sight coupled with a rear notch.  

The Komrad™ is shipped standard with two 5 round magazines. It also accepts our 10 round magazines as well as most Saiga accessories.
Its one of my favorite guns and I'm dying to get one
Did they fix the crappy magazines?

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helo i was wondering if I'm holding the rifle the right way
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No, he very much was not holding the rifle correctly. Lets pretend we're liberals and take this tip to butt. To kick things off, his left hand needs to be grabbing the stock in order to pull the rifle back into himself. Also, his elbow should be down instead of out in order to minimize his profile. As for his right hand, he's violating the second rule of firearms: Never touch the trigger. Also, the buttstock is way to high; It should be down, about an inch under his collarbone. Lastly, he should be squared off against the rifle instead tucking his torso along-side it. 
He has obviously never fired a weapon in his life. I bet he'd be easy to bully.
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It looks like he has never fired a weapon before, nevertheless paid any attention to how is character in any fps shooter game is holding the weapon (even games do better than him)

To be frank, people who can't use guns are more dangerous than those who know what the fuck they're doing.
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honestly anyone whos played anything from Battlefield 1942 to fucking Fortnite can tell you he's doing it wrong

rly tho what an amazing magic trick, making his career disappear
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He'll be back to be a democrat congressman eventually or some shit like that. They will not let this case go.

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OP, I thought that was a tampon. Now I must weaponize tampons.
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is that a 7 layer

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Kyle Rittenhouse made the world a safer place for women and children, be like Kyle Rittenhouse.
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>>15 (OP) 
Lord Kyle, a brave young man who protected his workplace
rosenbaum died as he lived, chasing down unwilling minors.
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Kek. I'm stealing that.

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