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Psalm 94


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i want to recreate the events in this video BUT there's some problems
the first and main problem is that even the default areas lag very badly (with terrible loading times on the default, low-ish settings) and my computer is a high end PC (at least by around 2015-2016 standards, as that's when I got my computer), so I would like some workaround or at least a way to make places take less than a minute to load
the second problem is somewhat less urgent but still important for fucking with pubbies & degenerates - how do I get shoopedlife or some other anonymous client to fuck around with in 2022
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shoopedlife is a backdoored client N3X15 made before he decided to get rich off Kerbal Space Program

Firestorm is a good viewer.
How is your internet speed?
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173 mbps download, 108.2 mbps upload
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Ah.... have you tried messing with the settings? It's an old ass game, the servers might be kinda shit.
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firestorm client seems to get rid of those performance issues but I can't find a way to get around the obnoxious decision to make wasd/space/etc open the chatbar - is there a way to bind it to only open if I press a specific key instead of any movement
i don't like arrow keys
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