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Psalm 94


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This is screenshotted from his LINKEDIN PROFILE.

Director of information security is an unabashed furfag. Ancestors forgive us for how far we've fallen.

I bet he leaves all his passwords on a textfile called "passwords.txt" on his Desktop because that's the kind of big-brain move these freaks do while being paid 6 digits to sit around and wank.
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>>1371 (OP) 
hey cool
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It must be nice being insulated from the rest of the world, Klap. Here's the cliff notes:

Epik has seized kiwifarms.net citing unknown ToS violations. I was not given warning or opportunity to move the domain.

They also pulled the same shit for soyjak but that's no huge loss.
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>kiwifarms in... danger? I guess?
Huh. See, I think I know what's keeping me from freaking out about this: I have about four or five different crises, ranging from global to personal, to deal with, which are very real/urgent. That stuff kinda keeps you insulated from e-drama, I'll admit, yeah.
>why even bother replying then?
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Yeah the entirety of soyjack is worth maybe a 6 pack of bud lite to society.

Kiwifarms  has made several collaborative efforts to expose illegal actions such as charity fraud and outright grooming, and helped put several people in jail for very well deserved charges.
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Well fine, when our domain gets seized by some uppity faggot you'll have one less inconvenience on your plate.

I'm one of the few people who isn't just here to post about blacks on /pol/, I know the score.
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o7 to you for using your noodle and knowing what's up!
I do apologise my good dude, you know I care about this place and that I don't generally take this tone unless I'm trolling poltards or unintentional shitposters, it's just that the undeniably condescending "must be nice" rubbed me the wrong way. I don't need to tell you of all people that I do as much as I can to keep this place decent and enjoyable and that I would hate to see it go
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Its all good dude, I wouldn't have come in so hot if this kind of shit wasnt threatening our right to shitpost.
>OP can't differentiate catboys and furries
even /v/ understood this in 2012
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it's the righteous indignation that matters, silly, not ever being even remotely accurate in anything
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They're both yiffing in hell
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>They're both yiffing in hell
Not really.
The type of company head to use a catboy avatar is more likely to either be circlejerking alongside tumblr-fujo/fudan fandom churn or the latest seasonal anime or manga. Weebs and furries already diverged decades earlier despite a nonzero amount of those early fansubbers being both. Which group is more likely to post about 'glomping'?
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Every single group of people you mentioned either is or will be yiffing in hell. There is literally no distinction between them.
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