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Psalm 94


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I have recently launched a nonprofit organization (501c4 pending) dedicated to the dismantlement of California. Soon, the Anti-Californian movement will have the same legal rights as Black Lives Matter.

With help and support from the BDS Israel movement, we have now expanded BDS to encompass the lawless cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. We now have an impenetrable legal shelter to launch further attacks against California and Californians: https://boycottcalifornia.org

Hatred of California is a completely untapped source of free energy. Just a little more OC thrown at this endeavor, and I firmly believe that we can unlock a vast treasure trove of lulz, while finally doing something about those damn subhuman Californians.

Pic unrelated.
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>>1362 (OP) 
you go first, we'll follow right after I promise don't look back just go go go
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I already did. I went into the lawless hellscape of San Francisco over the summer, at great personal risk to myself, to document the source of the plague for the internet:
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come on what are you still doing here go go go go
>>1362 (OP) 

Fuck California but fuck mexico even harder. This is gay
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there are about 200 countries in the world and I wouldn't hesitate to eradicate them all except maybe 5, none of which are in America, or speak english
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